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1218, 05 Dec 19

Pelosi’s Hate

Nothing says “heart full of love” like calling someone a “coward” and “cruel.”

(CNN)House Speaker Nancy Pelosi issued a scathing warning Thursday to a reporter who asked her a question about her feelings about President Donald Trump: “Don’t mess with me.”

The California Democrat forcefully pushed back on the idea that she and her caucus are proceeding with articles of impeachment because of a personal dislike of Trump, after being asked by a reporter from Sinclair if she hates him on her way out of the weekly press conference.
Pelosi stopped and said: “I don’t hate anybody.”
She then walked back to the microphone, and said that while she believes Trump is a “coward,” that’s only about his political positions.
“I think this President is a coward when it comes to helping our kids who are afraid of gun violence,” she said. “I think that he is cruel when he doesn’t deal with helping our Dreamers, of which we are very proud of. I think he is in denial about the climate crisis. However, that’s about the election.”
She continued: “This is about the Constitution of the United States and the facts that lead to the President’s violation of his oath of office. And as a Catholic, I resent your using the word ‘hate’ in a sentence that addresses me. I don’t hate anyone.”
“I pray for the President all the time,” Pelosi said. “So don’t mess with me when it comes to words like that.”
Uh huh… sure you do…

1218, 05 December 2019


  1. Kevin Scheunemann

    Typical liberal dishonesty.

  2. jjf

    Darn, she should just call everyone “nasty” and “disgusting” and “awful” and then you’d like her more.

  3. jonnyv

    Good call. Lets get into a “how Catholic” are you debate.

    When it comes to someone’s religion I generally take them at their word unless they are overtly proven otherwise. So questioning her religiousness isn’t a good look.

    ***I am not in the slightest a religious person.

  4. Merlin

    Catholic Nancy…  the queen of abortion rights again paying lip service to her situational faith whenever it suits her political needs.

  5. Mar

    Typical liberal

  6. Mar

    Typical liberal love from the the party of hateful and vile people.

  7. dad29

    JonV, Pelosi has more than ‘overtly’ proven otherwise.  She was baptized into the Church, but that’s about it, faith-wise.  Financing baby-killing is one of her specialties; that’s not a good look for a “Catholic.”

    She’s certainly not the only one–but she’s a league-leader.

  8. jonnyv

    So in your world dad29, you absolutely can’t be Pro Choice and Catholic. To be a Catholic, you believe that EVERY SINGLE person must abide by YOUR strict interpretation. So, you are anti-death penalty too? Because the current Pope believes that the death penalty is a violation of the right to life.

    Again, putting a “purity test” on someone’s faith isn’t a good look for anyone. But, why don’t you could start with the president if you want a place to begin.

    This is one reason why the youth is turning against a lot of organized religion. Because of absolutes like this, gay marriage, and other antiquated view points.

  9. dad29

    you absolutely can’t be Pro Choice and Catholic

    Not quite.  One can be “pro-babykilling” and still be a Catholic.  But one is excommunicated by virtue of the babykilling part, whether or not the local Bishop makes it public.

    The opinion of Francis 1 on the DP is an opinion; however, his opinion is not consistent with the teaching of the Church.

    What does Trump have to do with Catholicism?

    You mean that YOU ‘are turning against’ organized religion, JonV.  Makes as much sense as ‘turning against’ food and drink, of course.  Have Nancy pray for you!!

  10. Kevin Scheunemann

    Being pre born baby killing is contrary to Christian faith and is open, unrepentant sin.

    You put your eternal soul in danger of hell by advocating, participanting, or encouraging pre-born baby kiling.

    You essentially advocate serial killing by supporting abortion.

    It is a disgusting abomination to everything Christian.

  11. Le Roi du Nord

    Francis I also has ideas on climate change/global warming, evolution, and treatment of people less fortunate that differ from the conservative preaching on this site.  Do those ideas, expressed in public, result in excommunication?

    “Makes as much sense as ‘turning against’ food and drink, of course”

    No, that statement makes no sense.  There, fixed it.

  12. dad29

    Exactly where on “this site” do you find advocacy AGAINST charity for people less fortunate?  You certainly didn’t see that from me or Owen.  <b>Another </b>assertion made without evidence.

    Francis’ opinions on Global Warming are no more persuasive than those of AlGore; but admittedly AlGore uses a smaller plane to get around the world to make speeches on using less fuel.

    It’s sad that I have to explain “category error” to someone who claims the education and experience that you claim, but here goes:  “thoughts” are not the same as “actions.”  You understand that?  I know that deranged Leftists are prosecuting “thought crimes”–but they are, after all, deranged.  I hope you are not, but I’m not certain….

    Anyhow, one may “think” all sorts of silly things and remain a member of the Church in good standing.  But financing babykilling?  Nope.  That’s excommunicable, whether publicly announced by a Bishop or not.

    As to ‘food and drink,’…..I won’t bother explaining that to you.

  13. jjf

    Don’t play dumb, Dad29.   You want private charity and think that’s enough.  You know that some people think some tax-based broad amelioration of poverty is still needed.  There’s probably some forms of taxation and subsidy you don’t mind, and there’s some you don’t like.

    As for “thought crimes,” we did start out talking about Trump-ites complaining that Pelosi must “hate Trump,” right?

    As for Catholics, at your church, what percent do you estimate wouldn’t pass your purity tests and therefore aren’t really Catholics yet still show up on Sundays?  Do you turn away their tithe?

  14. dad29

    I gave up feeding the trolls for Advent.

  15. Kevin Scheunemann

    I gave up feeding dishonest trolls for advent.

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