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0658, 21 Oct 19

Pierre Delecto.


US Republican Senator Mitt Romney has revealed he uses a secret Twitter account under the name Pierre Delecto.

In an interview with The Atlantic magazine on Sunday, the former presidential candidate admitted he had a “lurker” Twitter handle to follow the US political conversation anonymously.

While he did not reveal its name, US news site Slate posted an article speculating it could be Pierre Delecto, @qaws9876.

Asked to confirm by a journalist, Mr Romney said, “C’est moi” (“It’s me”).


0658, 21 October 2019


  1. Kevin Scheunemann

    If I went by “Mitt Romney” on twitter, I don’t think anyone would care.   The guy is the most inoffensive, milk toast person on planet.

    Why would he even need an alias?

  2. Merlin

    Like Hillary, Romney just can’t cope with the fact that his fifteen minutes has expired.

  3. jjf

    It seems like only yesterday he was the Presidential candidate, and with a Wisconsin dude in tow no less.

    The other day, someone asked me who was Hillary’s running mate last time.  Both of us couldn’t remember.

  4. dad29

    Birds of a feather on the Romney ticket.

    Tim Somebody-who-Claimed-to-be-Catholic.  IIRC his son gained more notoriety in the Twin Cities than Timmy will ever have.

  5. jjf

    You’re more worried about a lapsed Catholic than a member of the LDS church?

  6. dad29

    He was Hildebeeste’s running mate.  I don’t worry about him in the least.

    Romney exposes himself as a creep.  Don’t care about him, either.

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