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0712, 13 Sep 19

Teachers’ Union Blames Declining Test Scores on Lack of Funding

I hurt my eyes rolling at this.

But Martin said they think a reason the data shows slipping scores comes down to funding. More funding for education can start addressing issues like overcrowded classrooms, he said. Larger class sizes mean less attention for students who need the help.

“When people say you’re just throwing money at the public schools it’s not just throwing money,” he said. “It counts to that one particular student who really needs the attention from the teacher.

But even with the lack of funding, Martin said that the fact the decrease is smaller shows that schools are doing “a tremendous job.” The Wisconsin Education Association Council also hopes to fill in some of those gaps.

Wisconsin spends more money on K-12 education than any time in the history of the state. It’s not about the money. But as long as people like this blame the money, we aren’t going to have the serious conversation about how to fix it. The result will be another lost generation of undereducated kids.


0712, 13 September 2019

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  1. steveegg

    WEAC’s going to WEAC.  In other news, fire is hot, water is wet, and the Sun rose in the east this morning.

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