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1148, 02 Oct 19

Business Journal Advances Evers’ False Narrative

Goodness, my eyes hurt from the eye rolling.

Call him no-drama Tony.

As a former school administrator and cancer survivor, Democratic Wisconsin Gov. Tony Evers brings a non-politician’s approach to his contentious dealings with Republicans who control both houses of the Wisconsin Legislature. Evers discussed his philosophy Monday in Milwaukee during WTMJ radio’s “WTMJ 2020” broadcast from the Northern Lights Theater at Potawatomi Hotel & Casino.

This is exactly the image that Evers wants to portray, but despite the Milwaukee Business Journal’s willingness to parrot Evers’ narrative, his actions belie that fiction. Evers is proving to be one of the most divisive, partisan politicians we have ever seen.

From the beginning, he has been unwilling to even meet with Republican lawmakers on a regular basis. He dismissed Republican ideas without even reading them. He utterly dismissed people’s legitimate concerns with his gun control initiatives as “bullshit.” That’s hardly the language of a “no-drama” cooperation. Then there was the time that Evers’ spokesperson made the demonstrably false accusation that Republican leaders were sexist. Or the time Evers illegally ramrodded appointments into place – a move that was later reversed by the Supreme Court. Remember that time right after he was elected when Republicans went out of their way to reach across the aisle with some bipartisan bills and Evers blew them off?  Or the time Evers intentionally usurped an issue with broad bipartisan agreement so that he could poke Republicans in the eye? Then there was the time that he tried to break the law by concealing a really nice and generous note from his predecessor because Evers didn’t want to allow Governor Walker to be shown in a good light. Last week Evers was using his power to set the date for a special election in a way to screw Republicans as much as he could at the expense of taxpayers and voters. Right up until yesterday when Evers threw more shade on Republicans for opposing his desire to give taxpayer bennies to illegal aliens. Instead of actually discussing or even acknowledging legitimate concerns, Evers simply dismissed Republican opposition as divisive.

In almost every instance, Evers has chosen the narrow, partisan path lined with divisive, dismissive rhetoric. If he is trying to reduce drama and contentiousness, he sucks at it.


1148, 02 October 2019


  1. Kevin Scheunemann

    This kind of burning pile of dung can burn out your retinas.

  2. jjf

    Next thing you know, he’s going to talk about dropping a bomb or dividing and conquering.

  3. Le Roi du Nord

    Or the “haves” and “have nots”.

  4. Jason

    Nicely done Owen. You linked to each example of dishonest behavior by the Guv, and outed two trolls with it. All they have is “Whatabout Walker” and our pity.

  5. jjf

    We’ll always have Paris, Jason.

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