Evers Schedules Special Election

After screwing it up the first time and taking weeks to think about it, Governor Evers finally picked a special election date for the 7th Congressional District.

Gov. Tony Evers has rescheduled the special election for Wisconsin’s northern 7th Congressional District to take place on May 12, with the special primary set to coincide with the Feb. 18 spring primary.

He also called on the Legislature to pass legislation to address the confusion that has resulted from a disparity between state and federal law as to when special elections can be held, and to reimburse local municipalities for special election costs.

And, of course, he picked a date that gives maximum political advantage to Democrats. Again, this is well within Evers’ powers, but please spare me the “gentle elder statesman who is above politics” mantra. Evers is as fervently partisan as anyone in Madison.