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2149, 29 Sep 19

Warren Prejudges

Serious question here

As the first week of impeachment proceedings gets underway, Sen. Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass., said she’s “certainly willing to listen” to a defense from the Trump White House but believes there’s already enough evidence from the Mueller report to call for impeachment.

“He wants to mount a defense, I’m certainly willing to listen to it. But that’s the evidence that’s in front of us right now,” Warren said on Sunday, at a presidential candidate forum in Madison Heights, Michigan.

I get what she’s saying. She’s out on the campaign trail and she is trying to push her potential opponent’s negatives up. I get it. Campaign rhetoric can get heated.

But in her official capacity as a sitting United States Senator, should she cast a vote should a trial actually be held in the Senate? She has clearly prejudged the issue, but more importantly, she would be in a position to personally gain by passing sentence on a political foe. Isn’t the whole point of the Ukraine kerfuffle that Trump shouldn’t use his official power as president to go after a political rival? Why would it be acceptable for Warren to cast that vote?

She’s a candidate for president and can say whatever she wants on the campaign trail, but she should recuse herself from voting on anything to do with removing Trump from office. Come to think of it, all of the presidential candidates in Congress, Republican or Democrat, should sit this one out.


2149, 29 September 2019


  1. Kevin Scheunemann

    She cannot be honest about her own heritage. She used her heritage lies as victim status to get ahead.

    Rachael D. Was treated like a criminal by left for pretending to be black….why does Warren get a pass for same scam? Leftist morality is sick and twisted, and inconsistent.

    It is impossible to trust anything she says.

  2. Mike

    A juror would be disqualified making a prejudicial statement like hers.

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