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0723, 03 Sep 19

Harry’s Flying High


Piers Morgan renewed his attack on Prince Harry today after the royal called for tourism to become more environmentally-friendly.

The Duke of Sussex spoke in Amsterdam this morning at the launch of a project to encourage holiday firms to become more sustainable.

But the Prince’s comments led to renewed criticism over his and his wife Meghan’s decision to take four private jet journeys in 11 days during the summer.

Broadcaster Piers Morgan was among those who said Harry should change his own flying habits before trying to convince others to change theirs.

While the criticism is valid, it could also be made about 96% of these wealthy lefties who lecture the rest of us about how we should live our lives.


0723, 03 September 2019


  1. Kevin Scheunemann

    Climate change zealots should be prohibited from any air travel, business ventures, and in some cases, exhaling.

    They should walk their talk before foisting their religious zealotry on rest if us.

  2. jjf

    When a billionaire tells the poors to be more thrifty and tug on their bootstraps, do you feel the same way?

  3. Le Roi du Nord

    U of Michigan did a study that found the air travel uses 2691 BTU per passenger mile, whereas travel by automobile is 4218 BTU per mile.  And they used science rather than religion to come up with that data.  Amazing !

  4. Kevin Scheunemann


    You sold me, let’s cut off car travel for the zealot climate change hypocrites as well!

  5. Kevin Scheunemann


    Apples and oranges.

    1.) Telling the rich to live by their climate change religion is just common sense.

    2.) The rich with their climate change religion is imposing cost and hardship on the poor. At least with bootstrap advice it is encouragement to make your life better and not be bogged down by hurdles. Climate change religion is nothing but hurdles for the poor.

    So your statement might be dumbest thing today…but the day is still early.

  6. Le Roi du Nord

    Now you want to be selective and discriminate against one sector of society?  Still elitist and discriminatory, eh?  Some things never change.

  7. Kevin Scheunemann


    Not targeting rich, just the ones that preach this climate change religion and demand others live by it.

    Just asking them to live by it first…is that too much to ask?

  8. jjf

    Slow down, Kevin!  Next thing you know you’ll be expecting Christians to act like they’ve read the New Testament.

  9. Le Roi du Nord


    No, by denying climate change you are targeting the poor.  How christian of you.

  10. Kevin Scheunemann


    If I see a fellow Christian openly sinning, I will correct…despite the overwhelming godless liberal culture that demands tolerance for sin.

    I am surprised, a liberal arguing for open correction of sin?

    that’s a first.


  11. Kevin Scheunemann


    Wait a minute…Are you saying my failure to adopt the climate change religion, it means I hate the poor?

    What is I said your godless denial of Christianity hurts the poor?   wouldn’t you go wild with that indecent assertion?

    It is just as indecent whn you do it for your religion.

  12. Le Roi du Nord


    No, not at all, because there is no religion/cult or other hocus-pocus involved, just sound science and an analysis of who and where CC/GW will affect the most.  Low lying coastal areas are already being adversely impacted and there will be more to come.  Check it out, the info is there for the looking (see above).

  13. Kevin Scheunemann


    Only certain areas are being affected and much of it because of plate techtonics and sinking.    The sea level has not appreciably increased.

    The connection is all religion on your part.

    If someone is living on a sinking island from plate techtonics…move.

    Simple as that.


  14. Le Roi du Nord

    Per NOAA:

    Sea levels are 2.6″ higher than the 1993 average, and rising at 1/8″ per year.  Causes are thermal expansion due to warmer global temperatures and melting of land-based ice.

    You are seriously wrong.  Simple as that.  You can look it up.  And I didn’t use religion to find the answers.

  15. Kevin Scheunemann


    Assuming your data is correctly interpreted (which I don’t), but it 2.6 ” means the difference between dry land and being in the ocean….YOU ARE LIVING TOO CLOSE TO THE OCEAN!

  16. Kevin Scheunemann

    2.6 inches, can’t believe, you think that is anywhere close to an appreciable event…how crazy is your religious zealotry that 99%of world has to organize their life around those too stupid to live at least 1 ft above sea level?

  17. Le Roi du Nord

    It’s not “my” data.  What part about NOAA don’t you understand? Too lazy to look it up yourself?

    If you live in Bangladesh, or on a Pacific atoll, you don’t have much choice.  And with in increased severity of tropical storms, storm surges, and rain events 2.6″ is significant.  Check out Houston…., or the Bahamas.   Or is that too much work for you?

  18. Kevin Scheunemann


    If 2.6″ is a problem for a Pacific Atoll…get off the island.   Any island less than a 1 foot in sea level elevation, should never be inhabited.

    Even is we zero carbon emission tomorrow, it will do nothing for these insane areas where people should not be living in first place.

    So stop it with your religious belief that carbon emmission, is going to affect places where people are much too close to the ocean.

  19. Le Roi du Nord

    There you go again, discriminating against the poor.  Or will you pay for their travel and relocation expenses?

    But getting back to your earlier untruths, do you dispute that sea level rise is related to thermal expansion and ice melt, or are you sticking to the plate shifts and sinking nonsense?

  20. Kevin Scheunemann

    I dispute it, because 2.6″ is an imperceptible difference in sea level based on tides.

    It’s like complaining about a dusting of snow on the lawn.

    Stop the cult panic.

  21. Jason

    2.6″ higher than 1993.   Mount Everest almost “grows” that amount every year.  So if you measure from the top of Mount Everest, the ocean surface is actually far lower than it was in 1993.


    Where’s  your fellow nut job, Al Gore, wasn’t he predicting 11 years ago that the oceans would rise 20′ by this time?  1/6th of a foot versus 20’… wow quite a miscalculation…  Was that based on sound science and fact?

  22. Le Roi du Nord

    “I dispute it, because 2.6″ is an imperceptible difference in sea level based on tides.

    And again you exhibit your aggressive ignorance. What do tides have to do with it?

  23. Kevin Scheunemann

    Tides cause water level to rotate up and down based on moons gravity pull (science, check into it sometime.. ). 2.6 inches is less than a rounding error on that varied measurement.

    Stop accusing people of ignorance to support your cult GW beliefs.

    Very ugly.

    Jason also had a great point. Mount Everest moves upward about 1/8 inch per year. So plate tectonics is an issue as well. Some tectonic plates are moving up,some down. To claim sea level rise when land could be sinking from plate tectonics is very arrogant.

    Religious zealots rush to a conclusion they want to see, however insignificant that conclusion is. It’s a funding con.

    It’s hilarious we all have to tear up and organize our lives over a rounding error.

    Stop being such a zealot.

    I reject your false religion.

  24. Mar

    Climate changers says we should listen to the scientists but won’t listen to the the scientists who dispute man made climate change.

  25. jjf

    Mar, are you choosing scientists based on what you want to hear?

  26. Mar

    jjf, I’ve read and done research and listened to people along with watching people’s behavior and came to my own conclusion.

  27. Le Roi du Nord


    Tides cause water level to “rotate” ?  That’s a new one.

    But what you are intentionally missing is that tides are predictable and consistent.  Haven’t you ever seen a tide table?  And folks that live in low lying coastal areas have adapted to tides for way longer than 6000 years.

    And Mount Everest isn’t in a coastal plain (you know that, right), so that was really an irrelevant diversion by both of you.

    By dismissing any impacts due to CC/GW you are also dismissing the terrible consequences your actions will have on folks less fortunate than you all over the world.  Not very christian of you.

    Carry on with your willful ignorance.

  28. Kevin Scheunemann

    Plate tectonics is a “diversion”?

    Spoken like a passionate GW disciple.

    Why does science of plate techtonics get dismissed by you like used toilet paper?

    Not very objective.

  29. Le Roi du Nord

    It is when Mt Everest is almost 500 miles and 29000+ feet from sea level.

    I gave you sea rise due to ice melt and thermal expansion (see above).  You brought up your theory about “plate techtonics” (see above).


  30. Kevin Scheunemann


    Mount Everest is not the only moving land mass. Some are rising. Some are sinking.

    Telling poor to leave a sinking ship is more compassionate than a godless disciple like yourself to stay on their sinking land mass because you believe you have god like control of weather….and somehow that will stop a sinking land mass.

    I find your position to be utterly without compassion on any level.

    Why do you hate the poor?

  31. Le Roi du Nord

    No, but that was the example you guys used, and it is irrelevant to sea level rise caused by ice melt and thermal expansion. Perhaps you could explain to us all how you made that jump in your logic?

    What if the poor don’t have the resources to leave?  What if the poor have nowhere to go? Why not make changes that allow them to stay?  Are you willing to pay for their transport and set them up in a new place?  Why don’t you personally show some compassion rather than just spout non-scientific gibberish and blatant untruths?

  32. Jason

    Interesting that Leroy will discount some science for other science.   Almost like he’s choosing scientists based on what he wants to hear?   Good call on that Jif, you outed him.


    By the way it’s also very telling that he thinks that 2.6″ of sea rise in 30 years would only affect the poor.   More bias from the weak minded.

  33. Le Roi du Nord


    Didn’t discount it, but it isn’t relevant to the ice melt and thermal expansion issue.  Nor is it caused by CC/GW.

    And it was the smartest man in the world, herr k, that brought the poor into the discussion (see above).

  34. Jason

    It’s an alternative to the estimated 2.6″ of sea rise in over 30 years, when forecasts back 30 years ago were calling for many feet of rise and general hysteria and mass deaths.  But hey continue to cherry pick your science facts Dummy, you’ve been doing it here for years.  Just know that your bias is on full display.

  35. jjf

    Jason, scientists don’t call people “Dummy.”

  36. Jason

    I never said I was a scientist… dummy2.

  37. Kevin Scheunemann

    Oh Nord,

    Some science can be denied in pursuit of your warming religion?


    You are such a hypocrite.

  38. Le Roi du Nord

    I didn’t deny any science, I just pointed out that plate tectonics aren’t related, and are a separate issue.  The denial was on your part, claiming the sea level wasn’t rising, “Assuming your data is correctly interpreted (which I don’t)”.

    And it is odd that you would bring up plate tectonics (yup, that’s how you spell it), because the tectonic process has been going on (and still is) for over 3 billion years.  Some more recent activity would include the East African Rift at 22-25 million years.  Maybe you ought to rethink your 6000 year-old earth claim.

  39. Kevin Scheunemann


    More denial the land sinks and raises on plate movement.

    Try science sometime.

  40. Le Roi du Nord


    Could you provide the quote where I said that?

    How about some basic earth science; how old is the earth?

  41. Mar

    I live in a city and if you include the immediate towns surrounding it, is about the size of Milwaukee, Waukesha and probably Ravine County
    If I drive through the different areas, there is a temperature difference of about 6 degrees, without even going into the mountains.
    I manipulate the statistics to say there is vlimate- global warming or ice age. Same thing with raon.
    Statistics can be used to fit your agenda and you can manipulate them easily.
    And that can happen on both sides.

  42. MjM

    Nort attempts Sound Science,  Fails:  “U of Michigan did a study that found the air travel uses 2691 BTU per passenger mile, whereas travel by automobile is 4218 BTU per mile.  And they used science…

    Which of course, has nothing to do with private jet flights….

    Harry and wife Meghan Markle, 38, had been snapped in the South of France last month after enjoying a break at Sir Elton John’s palatial £15million pad.

    The Duke and Duchess of Sussex flew on a 12-seater Cessna plane, which would have cost more than £20,000 to hire, that generates seven times the emissions per person when compared to a commercial flight.

    Indeed, just the 4 private jet trips Harry flew in 11 days recently totaled 3500 miles.

    Assuming his jet is something like the Cessna Citation X+ (a mid-size, mid-range, but only 9 seats) his air speed was around 700mph, which works out to exactly 5 hours air time.

    The Citation X+ burns 336 gallons of jet fuel per hour,  average,  cruising.

    Harry burned around 1680 gallons of jet fuel in flight (I am not including the 20%-25% extra fuel needed for each take off so as not to confuse your addled brain).

    Jet fuel – talking naptha, not kerosene – has a per gallon BTU of 126,900.

    Harry consumed 213,192,000 BTU.

    To complete the same distance, at an average speed of 65mph, it would take my wife and I, in our Turbo Diesel Passat, a little less than 54 hours (non-stop, of course).

    At “cruising speed” we’d burn 1.62 gallons of  low-sulfur diesel fuel per hour.

    We would use a total of 87.5 gallons of  fuel.

    Low-sulfur diesel fuel has 139,000 BTU per gallon.

    We would consume 12,162,500 BTU.

    In other words, Harry and Marky-Mark consumed more than 17 times the BTU energy that me and DaWife would consume.

    Becaws deys impotint folk.

    And which is why you and the MU study you cited are nothing but smoke and mirror crapolla.

    But nice try, numbnutz.









  43. Mar

    MJM, good one. Very well thought out. Point set match.

  44. Kevin Scheunemann

    Nord will just continue in his false global warming religion regardless of science or facts.

    It is about inflicting a failed Marxist agenda on everyone.

    He is a big time disciple.

    My only real problem with him is his complete dishonesty in being transparent about his faith in failed radical Marxism.

  45. Le Roi du Nord


    You are being evasive, where did I say this, “More denial the land sinks and raises on plate movement”.

    And where am I promoting any marxism?  A quote would be sufficient.


  46. jjf

    Kevin, you spend so much time repeating your mantras, and so little time trying to persuade with facts.  Why is that?  The facts are just facts.  What you decide to do about them is politics.  Because you don’t want to do anything, you think you need to invalidate the facts.  It’s a backwards, wishful, and deliberate evasion.

    Yeah, right, a bunch of ocean-measuring scientists forgot to consider the effects of tides or plate tectonics.  That’s like saying you forgot to order sticks for the Dilly Bars.

  47. Kevin Scheunemann


    Just articulating the global picture.

    On your last question…no on gets funding on plate techronic movement because the science of demanding funding to stop that sounds sillier than the claim to control the weather.

    It’s all an ideological religious funding scam.

    You liberals should get a better religion.

  48. jjf

    A scientist measuring the ocean or describing plate tectonics is not attempting to control the weather.  There are plenty of geologists out there.

    Here in Wisconsin, there are many industries that benefit from the observations of geologists.  Many in private work, many at the public universities.

  49. Kevin Scheunemann


    A scientist measuring ocean for purposes of global warming agenda/religion iszattempting to influence funding and/or absurd notion taxing can control the weather.

    Thanks for acknowledging plate techtonics has influence on sea level and there is not a darn thing we can do about it.

    Listening to Nord’s random mouse droppings, you would think the minor/insignificant change in sea level is global warming religion!

  50. Le Roi du Nord

    “A scientist measuring ocean for purposes of global warming agenda/religion iszattempting to influence funding and/or absurd notion taxing can control the weather”.     Could you translate that word salad into English for us?  And then show where you got the data to support the claim.

    What defines “minor/insignificant”, and how did you come upon that definition?

    We all thank you.

  51. Mar

    The way I look at it, is that there scientists who swear by climate change and scientists who do not believe in climate change, or at least it is not caused by man.
    The media is probably in favor and the liberal celebrity shout loud and clear that there is man made climate.
    But if you look at these celebrities and liberal politicians and how they behave, they really don’t believe in climate change.
    Obama, a big climate change believer buys a house on the ocean, even though the believers say the oceans will rise. Al Gore has a mansion, boats, flies on private aircraft, burns through a ton a lot pollotion. Same with Bernie Sanders.
    Celebrities go to a climate change conference and get their by private jet and huge yachts.
    Actions speak louder than words. They really don’t believe the crap they are peddling, so why should anybody else believe them.

  52. Kevin Scheunemann


    You are saying 2.6 inches in 25+ years is significant based on what?

    2.6 inches is nothing, considering plate tectonics is a contributing factor toward any increase.

  53. Le Roi du Nord

    See above.  You can start with the one I referenced, and there are a lot more out there for your edification. And no, 2.6″ does not equal “nothing”.

    Again, you can get help for your reading comprehension problems. Local public schools or tech college could steer you in the right direction to overcome the deficit caused by your private school education..

  54. Kevin Scheunemann


    Are saying local public schools are teaching the warming religion?

    We better call the freedom from religion foundation immediately.

    I don’t support your awful religion.

  55. Le Roi du Nord

    No.  You said that.

    And yet again, read for comprehension.

  56. Mar

    I can say that yes, schools are teaching climate change/global warming as fact. I had to teach those classes when I was a teacher.
    Of course, I went off script and gave the opposing views.

  57. Jason

    >And no, 2.6″ does not equal “nothing”.

    Now you’re just parroting your wife… poor lady.

  58. jjf

    Kevin deliberately misinterprets and Jason thinks insults are arguments. Whew.

    Frankly I had no idea that the Obamas bought a beach house.  I don’t quite follow the logic that if you believe that the climate is changing because of man’s actions, all of man’s actions must cease.  Al Gore isn’t saying that.

  59. Kevin Scheunemann


    Of course the rich and elite socialist hypocrites, like Obama’s, will keep doing what they do. Global warming religion is only for the poor and middle class to suffer the pain of Marxist policy.

    That is whole point of Harry not walking his talk.

    You and Nord look foolish running arpind as passionate disciples for warming religion, while failing to criticize your open, elitist hypocrites on their massive carbon output.

    I have no such moral dilemma, since I support more carbon output to lift humanity up through economics.

    Just be morally consistent is all I ask. If you practice GW religion, you should be ripping Harry, Obama’s, Sanders, for their devilish heresy…but nothing from either of you.


  60. Le Roi du Nord


    Why don’t you enlighten us all on sea level rise, CC/GW, severe weather, and how Mount Everest is going to flood all the poor folks.  Get yourself an old map and a Sharpie and draw us some science. And put in all the biblical references that prove your claims. And describe how more atmospheric carbon will humanity up through economics.    And whatever you do, never, ever admit you were wrong or misinformed.

    Go ahead, run arpind !!

  61. Kevin Scheunemann


    Just trying to keep your disjointed, awful religion from it’s natural conclusion: curbing humans from economic activity, and literally curbing humans.

    That is how you truly get to less carbon, eliminate people.

    It is a disgusting agenda and your gross snark will not cover that reprehensible agenda up.

    Get a better religion@

  62. Mar

    jjf, the point about Obama is that the climate change believers are saying oceans are rising. And since Obama bought the house up in the Hamptons, on the ocean, it sounds likebl a very bad investment, unless he can put the mansion up on stilts.

  63. Mar

    Well, Meghan must have gotten the message. She flew over to NYC to watch the US Open tennis and she flew commercial.
    She rode with the peasants.

  64. Le Roi du Nord

    Nope, I’ll leave the religion to you and others that chose to live a life opressing the poor without thinking.

  65. Kevin Scheunemann


    Your global warming religion is the essence of oppressing the poor in economic opportunity, and in some radical GW apostle circles, their very right to life.

    I see you are fine not denouncing the evil goals of your GW religion which has no mercy, no forgiveness, no salvation.

  66. jjf

    Mar, it’s a lame point milked for all it’s worth by Fox News and Rush Limbaugh.  You think the multi-million-dollar homes on Martha’s Vineyard weren’t built high enough to withstand storms?

    You think that actual satellite-based measurements that show the oceans rising by, say, three millimeters a year over the last twenty years aren’t relevant?  Or that they’re so relevant, we should abandon all oceanfront property?

    Obama can’t enjoy his wealth during his lifetime because he also believes that humans are causing changes to climate?

    We shouldn’t even think of doing anything…  because we aren’t doing everything?

  67. Le Roi du Nord

    No, it is not a religion.  Just because you keep repeating it doesn’t make it true.  It only makes you look like a fool.

    But since you are so smart, could you provide any data that says that ignoring CC/GW is a benefit for the poor?  Or a benefit to anyone?  Facts would be a bonus.

  68. Kevin Scheunemann


    If earth is truly warming, using less energy to heat in winter is a big plus.

    Longer growing season. More abundant food yields and production. Lower food prices.

    Greener planet, since plant life thrives on Co2.

    Shall I go on? Or have I gone far beyond the worst heresies of your religion, now subject to subjective, vitriolic rage, on your part for my “evil” heresy?

  69. Le Roi du Nord

    Sure, go on all you want.  Just making you look sillier.  Carry on.

  70. jjf

    No, Kevin, the Swiss flag is a big plus.

    Let me guess, you’ll sell more ice cream if it’s hot in the summer, so another plus, right?

    Not being able to grow corn in the Midwest, that’s a game changer.

  71. Le Roi du Nord

    Yup, that’s a bad idea.  But since I don’t speak Swedish I won’t comment further.

    Nope, I didn’t miss any cult meetings since there isn’t any cult, but if it makes you feel important go ahead and keep on saying it.  It doesn’t make you smarter, nor does it help your credibility.

    Nor would I put much credibility on any faux news report.   Especially on anything related to science.  But you go right ahead and believe what you want.  It’s facts that matter.

  72. Kevin Scheunemann


    That was weak.

    Why don’t you join me in saying “This GW position is reprehensibel, and this scientist is wrong”.

    It’s pretty simple. He is making scinece case we should eat people. Surely you can work up some muster against this “science”. Or do you forsake basic morality to protect your cult?

  73. Le Roi du Nord

    Try reading for comprehension.  I explained myself.  And remember, you don’t get to talk for me.  I have told you that numerous times before.

    Unless you speak Swedish, you can’t make any of those claims with any certainty.  Assumptions don’t enhance your credibility.

  74. Kevin Scheunemann


    So you leave the door open for “Soylent Green” in your church/cult GW practices?

    Don’t give me any of this “lost in translation” nonesense, he is VERY CLEAR about what he said and proud.

    Even I am shocked how far your GW religion will go in practice.

  75. Le Roi du Nord

    Nope.  It was a really stupid movie, a total waste of time watching it.  It didn’t make sense then, and still doesn’t.

    I said nothing about anything being “lost in translation”, that is all you. So you are fluent in Swedish, or still making stuff up?

    And it should be of no surprise to anyone that you are shocked by the mere thought of something being factual and not based on religion.

  76. jjf

    That’s not what science does, Kevin.  Nor does one crazy “researcher” speak for everyone else.

  77. Kevin Scheunemann

    Great, you both can join me in denouncing this detestable GW scientist and Bernie’s awful GW attack on the poor.

  78. Mar

    jjf, I’m glad Obama is enjoying his riches. He earned his millions and he càn buy what he wants.
    But Climate Change zealots are saying that the ocean are going to be flooding all the coasts within a matter of years. That’s why, they say, we have to change our economy immediately, and drastically change our way of life. And Obama is one of those believers.

  79. jjf

    And not vacationing in that big house does what, exactly?  I still don’t get it.  So he believes the scientists who say the oceans will rise continuously, millimeter by millimeter, as we heat the planet and melt the ice caps.  This means he shouldn’t vacation near the shore tomorrow, or he’s a damn hypocrite?


  80. Kevin Scheunemann

    Jjf, Nord,

    Are either of you going to denounce these 2 radical GW cult members. One wants to kill poor people, other wants to eat them.

    Seems like any easy denouncement of evil to me.

    Unless you 2 are so bent on supporting the GW cult at all costs.

  81. Le Roi du Nord

    “And remember, you don’t get to talk for me.  I have told you that numerous times before”.

    Since I don’t agree with you on your cult/religion nonsense I will respectively decline.   Until you can get past that we won’t agree on much.

  82. Kevin Scheunemann


    Was not talking for you, just asking if you denounce radical GW cult members advocating killing poor people in 3rd world countries and advocating eating them?

    Seemed like an easy moral topic for you to take a stand on.

    You punt.

    Awful. Just Awful.

  83. Le Roi du Nord

    “Since I don’t agree with you on your cult/religion nonsense I will respectively decline.   Until you can get past that we won’t agree on much.”.

    And what part of that don’t you understand??  Or isn’t reading for comprehension  part of your moral compass?

  84. Kevin Scheunemann


    You are upset because I called the cannibal advocate, and Bernie Sanders who wants to kill poor people, in pursuit of global warming religion, a “cult”?

    You are more outraged by that than the cannibal advocacy and Bernie targeting poor people for extermination?

    Wow. That says a lot about you.

  85. Le Roi du Nord


    There is nothing, absolutely nothing that you could do short of harming my family (and you are too cowardly and lazy to attempt that) to upset me.  At one time I may have felt some pity for you, but not anymore.  You are just intentionally and aggressively ignorant, and have an all consuming desire to stay that way.  If that floats your boat, fine with me.  But don’t flatter yourself thinking you could upset me.

    And I feel no rage, out or otherwise, on the subject you seem to be fixated on.  A short while back you were all hung up on the carnal choices of others, now you are into cannibalism. It is a pretty bleak and petty world you live in.

  86. Mar

    jjf, Al Gore says the oceans are going to rise 20 feet. That would pretty much wipe out Obama’s mansion.

  87. Kevin Scheunemann


    Was not trying to upset you.

    Just trying to see if we can agree on cannibalism and eliminating poor people because they are poor in the name of climate change religion is an awful thing.

    As someone who claims he believes in objective science, why does this get you so worked up?

    It should be an easy thing for us to join hands and denounce these lunatics.

  88. jjf

    Gore’s movie said that in 2006, and as science does, other researchers questioned that researcher as well, so other estimates have been made.

    How much do you think the oceans will rise if all the ice melts?

  89. jjf

    Yeah, it would be totally crazy to dream of eating human flesh.

    This is my body, which is given for you. Do this in remembrance of me. And likewise the cup after they had eaten, saying, This cup that is poured out for you is the new covenant in my blood.

    Take, and eat!

  90. Mar

    jjf, I don’t know since it will never happen.

  91. Le Roi du Nord

    Per Science Magazine:

    Greenland =~20′

    Antarctic = ~200′

    Does not account for thermal expansion.

  92. Kevin Scheunemann


    You have a gross misunderstanding of Holy Communion and real presence through faith in Christ. Your statement is demonic in its comparative assertion and insulting to Christians.

    It shows the lengths you global warming cultists will go through to justify the most evil parts of your cult.

  93. Mar

    Or maybe not as they already have an agenda

  94. Le Roi du Nord

    Do you dispute the data?  The source?   Methodology?

    Or that it doesn’t conform to your opinion?

  95. Mar

    Uneducated Le Roi, I’m not your personal librarian. I looked it up. Try Google. You do know what that is, don’t you?
    This ain’t no college class.

  96. Le Roi du Nord

    Good for you mar.  I applaud your new found initiative.

    So what part didn’t you agree with?

  97. Kevin Scheunemann


    Transubstantiation is false doctrine.

    However, even if it was not, it is reprehensible for you to compare Holy communion to your Global Warming religion cannibalism advocacy.

    Completely reprehensible.  Holy Communion is from God.  Global Warming cannibalism is from Satan.

    I can’t think of much that is more reprehesible than your comparative statement to rationalize your awful global warming religion..

  98. jjf

    But from your perspective, finding one nutty attention-seeker who wants to talk about eating people makes you feel comfortable calling it all “reprehensible.”  Such constant hyperbole.

  99. Kevin Scheunemann


    Then you should have no problem denouncing the cannibal global warming nut and those that listen to him?

    Why do you resist denouncing something so easy?

  100. jjf

    Tell you what, Kevin, every time I trot out some conservative saying something crazy, and you “denounce” them, I’ll give you a token that’s good for one free denouncement from me.

  101. Kevin Scheunemann


    I have no problem denouncing something crazy from a conservative, as long as you are truthful, in context, and not imposing your godless crazy town religious convictions on the issue.

    I figured cannibalism was something you could at least piddle and opposition against…evidently not.

    The global warming religion really has a hold of you.

    That is unfortunate.

  102. jjf

    OK, Kevin, then denounce your injection of the cannibal into this discussion.  Jump monkey, jump!

  103. Kevin Scheunemann


    Why?  He claims to be a global warming scientist and he has “respected” scientists in the audience.

    this is no longer an extreme idea in warming religion.  It is being pushed and it is being pushed hard, like killing poor people in 3rd world countries like Bernie wants to do.

    Why don’t you denounce this on the merit?

    Seems easy enough, but you turn it back on me when I criticize cannibalism advocacy as wrong.

  104. jjf

    He’s a professor of marketing, not a climate scientist.

    I’m in your audience right now and my glow is spilling out on to you.

    Whoops, there you go not being truthful?

  105. Le Roi du Nord

    Once again, the lack of forethought and research bites k in a bad spot.

  106. Kevin Scheunemann


    How doe you think the disease of warming cult spread so rapidly, you need a good marketing professor.

    Seems both of you can work up more disdain for me denouncing cannibalism than you can toward the cannibalism advocacy in name of climate change.


  107. jjf

    And then there’s the ritual cannibalism spread by the marketing professor Saul of Tarsus.  Oh, I know you think so very differently about that cannibalism than those Catholics who believe they are being actual cannibals.

    Kevin, where are the actual cannibals?  How popular do you think it is among humans today?  Which will happen first?  The rising waters, or that eating human flesh will become popular?

  108. Kevin Scheunemann


    Are you competing to be the floor rug in Hell’s bathroom?…wow.

    I did enjoy your questioning rationalization of cannibalism in the name of the global warming cult.

  109. jjf

    Hey, you’re the one who brought up the eating of flesh, not me.  You have an explanation for the ritual cannibalism in your religious beliefs?  Why did Jesus want you to eat his flesh and drink his blood, apart from doing it in memory of him?

  110. Kevin Scheunemann

    The fact you compare the 2 things is awful.

    It is like comparing cute puppies to serial killers. They have nothing do do with each other.

    I feel my IQ lowering even having to explain this to you.

  111. jjf

    This is a hard teaching. Who can accept it?  Does this offend you?

  112. Kevin Scheunemann


    The fact that you compare Holy Commmunion of all true believers in Christ for forgiveness of sins to rank global warming cannibal advocacy makes you despicable.

    Yes, I am offended by your godless ignorance.

    Yes, I am offended by your false global warming religion ignorance.

    Yes, I am offended by your unwillingness to denounce cannibalism.

    Yes, I am offended by your utter hate of Christians.

    Are we clear about how offensive you are?

  113. jjf

    I don’t think anyone is seriously proposed cannibalism as a solution to climate change.  Yes, there’s a news story that you brought up.  It’s a man-bites-dog story, a marketing professor attracting attention to himself with an outrageous idea.

    Yes, I’m not a cannibal.  Not a vampire, either.  That whole eating of human flesh and drinking of human blood, even in a ritualistic fashion, does not appeal to me.  “Soylent Green is people!”

    I asked you to make sense of a theophagous ritual in which you cheerfully partake on probably a regular basis, and you’re offended.  You’re almost as offended as a Catholic who spotted the desecration of a consecrated Host.

  114. Kevin Scheunemann


    If he is so on the extreme,  why is it so hard for you liberals to put out a straightforward denouncement of this global warming idea?

    I see little in way of any denouncement of this from any liberal.

    I see a lot of: “yeah, that sounds like an idea”; attitude among the warming disciples.


  115. Le Roi du Nord


    You are making stuff up again.

    Here is what I said, “Yup, that’s a bad idea”.

    Why do you need to be dishonest?

  116. Kevin Scheunemann


    You can’t be stronger than that?   Licking a lead pencil is a bad idea.

    Cannibalism is reprehensible.

  117. jjf

    Kevin, because one guy says “eat human meat” you think the entirety of climate change needs to be denounced?

    Turn to John 6, and tell me why some no longer followed him.  Why would drinking blood and eating human flesh seem particularly unpleasant to a Jew of that time or of any time?

    Tell me about the decorations at the front of the church when you celebrate this ritual, Kevin.

  118. Le Roi du Nord


    It wouldn’t make any difference what I said, you would never believe me, and you would call me names.

  119. Kevin Scheunemann


    If other climate change disciples, like yourself fail to denounce it clearly,,,,YES!

    Still have not seen anything from you. Nord barely dribbled out any outrage.

    The lack of passion to denounce has exposed the problem that climate change disciples are OK with cannibalism.

    I am willing to denounce evil.

  120. jjf

    You’re blinding me with science – and logic!  I’m a secret cannibal?  You shamelessly admitted you were an avowed ritual cannibal!

  121. Le Roi du Nord


    As I told you several times before –  I don’t do rage, out or otherwise.  I’ll leave that to the self-annointed victims like you and trump..

  122. jjf

    No, Leo Roi, you must renounce the evil reprehensible exactly the way Kevin demands, or you’re complicit!

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