Taxes Matter


A recent Tribune investigation found jobs (or shorter commutes), better schools and proximity to family among the top three motivations for leaving the Land of Lincoln. But those who pack up in search of more affordable housing and cheaper property taxes are also a motivated bunch.

Real estate professionals like Tom Keefe, owner of Keefe Real Estate in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin, have noticed an influx of Chicago residents moving to The Badger State for a number of reasons, but the lower tax burden seems to trump them all.

“For the same size house in Illinois, taxes are triple and quadruple what they are in Wisconsin. And a lot of people think the services here are just as good, if not better, particularly when it comes to schooling,” he said.

Illinois property taxes average 2.31% (based on the state’s median home value), surpassed only by New Jersey’s rate of 2.44%, according to the most recent analysis by finance website WalletHub. Wisconsin ranked 5th at 1.94%, Indiana ranked 29th at 0.87%.

2 Responses to Taxes Matter

  1. Kevin Scheunemann says:

    IL the Venezuela of Midwest.

    Hopefully, liberal rule does not lead to people eating their dogs instead of walking them like Bernie Sanders policy does in Venezuela.

    Why are liberals all about inflicting pain and punishment?

  2. Mar says:

    We are experiencing the same problem here in Arizona. Because of lower taxes, less regulations and cheaper cost them Californians are coming here and they the same services here than what they had in California.
    We are a very conservative, in which I am considered to be a moderate.
    One lady from California was wearing a Bernie Sanders pin in public. While we didn’t Antifa her, it was tempting.

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