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2003, 25 Aug 19

Macron Isolated at G7

He tried to pull a fast one and ended up standing alone.

But by Sunday afternoon, following Trump’s refusal to give Macron his backing over Iran, the French President was forced to dial back on his earlier remarks. “When I speak, I speak in the name of France but I also speak in light of yesterday’s conversation.”
Under pressure to be clear about whose support he had for his Iran initiatives, Macron seemed to indicate he was acting alone. “Initiatives will continue to be taken by each of us,” he said.
“The G7 is an informal club. There is no formal mandate.”

2003, 25 August 2019


  1. Kevin Scheunemann

    He deserved it for siding with Islamic Iranian evil.

  2. Mar

    I agree, anyone who sides with the Iranian government pretty much is in favor of terrorism or is a huge snowflake afraid of their own shadow, which explains France.

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