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0833, 21 Aug 19

Trump Floats Tax Cut

While I always appreciate a tax cut, it’s the spending that is out of control. Cut spending… then taxes.

President Trump on Tuesday confirmed the White House is discussing a temporary payroll tax cut as a strategy to boost the economy, even as he maintains the country’s economic outlook remains strong.

“Payroll tax is something that we think about, and a lot of people would like to see that,” Trump said Tuesday during an exchange with reporters at the White House.

“We’re looking at various tax reductions. But I’m looking at that all the time anyway,” he added.

The president said that the administration is also looking at doing something on the capital gains tax, but cautioned that nothing has been decided. He suggested that he could index the capital gains to inflation unilaterally, though such a move would likely face challenges from Democrats in Congress.


0833, 21 August 2019


  1. Kevin Scheunemann

    Liberals are too greedy.

    Pelosi will never cut spending.


  2. jjf

    Trump’s cutting spending, is he?

  3. Pat

    Well he is known to be, “the second coming of God”!

  4. jjf

    Also the future King of Greenland, I hear.

  5. Pat

    No doubt, the envy of all other world leaders.

  6. jjf

    Those darn liberals are so greedy, though!

  7. Pat

    Oops! Trump just said there will be no payroll tax cut. Wow, that was a fast about face from yesterday.

  8. Jason

    >Trump’s cutting spending, is he?

    Owen complained that he isn’t.    Kevin mentioned that Pelosi will never cut spending.  And you ask that.


    You have even less sense than dogshit LeRoy.

  9. Pat

    How do you really feel, Jason? Don’t hold back.

  10. Merlin

    There will be no tax cuts while Mama Pelosi runs the House (or spending cuts). Doesn’t matter a bit what Orange Man Bad wants one way or the other.


  11. Pat

    Trump, “The Chosen One”.

  12. Merlin

    >Trump, “The Chosen One”.

    Just when you think his opponents couldn’t possibly be more miserable Trump throws one like that at them. Tax cuts and quasi-divinity all in the same week. The Left’s now pavlovian response will undoubtably be to accelerate even faster off the cliff.

  13. jjf

    Really, Jason?  Where did Owen truly criticize Trump?  Owen said he’d appreciate the tax cut – although he obliquely says the spending is out of control – doesn’t say why.  Kevin deflects by blaming the wicked witch.  Then you typed Le Roi incorrectly to really bat it out of the park and bolster your argument.  Someday you too can be like Dad29 and use extra ‘E’s.

    The left, they’re simultaneously weak and ineffectual and as strong as can be!

    When the GOP had the House, what did they do about spending?

  14. Pat

    Let’s think a moment about this quote from the “stable genius”:

    “Actually, throughout my life, my two greatest assets have been mental stability and being, like, really smart.”

  15. Le Roi du Nord


    He forgot to mention the millions his dad gave him…..

  16. Kevin Scheunemann

    You libs are in total derangement mode.

    Can’t even stay on issue that no one wants to cut spending.

  17. Pat

    Yes. You are correct. So?

  18. jjf

    U.S. budget deficit set to hit $1 trillion 2 years earlier than expected

    A new report from the Congressional Budget Office shows that the U.S. budget deficit is expected to breach $1 trillion by 2020, two years earlier than previously projected.

    The big picture: The growing deficit has been driven by President Trump’s tax cuts, increased government spending and rising health care costs. The shortfall is expected to be widened by the recent budget deal reached by Trump and Congress to lift spending caps by $320 billion, as well as the emergency spending package that Congress passed to help manage the migrant crisis at the U.S.-Mexico border, the Washington Post reports.

  19. Pat

    “Thou shalt have no other gods before me”

  20. jjf

    But maybe he’s the Chosen One!

  21. Pat

    It’s the Rapture!

  22. Kevin Scheunemann

    No one sees Trump as a God.

    Only the radical deranged take Trump horrendously out of context on this.

    I can see a few of you raise your hand for crazy.

  23. Le Roi du Nord

    It seems the trump himself and some serious sycophants think he is the second coming..  And you call us crazy.

  24. Pat

    “No one sees Trump as a God.”

    And you can say that with 100% certainty?

  25. Kevin Scheunemann


    IF you show may anyone that does, I will denounce them as wrong.


    Went back and listened to quote, it is clear he is referring to the election and his perception he was selected to deal with the chinese on unfair trade.

    Only immature children think he was referring to himself as “god”.

    Are you immature?


  26. Pat


    Okay, you’re not 100% certain.

  27. Kevin Scheunemann


    Wayne Allen Root, which was retweeted by Trump came close.    I thought it was a stupid comment and stupid that Trump retweeted it.   However, given the foaming vultures in liberal media ignoring “The Squads” awful hateful anti-Semitism and accusing him of anti-Semitic behavior…I can see why he did it.

    Liberals and liberal media are generally are awful people.   They ignore their awful open hate, but then accuse others of the same hate they display.

    I sympathize with Trump given the foaming derangement he faces from the left.

  28. Pat


    Of course you would sympathize. You saddled and mounted that horse a long time ago.

  29. Merlin

    I guess we’re all of a sudden supposed to believe that lefties are concerned with biblical allusions. They’re not and their grossly insincere righteous indignation on behalf of Christians everywhere is incredibly transparent. Kinda emptying the clown car on this one.
                                                                                                                                                                         I don’t remember Newsweek’s 2013 Inauguration Edition cover calling Barak Obama “The Second Coming” generating nearly as much concern from lefties as Trump seems to be getting. None, actually. Or when Chris Matthews famously referred to Obama as “the messiah” during the 2012 primary season. Crickets then too.

  30. Pat

    I’m positive Trump isn’t the second coming. But strongly believe Trump, in his own “special world”, may personally believe he is.

  31. dad29

    I suppose that Trump’s comments are now “Lies” # 18,766 and 18,767, or something.

    Trump tweaks you morons daily and you jump right on command.

    Obozo actually believed his own bullshit.  Trump just tosses it out there to have some fun.

  32. Pat


    How do you know Trump tosses shit out there just to have some fun? How do you know he’s not f’ing nuts?

  33. Kevin Scheunemann


    I sympathize with those being treated badly with scorching, godless, liberal hate?

    Don’t you sympathize with those victimized by deranged leftist hate?

  34. jjf

    Pat, it’s just one of the coping mechanisms of the Trump supporter.  Locker room talk!  Own the libs!  We’re being oppressed!

    Ah, for the days when they were upset about tan suits and Dijon mustard.

  35. Pat

    “Don’t you sympathize with those victimized by deranged leftist hate?”

    It’s hard to have sympathy for individuals who’s victimhood is self imposed. I’d say pity would be a better word than sympathize.

  36. Kevin Scheunemann



    With this deranged liberal media?


  37. Pat

    Yes, self imposed victimhood.

  38. Kevin Scheunemann


    Isn’t all political victimhood, self-imposed?

    Why do you complain when standard intersectional leftisit tactics are used by conservatives?

    It shows a bipartisan approach.

    Are you against liberals and conservatives unifying on self imposed victimhood?

  39. Pat


    So how does Trump proclaiming himself the Chosen One make him or you a victim?

  40. jjf

    There goes Kevin, spewing angry word salad.  Tell me your definition of “intersectional” and we’ll see if it matches anyone else’s.

  41. Kevin Scheunemann


    Let’s start with problem with you taking what he said completely twisted and out of context?

    People can be victim of foaming Trump derangement syndrome from left. It spreads like plague.

    You can be cure by acting rational and put his comment in proper context.

  42. Kevin Scheunemann


    Hardly angry. Just showing bipartisan approach to art of political victimhood.

    Why do you hate?

  43. Pat


    Please provide the context Trump was making when he looked toward the heavens and proclaimed, I’m the chosen one”.

  44. jjf

    Kevin, again, tell me your definition of “intersectional” and why it makes any sense in this context.

  45. Kevin Scheunemann


    He was referring to himself being elected President and the person who has to lead on these issues.

    Only radical lunatics think it is some type of call to label himself divinity.

    Do you stand with rationality?   Or radical liberal lunatics?

  46. Pat


    What’s with him looking toward the heavens, raiding his arms, and proclaiming, I’m the chosen one”. Didn’t sound at all like he was saying, “I was elected President”.

  47. Kevin Scheunemann

    Show me the clip.


  48. Pat

    If you didn’t see the clip how can you say it’s taken out of context?

  49. Kevin Scheunemann

    I saw the clip.

    I don’t buy your description.

    I need to see the clip you are seeing.  Let me know if that requires me to ingest foreign substances first.

  50. Pat

    Well, then we both saw the same clip.

  51. Pat

    What’s with this “hereby order” crap coming out of the Idiot in Chief’s mouth today?
    Does he actually believe he’s a third world dictator? And he calls Democrats socialists.
    And to top it off, the stock market tanks again and he jokes about it on Twitter.

    In your guts you know he’s nuts.

  52. Kevin Scheunemann


    No, no, we did not.

    You must have seen the clip through a haze of undue influence or insanity.

  53. Pat

    I guess that’s where the saying, “turning a blind eye”, comes from.

    Awful, just awful.

  54. Kevin Scheunemann

    Post the clip.


  55. Mar

    Uneducated Pat, President Trump got you talking about China by his tweet. President Trump was being sarcastic and you stupidly fell for it.
    The media won’t fairly report what he says, so he has to resort to hyperbole.
    And Uneducated Pat, you fell for it.

  56. Pat

    The clip where Trump says, “I’m the chosen one”?

  57. Kevin Scheunemann

    Post it.

    Because I cannot find the clip you describe.


  58. Pat


    I love how you love tagging people who get under your skin as, “uneducated”. It speaks volumes about how truly intelligent you are.

  59. Pat


    Are you saying that Trump did not say, “I’m the chosen one”? That’s a yes or no question.

  60. Pat

    Oh, and Marbles, do you find it presidential to be joking about the market tanking?

  61. Mar

    Uneducated Pat, don’t overestimate yourself. If you put up your intelligence against a gnat, the gnat would win hands down.
    And Uneducated Pat, please define “presidential”. A definite definition that no one would disagree with.

  62. Pat

    Well, that diatribe just proved you can’t argue with crazy.

  63. Le Roi du Nord

    “definite definition”

    Classic.  Bravo!

  64. Kevin Scheunemann


    Since you are embarrassed because you have been caught grossly exaggerating…this is clip I am referring to:

    Only deranged lunatics get even close to the description you attach.

    I thought you were somewhat less than lunatic in positioning.

    Are you siding with lunatic fringe, or will you view it rationally?

  65. Pat


    That wasn’t a yes or no answer.

  66. Kevin Scheunemann


    I am saying your question pre-supposition is dripping with lunacy.

    Did you watch video. Any non-insane liberal rationally sees that as talking about being elected president and dealing with issue.

    So you still stand with radical lunacy?

  67. Pat


    That still wasn’t a yes or no answer.

  68. Kevin Scheunemann


    That’s because I am not shallow in discussing this issue.

    Only lunatics, bent on smearing this into something it is not, frame it that way.

    I have you 3 chances to step away from the lunatic position here, and you still persist.

    Try watching the clip. Then try watching it without all your pre-supposition hate for president. You will find he is not anointing himself as divinity. In fact, you will find that radical liberal lunatic position super foolish.

    Try it.

    Being rational only hurts emotional lunatics.

  69. Pat


    Still not a yes or no answer.

  70. Mar

    Come on Uneducated Pat, please define “presidential” so that everyone can agree with definition.
    Or are just going to live up to your nickname?

  71. Kevin Scheunemann


    I guess shallow lunacy is your choice.

    Not surprised.

    I like how you ignore Biden’s much, much worse statement on how he desired the assassination of Obama. Even twisting Trump into your lunacy…is nothing next to what Biden just did…..silence from you.


  72. Kevin Scheunemann


    Godless liberals have long thrown off those Christian principles for the office.

    Are you now calling for Christianity to be restored to our government?

  73. Pat


    Still unable to give a yes or no answer.

  74. Kevin Scheunemann


    When you ask me for a yes or no on the putrid, twisted, and untruthful context, you put a set of words in….smart people don’t play your dishonest game.

    Play an honest game by looking at clip without your predisposed hate.

  75. Le Roi du Nord

    “you put a set of words in….smart people don’t play your dishonest game.”

    But you try to do that all the time.  That’s why I don’t play along..

    Honestly, do you ever think before you type?

  76. Pat


    I only asked if he made this statement;
    “I am the chosen one”
    You are evidently unable to give a simple yes or no answer to that. Awful, just awful.

  77. Pat

    Hey Professor Marbles,

    Did I give you the answer you were looking for? Is that a “definite definition” for presidential behavior? Do you agree with it or not?

  78. Kevin Scheunemann


    I challenge you to name one.


  79. Kevin Scheunemann


    You saw the clip.

    Why do you need me to affirm your out of context lunacy?

  80. Le Roi du Nord

    k 8-19-19 @1:22

    “Then admit you agree with this statement, “Barnes is an awful liar when it comes to his educational history.”

    LdN  8-19-19 @2:33


    We have had this chat before; you don’t get to put your words in my mouth.  I am far too much of an independent thinker to allow that to happen.”

    Game, set, match.

  81. Pat


    Let’s play, If Obama Said It”.
    If Obama looked toward the heavens with outstretched arms and proclaimed, “I am the chosen one”, how would all the righties have reacted, including you? Be honest now. God is listening.

  82. Kevin Scheunemann


    All I asked is if you agreed with that statement.

    You still have not answsered.

    I understand if you are a too much of a coward to take a stand.


  83. Kevin Scheunemann


    If it was in the same context as Trump did it, the same way.

    Tough to see Obama doing that, because all he did was capitulate to his communist bretheran in China.


  84. Pat


    You’re 100% certain that the right wouldn’t be making hay with that statement had Obama said it?

  85. Le Roi du Nord


    I answered, see above.  And get help for that dysfunctional condition.  Being able to read (and being able to comprehend) is a life changer.

  86. Kevin Scheunemann


    I can only speak for me.


  87. Kevin Scheunemann


    I missed your answer.

    Was that “agree” or “disagree”?


  88. Pat


    I missed you’re yes or no answer to did Trump say, I’m the chosen one.

  89. Pat

    Kevin said, “I can only speak for me.“

    But, in your opinion, do you think righties would be making hay with that statement had Obama said it.

  90. Le Roi du Nord


    You miss a lot of things.  But I forgive you.  Have a great day.

  91. Kevin Scheunemann



  92. Pat

    Still didn’t answer yes or no. Coward.

  93. Pat

    Barbara Walters is a Republican.

  94. Le Roi du Nord


    What part about, “We have had this chat before; you don’t get to put your words in my mouth.  I am far too much of an independent thinker to allow that to happen.” don’t you understand?

    Now come on up here and call me a coward.  Betcha won’t….

  95. Kevin Scheunemann


    No Republican says “we” when it comes,to being on Obama’s team.

    She is as Republican as Elizabeth Warren is Cherokee.

    Only more honest.

  96. Pat


    I guess it’s settled then. You evidently anointed yourself as speaker for all Republicans. Congratulations on your self appointment. I’m sure you’ll carry the burden wisely.

  97. Pat


    Are you sure the what she said is not being taken out of context? The link you shared was from right wing media fake news outlet.

  98. Kevin Scheunemann


    When it comes to “Republicans” identifying as team Obama….all Republicans are clear on that. You don’t need me to draw you a picture.

    If you are team Obama, you ripped up your Republican credentials.

  99. Pat


    You’re taking what she’s reported to say out of context. Read the entire statement.

  100. Kevin Scheunemann


    So that is a problem now?


    Do I have to be more smug, to make that out of context thing work?

    Asking for a friend.

  101. Pat


    No, you’re smug enough.

  102. Kevin Scheunemann

    Clearly, I don’t get same “pass” as you give yourself on taking something out if context.

    I fear I am not as smug as you are on that.

  103. Pat

    Don’t sell your self short, Kevin.

  104. Kevin Scheunemann


    Does this mean you will apologize for your obvious out of context “smugness” in relation to your lunatic interpretation of Trump’s comment?

    Or is your “pass” or “double standard” for yourself intact?

    You are awfully quiet on that Biden assassination of Obama,comment as well. I would have expected destructive, apocalyptic, outrage from you based on your reaction to Trump’s funny comment.

  105. Pat


    Why would I apologize for saying Trump looked to the heavens with outstretched arms and said, “I’m the chosen one”?

  106. Kevin Scheunemann


    You went way further than that and said ” he was the second coming of God.”

    Then doubled down by telling Christian’s the 1st commandment ” You shall have no other Gods”, with implication we should denounce Trump as a false god.

    You are really backpedaling, if you think that little synapses covers what you did.

    BUT if my rational comments have backed you off your radical leftist idiocy, I guess my mission is,accomolished. It was common sense that Trump was not implicating himself as god. Only the deranged liberals took that position.

    Just a helpful public service I provide.

  107. Pat


    Yes or no, did Trump, looking to the heavens with outstretched arms, say, “I am the chosen one”? I bet you’re afraid to give a yes or no answer.

  108. Pat

    Highly Educated Professor Marbles,

    Was the “definite definition” I provided for presidential behavior acceptable to you?

  109. Kevin Scheunemann


    I told you, the context in which you ask that a question is suspect since you have declared Trump as “second coming of god”, and lectured Christians on taking a 1st commandment position against Trump as god.

    Your actions have consequence.

    Would you like to withdraw those 2 statements or claim they were “just humor”? If so, I find the commandment statement horribly unfunny and extremely offensive?

    You like to pretend you ask that question in a vacuum, but you ask it while stewing in a pot of extremely liberal/lunatic soup.

    I am not sipping your godless soup. It will probably taste like the devil’s bathroom.

  110. Pat


    I’ll take that as a yes as you didn’t say no.

  111. jjf

    Can we change the subject to “hereby order” and fascism?

  112. Kevin Scheunemann


    Did you withdraw your 2 statements related to your question?

    Then it would be wrong to assume yes without a qualifying statement on my part addressing your context lunacy and insensitivity toward Christians.

    Don’t bear false witness.

  113. Pat


    If the answer isn’t yes, it must be no. So you’re saying Trump didn’t, with arms outstretched looking toward the heavens say, “I’m the chosen one”. In that case you should review the video you posted because I’d swear on a stack of bibles that he did say exactly that. And that isn’t bearing false witness. To say otherwise would be.

  114. Kevin Scheunemann

    My answer is a “qualified yes”, with a description of what the rational context really is. No one can answer an unqualified “yes”, given your previous, ruthless, and savage statements on (mis)interpreting the matter….unless they are taking the lunatic approach with you.

  115. Pat


    Okay, your answer is yes. Whew! That was like pulling teeth.

  116. Kevin Scheunemann

    I said “qualified yes”.

    It is not an “unqualified yes” to your awful lunatic interpretation which you still have not apologized to Christians for.   When you imply Christians interpret that quote as Trump being God and then lecture us Christians on obeying the 1st commandment…that is totally reprehensible.

    No true Christian would ever perceive Trump as God, so your statement was awful.   It was pure Christian hate.

    Will you apologize?   If so, I am willing to forgive.

  117. Smitty1037

    Pat is so angry …. :-)

  118. Pat


    I’m not angry at all. I’m extremely happy. It’s kind of fun watching Kevin squirm.

    Keven says, “imply Christians interpret that quote as Trump being God and then lecture us Christians on obeying the 1st commandment”

    No, I imply that only Trump sees himself as being the chosen one. Any of his followers who support him with his blasphemous statement would be included with going against the 1st commandment.

  119. Kevin Scheunemann


    Nice to see you not only lie about your hate, but then double down on your hate.

    You are insisting Christian’s enforce a commandment where no Christian perceives Trump as God.

    Also, Trump himself makes no indication he sees himself as God. That only exists in lunatic liberal circles.

    Quit bearing false witness.

    So I take it your apology for insulting Christians is not forthcoming?

  120. Mar

    Insane Pat, while those are good ideas and proper most of the time, the times we are in now blows away those ideas.
    If the media and liberals treated Trump with respect, Washington’s ideas would be appropriate.
    But we now live in times where it is blood politics and Trump has to lower himself to play by the rules liberals and media play by.
    Therefore, your definition, while good intentioned, is wrong and out of date.
    And sorry I didn’t answer right away…working 2 jobs and getting 2 hours of sleep in 36 hours kind of doesn’t allow me to respond when you want me to.

  121. Pat

    Highly Educated Professor Marbles,

    “If the media and liberals treated Trump with respect, Washington’s ideas would be appropriate.”

    Which of the presidential behaviors Washington described has Trump displayed prior to, and since being elected, that would be deserving of the respect you think he is owed? Being a highly educated individual, you understand that respect is earned.

    You asked for a “definite definition that no one would disagree with”. I provided you, a highly educated stable genius, what you requested. And it sounds like you disagree.

  122. Pat


    Why would I apologize for quoting the first commandment? I accused no “Christian” of breaking that commandment. Please provide my exact quote where I accused any “Christian” of breaking that commandment.

  123. Mar

    Yes, Pat I disagree, and if you go down the list, not one president in our time or ever, acted presidential, according to the list. Probably, every politician as well.
    So, you cannot come up with a definition of being presidental that everyone agrees with.

  124. Pat

    Highly Educated Professor Marbles,

    I then have to ask you, as the highly educated stable genius you are, what is your “definite definition” of presidential behavior deserving of respect that no one would disagree with.

  125. Kevin Scheunemann


    When you quote the first commandment, you are invoking Christians to act.

    That means you think at least some Christians see Trump as God.

    It is not the job of Christians to correct non-christians who see Trump as God.

    So your statement is a gross misunderstanding of Christianity.

    Show me one christians who sees Trump as God….and I will correct that Christian.

    so you should apologize.

  126. Le Roi du Nord


    Note that k said, “Christian hate”, not “hate of christians”. Big difference, but I doubt k senses that..  Keep up the good work.

  127. Kevin Scheunemann


    Taking me out of constext again I see.



  128. dad29

    Can we change the subject to “hereby order” and fascism?

    Yup.  The law was passed by a Democrat Congress and signed by a Democrat President.  That IS the Party of Fascism….QED.

  129. Le Roi du Nord

    No k, that is a direct quote (see above), and the context leaves nothing to chance.  Perhaps you could give us a definite definition of what you really meant to say.


  130. Pat


    You’ll need to provide my exact quote in context. Don’t bear false witness.

  131. jjf

    Dad29 – Anything to avoid criticizing the Leader, hmm?

  132. Kevin Scheunemann


    August 22nd 12:06 PM above.

    It is clear that is the 1st commandment.   Christians believe there is only one true Triune God.

    So the first commandment is instruction only for Christian Triune God.

    Do you profess faith in the one true God, Father, Son, and Holy Spirit?

    If you say “no”, you were invoking Christians to act, because the godless could care less about their breaking of the 1st commandment.


  133. Pat


    My exact quote was, “Thou shalt have no other gods before me”. I said nothing of Christianity.

    You’re injecting Christianity into the conversation evidently in order to give yourself a sense of self-imposed victimhood.

  134. Kevin Scheunemann

    Just a coincidence that is the 1st commandment then?

    You knew it was the first commandment.

    Your snarky comment was aimed at Christians because you 1.) felt they were perceiving Trump as God.  2.) You were demanding Christians act against Trump in relation to 1st commandment in your snarkiness.

    The problem for you is: you were stewing in your crazy liberals soup and no one, except those liberals stewing in the pot, interpreted Trump that way.

    So, no apology for insulting Christians?

  135. Pat


    You are 100% sure no Christian would believe Trump is the chosen one?

  136. Mar

    Only a moron would believe that Trump believes he is the chosen one
    But technically he is the chosen. He won the election fair and square and we chose him.
    But you probably have no sense of humor of you thought he was serious.

  137. Pat

    Highly Educated Professor Marbles,

    Still waiting for your “definite definition” for presidential behavior that everyone can agree on.

  138. Kevin Scheunemann


    When you quote a Christian, let me know.

    Crazy, fellow lunatic, godless leftist articles are not Christian.

    Find me one, and I WILL SAY HE IS WRONG.    And it does violate the first amenmdment.

    Fever dreams of godless leftists are impossible to correct becasue godless leftists have rejected absolute truth.

  139. Pat


    How dare you attack someone’s Christianity.

    Awful, just awful.

  140. Le Roi du Nord


    We all need to remember, k is never wrong, and we are never right. His ego won’t allow it.

  141. Pat

    “Find me one, and I WILL SAY HE IS WRONG. And it does violate the first amenmdment.”

    Trump: “I am the chosen one”

  142. dad29

    Awwwww, Jiffy……..did I strike a nerve?  Are your feeeeeeelings hurt because I pinned the tail on the Donkey Party?

    They’re the Fascists.  It’s their law.  Trump merely reminded a few people that the law exists.


  143. jjf

    Don’t get too tumescent, Dad29.  Tell me what you think of Trump’s “hereby declare.”  Do you think he should use a bad law?

  144. dad29

    He’s having fun….sorta.  The audience was the ChiComs, not US industry–albeit I’m sure they heard it, too.  Like I said, it was a reminder that the law exists.

    As to “bad law”:  who says it’s bad?  Your Fascists passed it, after all.  It’s a nice not-nuclear weapon, don’cha think?

  145. Kevin Scheunemann


    If someone perceives Trump as God and are unrepentant…they cease to be Christian.

    So I hardly attacked Christians.

    Maybe, I attacked the lost or godless to urge them to repent in their precarious destination in eternity, but I did not attack any Christians.

    Quit bearing false witness.

    So that is a “no” on your apology to Christians?

  146. Pat


    Well I guess Trump lost his Christian credentials after he said, “I’m the chosen one”.

  147. Kevin Scheunemann


    Again, he was not refering to himself as god.   That is your liberal fever swamp dream.

    Is Trump a Christian?  I am not sure.

    I see signs that Pence has had very good influence on him on this front, but I have not seen Trump declare he is a Christian.

    So what “Christian credentials” would you be referring to?

  148. Pat


    How do you know Trump wasn’t referring to himself as god?

  149. Pat


    How does anyone know if a person is a true Christian? Just take their word for it after they declare to being one?

  150. Kevin Scheunemann


    Christians are not afraid to declare themselves as Christian.

    Fruits in action. They show a biblical mindset and are willing to Evangelize.

    They do not conform to the godless world in open sin.

    Does Trump meet any of those basics?

  151. Le Roi du Nord

    “Fruits in action”  ??

  152. Kevin Scheunemann

    Galatians 5:22-23
    But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, forbearance, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control. Against such things there is no law.

  153. Le Roi du Nord

    Self-control. That’s odd coming from someone that has never exhibited any.

  154. Kevin Scheunemann


    Having a conversation with you requires a ton of self control, especially when you make false attacks, attack the messenger on a simple issue, ridicule Christianity, ridicule the faith of Christians, and exhibit a huge arrogance in pursuit of your godlessness.

    When you claim made up theory as truth, and admit no one has any idea where material leading up to Big Bang came from…that is a special form of arrogance when you make fun of Christian’s for knowing the truth.

    If I did not have self control of the Holy Spirit, I would not state it so nicely in terms of your soul being lost.

  155. Pat


    I’ve been admonished once for “attacking” you personally for your beliefs, so I won’t start now. But I hear many declare themselves Christian, but fail to recognize them as Christians because of their words and deeds. My personal belief is that God doesn’t either.

    Are there people who think Trump is the second coming? Perhaps. Do some of those people consider themselves Christian? Perhaps.

    Does Trump truly think he’s the “chosen one”? I doubt it. Does Trump hope some see him as the “chose one”? I believe he truly does.

    Do I personally believe a person can be a true Christian and support Trump. No.

    “Even Satan disguises himself as an angel of light. So it is no surprise if his servants, also, disguise themselves as servants of righteousness. Their end will correspond to their deeds”

  156. Kevin Scheunemann


    If you want to play that game, can a true Christian support Hillary (or any liberal politician) in their baby killing abortion advocacy?

    LGBT advocacy?

    Liberal advocacy excising God from public square/schools?

    We elect a president, not a religious leader. All presidents are flawed human beings with sin. Trump shows signs of overcoming his past sins like abortion advocacy. Obama did not.

    Do you want a repentant sinner in White House? Or an unrepentant one?

    The latter is way worse.

    As Christian’s we respect civil authority, and speak up when that authority violates moral law. I spoke against Obama when he flip-flopped on marriage, but still respected him as president.

    Let go of your vile hate.

  157. Kevin Scheunemann

    But it would be nice if you could point to even 1 Christian that perceives Trump as God, before shamefully admonishing Christian’s that not opposing Trump is a violation of 1st commandment….

    And if you do find one, I have said that Christian would be wrong to acknowledge Trump as any deity….and I would correct them.

    So will you apologize to Christian community for your shameful false witness?

  158. Le Roi du Nord


    Here is some truth: the earth is greater than 6000 years old.  It is also older than 10000 years.  No theory involved, just sound science.  And you have not a single mote of evidence to prove otherwise.  But go ahead, deflect rationalize, whine, claim victimhood, bring religions, cults, socialism/fascism/communism into the litany of excuses you will dredge up to justify your position.  Throw in some name calling as well.

    You are soooo predictable.

  159. Pat

    “So will you apologize to Christian community for your shameful false witness?”

    If I ever meet a true Christian that unequivocally denounces Trump, and lives a true Christian life, I’ll apologize to that individual. Maybe you know of one.

  160. Kevin Scheunemann


    That is interesting.

    You will have to point to part of bible where denouncing Trump is a requirement to be a Christian.

    Speaking as a Christian, I am generally uninterested in your non-biblical, worldly, standards for Christianity.   The bible guides, not Pat.

    I have denounced Trump when I think he messes up.  Are you looking for a denouncement in blood?

    I do lead a Christian life.  It is not perfect.   I make mistakes, and I repent of my sin.

    Do you repent of your sin?

  161. Pat


    I expressed my beliefs, which I won’t apologize for.

  162. Kevin Scheunemann


    The bible determines what Christianity is in practice.

    You want to redefine Christianity just so you don’t have to apologize for your behavior?

    That is actually worse than the original sin, because you attempt to trade the objective truth of Christianity for a lie.

  163. Pat


    I’ve been admonished for debating you on your beliefs, and requested to stop, which I have. Please be respectful enough to do the same.

  164. jjf

    He can’t stop!  You have a mote in your eye!

  165. Kevin Scheunemann


    All I ask is you be respectful to Christians and Christianity.

    Respect is a two way street.

  166. Pat


    I was being respectful to you.

  167. Kevin Scheunemann


    At the end yes.

    At the top of this thread, no.


  168. Pat



  169. Pat


    You’ll have to show me where I said anything disrespectful that was directed toward you personally.

  170. Kevin Scheunemann


    I identify as “Christian” and what you did above was belittle Christians for not enforcing the first commandment on your gross misinterpretation of what Trump said.   Then you doubled down and said one cannot be a “true Christian” and support Trump.

    This part alone is a bad misunderstanding of Christianity.   Christianity teaches, even if we disagree with everything our leader does, we still respect the office and the civil authority and obey the laws of the nation.    You are welcome to a bible study on it.

    I disagreed with Obama on a lot of things but still respected him and supported him as president and prayed he led the country toward everything that is good and right and was successful in doing that.   And many times he did that, many times he did not.    My “support” of Obama in this respect, does not mean I supported his baby killing policies, or his flip flop on marriage under God’s design.

    I am just suggesting you need to be a lot more nuanced when you invoke Christian doctrine in any respect.

  171. Pat

    Kevin said, “I am just suggesting you need to be a lot more nuanced when you invoke Christian doctrine in any respect.”

    Much like you become very nuanced when you address others beliefs?

    You say you identify as a Christian, but I have no idea if you are truly a Christian. If proclaiming oneself a Christian alone makes you one, them proclaiming oneself as the chosen one makes themself one. There are things you say that gives me pause when trying to accept that you truly are a Christian. I doubt a true Christian would have to spend so much time trying to convince everyone he is, unless he’s creating a victim identity.

  172. Kevin Scheunemann


    There is a huge difference between Proclaiming Christian identity and Proclaiming to be a deity.

    The fact the you morally equate the 2, again shows a gross misunderstanding of Christianity.

    Generally, others do drag my Christian beliefs into a conversation, many times in a snarky, false, incorrect representation. I do spend time correcting the record from the attacks. This happens most often because the substance of my issue comment has little retort, so the practice is to go after the messenger.

    A few Liberals here think Christianity is my “soft spot”. They are very wrong on that. I love talking Christian and biblical subjects.

    So, many times, the Christian subject matter is not my doing, but the doing of those that savagely attack my faith.

    Sorry if the results in a permeating of Christian discussion.

    On this thread alone, you have to take blame for invoking the 1st commandment, the most important and revered of all the commandments. In addition, you did it in a very snarky manner.

    You were begging for a Christian response.

  173. Pat

    And you couldn’t help yourself. Your victim identity is who you are.

  174. Kevin Scheunemann


    You got victim identity out of that? I was merely appealing for decency toward Christians….urging a better standard toward Christian’s in public square.

    Only the godless end up being victims of their unbelief in the light of eternity.

  175. Pat


    When I quoted the first commandment it was not directed toward you or toward Christians specifically. The first commandment applies to more than just those that believe they are Christians. It was expressed as a reminder to anyone who believes in God. You chose to use the statement to promote your victim identity.

    I’ve said previously that I’m very supportive of you hanging any sign you wish on the front door of your businesses. I support you standing in the middle of the public sphere proselytizing until your voice gives out. I support you being as politically incorrect as you wish. You can believe that the world is 6000 to 10000 years old if you want. But you have to bow to others beliefs in the public sphere. You need to be nuanced when you address others beliefs?

  176. Kevin Scheunemann

    Pat said,

    “It was expressed as a reminder to anyone who believes in God.”

    That is incorrect.

    It is a reminder there is only one true GOD, to both believers and unbelievers.

    Your statement insinuates that one can truthfully believe in God outside the true Triune God of Christianity.

    If you are someone who believes in God outside the true Triune God– Father, Son, Holy Spirit— you grossly violate the very commandment you are relaying.

    This commandment is the great commandment of Christianity, it belongs to no one else.  There is only one God.

    Your universalism is a violation of the very commandment you talk about.

    I’m even more disturbed by your lack of understanding of the most important commandment.

  177. Pat

    “This commandment is the great commandment of Christianity, it belongs to no one else.“

    Maybe you should talk to Moses about that.

  178. Pat

    “I’m even more disturbed by your lack of understanding of the most important commandment.”

    How nuanced of you.

  179. Kevin Scheunemann


    Moses is a prophet of Christianity He believed in the promise of the Savior.

    Moses is as essential to Christianity as Creation, The Fall, etc.

    What are you implying?

  180. Pat

    What do you think I’m implying? (that’s always more fun)

  181. Kevin Scheunemann

    That Moses is not part of Christian cannon.

  182. Pat

    No, I was implying that the commandments were given to Jews.

  183. Kevin Scheunemann

    Christ fulfilled the Law for Jews…and Gentiles.

  184. Pat

    And I respect your belief in that!

  185. Pat

    Would people of the Jewish faith agree with you though?

  186. Kevin Scheunemann


    Great. Glad to hear you will not make anymore snarky comments about Christians and the bible.

  187. Pat

    Would people of the Jewish faith agree that the Ten Commandments are owned by Christians?

  188. Kevin Scheunemann


    Once Christ fulfilled the Law, Old Testament Jewish tradition ceased to exist.

  189. Pat


    But, would people of the Jewish faith agree that the Ten Commandments are owned by Christians? Or don’t you give a rip what they think or believe?

  190. Kevin Scheunemann


    Again, you have a difficulty in understanding the Gospel.

    Christ fulfilled the law, so it no longer dooms us to hell for breaking the Law. He covered our sin, and we are no longer subject to the Law. We operate under grace. In that grace we thankfully keep the moral law in keeping with repentance. We do this joyfully.

    Currently, Jewish faith/tradition keeps the Law out of obligation in hope they can merit salvation on their own

    It is the same Law, but Judaism suffers from same challenge that permeates every false religion: that your good works merit you salvation, when it is all Christ’s unmerited grace.

    The Law,in its condemnation, applies equally to all, only Christian’s through true saving faith in Christ, are freed from the consequences of breaking the law.

    So Christian’s joyfully retain the Law to show us our sins and to show us our need for a Savior.

    No other religion joyfully retains the Law…or even come close to making that claim.

  191. Pat

    So you don’t give a rip about the jewish faith and beliefs. Yet you expect everyone to bend to your beliefs. How nuanced of you.

  192. Kevin Scheunemann

    I am saying jewish religion/tradition views the Law incorrectly…stemming from their rejection of Christ.

    A lot like you.

  193. Pat

    And how do people of the Jewish faith feel about your assessment?

  194. Kevin Scheunemann


    Depends are they religious practicing, or claim to be Jewish in name only living a life in unbelief like Bernie Sanders?

    I think Bernie Sanders could care less.

    I think the former might want to debate the subject, but as Ben Shapiro would say, it would all come down to “the Jesus” as Savior and the Son of God.

    So a guy like active Jewish guy like Ben would disagree with me about the interpretation of the law. But would agree with me your contextual use of the 1st commandment above was gross and lacked basic decency.

  195. Pat

    That’s some great word salad.

  196. Kevin Scheunemann


    The begining of that last paragraph should read “So an active practicing Jew, like Ben Shapiro…”

    If that was word salad.  My bad.  Auto fill got the better of me.

  197. Pat

    So people of the Jewish faith would disagree with you that Christians own the Ten Commandments.

  198. Kevin Scheunemann


    You have word trouble, like Nord.

    I said “belongs” to Christianity.  It is part of the core convictions of Christianity.   Just like salvation through Jesus.   The Gospel is a free gift to all…many in the world choose to reject that gift.    When you reject the Gospel of Jesus, you subject yourself to punishment for sin under the Law.   Since Christians are under grace, the Law no longer applies, but we joyfully keep the Law in thankfulness.

    It is not a question of “owning”, but understanding the balance of he Law and Gospel in our everyday lives.

    If Jews want to claim “ownership”, no sweat of my back.  Christians are under grace.   Jews are under the Law.   2 completely different things.

  199. Pat

    Ok. Christians took the Ten Commandments for themselves. Jews can cover what was given to them. Who cares.

  200. Pat

    Covet not cover.

  201. Pat

    I’d hate to think that you were anti-Semitic.

  202. Kevin Scheunemann


    What are you talking about?

    More false witness?

    Are you upset because I nailed the notion religious Christians and Jews would agree your godless use of 1st commandment is gross and indecent?

  203. Pat

    When you say the First Commandment “belongs” to Christians only, when it was given to Jews, it gives me pause. I said, “I’d hate to think that you were anti-Semitic.”

  204. Kevin Scheunemann


    1.) Jews, before Christ, are part of Christian tradition, because they believed in the PROMISE of the Savior.    When Christ came to fullfill the Law and take away our sin, the Old testament was fullfilled for all believers (Jews) that believed in that PROMISE before Christ.

    2.) Many Jews (as well as Gentiles) in 1st century, in fact, a majority of them saw Christ as fullfillment and became Christians.   Again, Christians are under true saving faith Grace of Christ, are released from the requirements and punishment for breaking the Law.

    3.) Those Jews that refused Christ as fullfillment, 1st Century and after, are going their own way, because they still believe the Savior is still coming.  Those that choose this route are not under Gospel grace of Christ (because they reject it), and are still subject to requirements of the Law.

    So your argument is irrelevant Pat.   When I speak of the moral law in Christian context, I am talking about believers SUBJECT TO GRACE, FREE FROM THE CONSEQUENCES FROM BREAKING THE LAW, BUT JOYFULLY KEEP THE LAW AS A THANK YOU FOR SALVATION.

    When modern day Jewish scholars talk about the Law, they say Jewish believers are subject to it.  Responsible for consequences for breaking the Law, and need to do good works to merit redemption when they do break the Law.

    So when I talk about the commandments “belonging” to Christians, it is under the grant of Grace through Jesus.    Jews do not view the Law through Christ’s grace.   Jews have a very different belief in relation to the commandments.

    Christians, who were “Jews” at the time,  received the 10 Commandments through Moses.  When Christ came in first century, 2 different groups emerged on how to view the Law.   1. )through Grace (Christians) or 2.) through self merit  (Jews).   Christians far outnumber in terms of knowing Christ is their Savior.

    The 10 commandments belonging to Christians through grace of Christ is not in dispute.   I sometimes forget, I have to explain this basic to unbelievers.

    However, your commentary above managed to insult both Jews and Christians.

  205. Pat


    Like I’ve previously said, you can believe what you want. I’ll allow others to believe as they wish. And, I’ll believe as I wish. That’s what makes America great.

  206. Kevin Scheunemann


    You can believe what you wish, but you also need to have some level of decency.

    Screaming, falsely, that Trump was saying he was a deity (bearing false witness against Trump) and then trying to goad Christians to act against Trump (bearing false witness that
    Christians see him as a deity, when they do not), grossly misusing the 1st commandment in your smugness (the godless trying to argue for correction to a commandment you openly break daily in unrepentance)  was indecent on several levels.

    I am saying it is indecent on so many levels for you to use lies, when truth of matter is obvious on somany levels.   Trump was not claiming to be a deity.   No Christian, and you failed to find one, believes Trump is a deity.   It is impossible for you to correct others on first commandment, when you violate it openly, daily in unrepentance.

    I prefer you relay the truth, but if you must lie, be decent in your lies.



  207. Pat

    “Screaming, falsely, that Trump was saying he was a deity”

    He did say, with outstretched arms, and looking toward the heavens, “I’m the chosen one”. If anyone would believe that, they are believing so in defiance of the First Commandment.

    All those statements are true.

  208. Kevin Scheunemann


    Again, he was talking about being President and being the leader on the trade issue.

    He even followed up by saying that in his statements afterwards, which you clearly need to listen again.

    There is nothing, especially in his folow up speech to that moment that indicates he believed he was some sort of deity.

    If Trump came out and said he was, then you can make that case, and I would also denounce it.

    It is awful that you keep up this false, gross, narrative.

  209. Pat


    Name all the previous Presidents that said they were the President and leader by looking toward the heavens with outstretched arms and state, “I’m the chosen one”?

  210. Le Roi du Nord

    “I am saying jewish religion/tradition views the Law incorrectly”.

    That sure isn’t very tolerant, nor does it say much for your view of freedom of religion.   Unless it is only your version of religion..

  211. Kevin Scheunemann


    Name all presidents that used twitter?

    So what?

    Is it a crime to have an original idea and irritate the cesspool liberal media with your statement at the same time?

  212. Kevin Scheunemann


    I described the fact of the disagreement. I did not say that view cannot or should not be spoken.

    Is civil exchange of information over because you perceive me as describing a fact as an attempt to ban it?

    That is crazy town on your part.

  213. Pat


    So Trumps original idea was to proclaim himself the chosen one. Very good response.

  214. Kevin Scheunemann

    As President, and the guy to deal with trade imbalances.

    All previous presidents let Chinese walk on us.

    You would know this if you listened to all the statement, not just part you want to bear false witness on and take out of context.

  215. Pat

    I guess that’s what makes him the deity he is to his religious followers.

  216. Kevin Scheunemann


    Name one.


  217. Pat

    One what?

  218. Kevin Scheunemann


    One Trump supporter that sees Trump as a deity.

  219. Pat


  220. Le Roi du Nord


    Let us all know when you decide to become civil, and to refrain from calling others names. It will be a refreshing change of pace for you.

    Would Jew feel the same way, that you are right, and they are wrong?

  221. Kevin Scheunemann


    Feel free to point out where he said he was god and we should worship him as such.

  222. Pat

    I am the chosen one

  223. Kevin Scheunemann


    Again, right in his own speech he refers to his role as President in solving these trade problems.

    It is vile to attach any other meaning to it, when Trump was plain and transparent about what he meant.  He explained what he meant right in the speech to the press.

    That is not any proof/evidence…other than your liberal fever swamp dreams.

    Still can’t find a supporter that believes Trump is deity?   If what you say is true, why is it so hard for you to come up with even one?

    It truly proves how indecent your position is on this.


  224. Le Roi du Nord

    “I am the chosen one”.

    That is a direct quote.  What gives k the right to attach any meaning other than the plain text? Sorta like your view on the Constitution, right?

  225. Pat

    Jay Lowder said that Trump saying he is the chosen one is blasphemous and sacrilegious. I couldn’t agree more.

  226. Kevin Scheunemann




  227. Kevin Scheunemann


    I looked it up.   Jay Lowder was talking about the Wayne Allen Root retweet by Trump.

    I agree with Jay Lowder on that.   In fact, if you look above 8/22/19 at 3:49 PM I ripped Trump fro retweeting that Wayne allen Root tweet.   Trump did not say those words, but Wayne Allen root did, and he was stupid for saying that.

    (don’t tell Nord…he goes purposely blind when I point out my Trump criticisms.   I don’t want to cause him disability.)

    Mr. Lowder was NOT talking about the Trump clip we were discussing.

    Try again.

  228. Kevin Scheunemann


    Yes, that was about Wayne Allen root retweet which I already said was stupid on Trump’s part.   As much as you hate the retweet, it is not the words of Trump.

    Finds someone who refers to what we are talking about.


  229. Pat

    And he included Trumps chosen one BS

  230. Pat

    “As evangelicals, we have taken a hard line on conservative values, but we have also been moving our standards to fit our narrative,” Lowder complains. “If we are going to condone or condemn certain actions, policies or behaviors coming from the current administration, then we had better be ready to do the same with the next president.”

  231. Kevin Scheunemann


    The words of the tweet were not Trump’s.

    It is not correct to connect the 2.   One is just the words of a stupid commentator Trump should not have retweeeted.   Everyone agrees on that.

    Lowder was also saying the retweet was stupid, but he was not connecting the 2.    He was focusing on the retweet language, which was Wayne allen Root, not Trump.

    Now if Trump came right out and said he was a deity, of course I would denounce that.


  232. Pat

    If you think so.

  233. Kevin Scheunemann


    Why don’t you worry about something serious, like Biden wishing for Obama’s assassination…isn’t that much worse than any crazy interpretation you can come up with on Trump?

    I don’t think Biden should be wishing for assassination of anyone.


  234. Pat


  235. Kevin Scheunemann

    Looks like you avoid serious racism by Biden.

    Not surprised.

  236. Pat


  237. Kevin Scheunemann

    That was you when the thread was about Trump tax cuts, before you began your disgusting insult of Christians.

    Walk before you run on herding your squirrels….

  238. Pat

    Your victim identity is showing.

  239. Kevin Scheunemann


    Christians are are very victimized group when it comes to the godless.

    I am not willing to play victim when the godless insult Christians. I say something, in hopes the indecent can learn decency.

  240. Pat

    “I am not willing to play victim”

    Then maybe you should stop acting like one.

  241. Kevin Scheunemann


    I have to identify the problem if I want to make it better.

    I told you my goal: to urge the indecent against Christians, to be decent.

    Is it a problem to make a better society?

    Or is it all about the godless tearing down the things that made this country great, without opposition?

  242. Pat

    “Is it a problem to make a better society?”

    Not at all. I’m sure there are a lot of well intentioned victims who’d like to believe they are doing that.

  243. Kevin Scheunemann


    Isn’t victimhood how one gets things done in today’s liberal lexicon?

    Or should victims just “be quiet”?

  244. jjf

    See, Pat, Kevin’s just being “decent” when he calls us sinners and asks us to repent and believe the things he believes.

  245. Pat

    Oh no. As I’ve said before,I support your right to do all the things you do. Just like I support everyone else’s right. It’s also my right to disagree when I see fit.

  246. Kevin Scheunemann


    Well yes.

    Just like when I say there are 2 genders and the liberal religion demands I repent of my “sin”.

    Just like when I say a biological man cannot be a women and a biological woman cannot be a man, the liberal religion demands I repent of my “sin”.

    Just like when I say carnal choices, are indeed, a choice.   Godless liberal theology demands I repent of my “sin”.

    Just like when I dare say “Merry Christmas” “Happy Easter” or dare utter the national motto “In God we trust”, I get cult liberals from 23 countries demanding I repent of my “sin”.

    At least when I indicate sin, I offer the comfort of redemption and forgiveness through Jesus on the other end.  (the Gospel).

    The liberal religion never forgives, never redeems, never forgets, and will destroy anyone who does not conform with their awful, godless, values.

    You act like Christian evangelism is the only evangelism out there….So what is your point?


  247. jjf

    Biology is more complex than you think.  Gender and sex are complicated.  It’s demonstrable in proteins and DNA.

    Why when confronted with something you disagree with, you are more willing to think that the experts are wrong and that you have discovered a simpler truth?

    You’re absolutely right.  It’s not just “religion.”  It’s not just your religion.  It’s religionS.  You can find unbending inerrant evangelists in any of them.  You’re in the same club with the most militant Muslim you’ve ever feared.

  248. Kevin Scheunemann


    Did you just demand my repentance on saying there is only 2 genders?

    I must bow and worship your so-called “experts”…that deny science?

    I thought you did not call out others for their “sin”?

  249. jjf

    You’re free to be wrong.  Don’t be surprised if you advertise your ignorance and someone points out that you’re wrong.  The facts and the science aren’t on your side.  The world is more complex than your interpretation of the rehashed mutterings of Bronze age goat-herders.

  250. Kevin Scheunemann


    So you will point out my “sin”….you promise others will punish me for my “sin” someday?

    Any chance for forgiveness? Mercy?

    Or is it just going to be blinding liberal hate as you indicate?

  251. jjf

    I don’t hate you because you refuse to learn.  I don’t know why you think this is hate.  I’m trying to show you that you do not have an accurate view of biology.  It’s not personal.  I have high hopes that you can learn.

    As for pointing out sin, you seem to enjoy it.  I’m not digging into your sins.  By not learning as much as you can, you are limiting your view of the world.  You will make uninformed decisions.

  252. Kevin Scheunemann


    You hate it that I embrace science here.

    There are two biological genders or sexes, male (XY genotype) and female (XX genotype). Chromosomal anomalies (for example XXY) do occur in nature, but very rarely. According to those who promote “non-binary” gender identity theory, there are more than two genders and gender is self-identified, not connected to one’s biology. Facebook has even provided over 50 “gender” options.

    In your emotional gender construct advocacy, you tell me I “advertise [my] ignorance” and then throw a Biblical insult to boot.   If science is so objective, why are you so emotional about your emotional gender construct advocacy?

  253. Kevin Scheunemann

    Interesting read, and it is geared toward correcting beleivers, but I could not get past this paragraph,

    “Before I go any further, I want to add this caveat: sexual abuse, domestic violence, and unsafe behavior are not the kinds of sin I am addressing in this article. All abuse must be reported to the appropriate authorities, immediately. Protecting vulnerable people must be a top priority. Behavior that harms others cannot be tolerated.”

    She misses to important biblical points. 1.) all sin is equal in violating the Law 2.) Matthew 18 has clear instruction on correction of sin inside the church.

    On first point, “behavior that harms others cannot be tolerated”. Adulterous spouse? spouse going over to sinful LBGTQ lifstyle? bearing false witness? All those could or could not fall within her net on that vague statement. I follow Matthew 18 on correcting a fellow believer in open sin. However, I do not shy away from telling an unbeliever what is good and evil, especially when I am directly challenged and suffer false witness. Other than that, I do not call out specific sin of unbelievers.

  254. Pat


    I’m extremely happy you took the time to reflect on what the article had to say.

  255. Kevin Scheunemann

    Overall the article is “OK” aside from the glaring biblical issues I talked about.

    Many times though the unbelieving world perceives the “do not judge” part of the bible, which she touched on, as a carte blanche license to demand Chrsitians not discern good and evil in everyday life.

    We are not to judge the heart, but we must judge outward action, to discern good and evil.   Unfortunately, the liberal lexicon passionately demands evil NOT be discerned, so the evil can be normalized or contine.    that is how we end up with Harvey Weinsteins and the Epsteins of the world.   Everyone is so busy “not judging”, or “tolerating” obvious bad actions, evil florishes.

    That is a huge problem she fails to address.   Christians tend to do much tolerating, and in my opinion, have a bigger issue failing to discern good and evil openly as the bible calls us to do.

  256. Le Roi du Nord

    “You hate it that I embrace science here”.

    Let me know when you start, OK?  I’ll certainly mark it on my calendar.

    Or is this comedy Friday?

  257. Pat

    “Christians tend to do much tolerating,”

    That is the biggest trait of your victim identity.

  258. Kevin Scheunemann

    I see it was really godless liberal proselytizing Friday.


    I posted science on biological gender.   You are upset by that?


    I posted about annomolies, but they are so rare, they are hardly worth talking about.   I do enjoy that “wikipedia” has become a solid source for science now…that is hilarious.   way to keep comedy Friday going.

  259. Le Roi du Nord


    You have been consistent in your denial of science.  More flippity-flopping on your part.

    “I posted about annomolies, but they are so rare, they are hardly worth talking about”.   Not really, but explain why you feel that way.

  260. Kevin Scheunemann


    So when I embrace bilogocal sex science…that enrages you?

    Why don’t you say, “About time, welcome to the science club”?

    This science upsets you and you reject it?

  261. Le Roi du Nord


    So what is “bilogocal sex science”, and how does it work ?  I am all about learning new things and expanding my knowledge base, so be specific, facts are a plus.   Thanks

  262. Kevin Scheunemann


    I am amazed you are blind to science as an alleged science student.

    See above.   There is a male genome.  There is a female genome.   Aside from an extremely rare anomaloy, that is it.

    That is science of biological sex.  2 genders.

    All other genders are made up emotional constructs (not science).

    Liberalism rejects the science of biological sex.   Jjf is proof of that.

    Now unload on him with same incredulity you do on Christians that believe in Creation.   Go!

  263. Le Roi du Nord

    Let me know when you get that degree in “bilogocal sex science”, because you must have missed HS sophomore biology.

  264. Kevin Scheunemann


    Oh, so now we need a degree in science now to forward science in an argument?

    What is your degree in?   Godless religious theology? Double standards?  cult liberalism?

  265. Pat

    I think someone washed down their hamberder with too much covfefe this morning.

  266. Le Roi du Nord


    Once you have some rudimentary understanding of biology then we can have a meaningful discussion.  Right now you don’t.

    Which one?

  267. Kevin Scheunemann

    Double standards and cult liberalsim it is!

  268. Le Roi du Nord

    How so, k?  Explain yourself or remain silent.

    Science, in this case biology, neither knows nor recognizes cults.  We’ll leave that to you.

  269. Kevin Scheunemann

    There are two biological genders or sexes, male (XY genotype) and female (XX genotype). Chromosomal anomalies (for example XXY) do occur in nature, but very rarely. According to those who promote “non-binary” gender identity theory, there are more than two genders and gender is self-identified, not connected to one’s biology.

  270. Le Roi du Nord

    “but very rarely”.   Not so.

    “gender is self-identified”.  Who would “those” be?

  271. Kevin Scheunemann


    “Self-identified” gender is NOT based on biological science, but feeling.

    To say you self-identify your gender is throwing science out the window.

    As an alleged science guy, you should know that.

    Amazing how you do not hold to strict science on this.

  272. Le Roi du Nord

    “Self-identified” gender is NOT based on biological science, but feeling.

    To say you self-identify your gender is throwing science out the window”.

    I didn’t say that, you did.

    Now unless you get at least a basic knowledge of biology, I can’t help you any more.

  273. Kevin Scheunemann


    There is human Male and female. That is science.

    How many more biological human sexes are there in your world?

    Use science.

  274. Le Roi du Nord

    And also those intermediate.  If you weren’t so willfully ignorant you would look it up for yourself.  But that would require effort on your part, and a realization that you are wrong.  And neither of those things will ever occur.

  275. Kevin Scheunemann


    I have never seen such arrogance.

    You claim science but can’t even point to it.

    Why are you so emotional about Male and female being the only biological genders?

  276. Le Roi du Nord


    You will never get smarter unless you do your own homework and research.  I am through with providing you information and data and have you ignore it, or worse yet, have you make some bogus claims about religion to justify your ignorance. .

    Knowledge is a wonderful thing.  Embrace it, enjoy it.  Welcome the light of knowledge.

  277. Mar

    “Knowledge is a wonderful thing. Embrace it, enjoy it. Welcome the light of knowledge.”
    Bahahaha, so says Uneducated Le Roi, who clearly doesn’t practice what he preaches.

  278. Pat

    Highly Educated Professor Marbles,

    I’m still waiting to hear from you what is your “definite definition” of presidential behavior deserving of respect that no one would disagree with.

  279. Kevin Scheunemann

    Oh Nord,

    The arrogance of your perversion is astounding.

    You see, I understand the science of human biological sex. There is male and female. That is the science.

    I have no absolutely no desire to research your pervy, godless, social, emotional, gender constructs.

    I leave perversion of gender to godless liberals and urge treatment for mental illness in denying their birth sex.

  280. Mar

    Insane Pat, my only definition would be that the person doesn’t break the law. After that, it’s all a matter of interpretation.

  281. Pat

    Highly Educated Professor Marbles,

    For a highly educated, and may I add, the most extremely sane individual posting on this site, that’s not much of a definition for the leader of the free world. I thought you, being one of the two smartest people posting on this site, would be able to give a definition that everyone would agree with.

  282. Mar

    Well, Insane Pat, I’m glad you put yourself as the number 1 smartest.

  283. Pat

    Oh no. I’m uneducated and insane. No way am I the smartest as you have previously made pretty clear. I bow to your massive intellect.

    But I was hoping someone as brilliant as you would be able to provide the “definite definition” of presidential behavior deserving of respect that no one would disagree with.

  284. Le Roi du Nord


    “You see, I understand the science of human biological sex. There is male and female. That is the science”.

    Obviously not, but I’ll let you figure it out on your own.  But that knowledge won’t come to you through religion, dishonesty, anecdote, nor opinion.  Keep trying.  But I’m not going to hold your hand.

  285. Kevin Scheunemann


    I know the truth.

    You just keep wading in depths of liberal perversity.

  286. Le Roi du Nord

    Nope, you don’t know squat, and are too lazy to do any research. You rely on your cult of know-it-all-ism to make pronouncements based on opinion rather than facts.  Put your ego in the closet, lace up your new learning shoes, and walk toward the light of knowledge.

  287. Kevin Scheunemann


    So have I sinned against liberal religion for not researching the non-science cesspool of gender bending.

    Sounds like you demand I repent.

    Why would I need to if this is an objective scientific subject, male and female?

  288. Mar

    Insane Pat, I never said it could be defined, in fact I said it cannot be defined.

  289. Pat

    Highly Educated Professor Marbles,

    It’s a shame that someone of your mental stature can’t come up with a definition. What a let down.

  290. Le Roi du Nord


    No cults, no religion, just knowledge that you are too lazy to obtain.

  291. Kevin Scheunemann

    Prove it.

  292. Mar

    Trolling again, Insane Pat?

  293. Pat

    Highly Educated Professor Marbles,

    Not trolling. Only hoping to learn about what citizenry expectations for Presidential behavior is from someone, such as yourself, with a superior intellect. I’ve only been flattering you by acknowledging your genius. You, on the other hand, apparently throw out insults in an attempt to emulate another stable genius. That my friend, would be trolling.

  294. Le Roi du Nord


    What part of “do your own homework” don’t you understand?

    Or isn’t that a policy in your religious schools?  It sure was in my public one.

  295. Kevin Scheunemann


    Why would I possibly do homework on something that is total silly putty?

    Might as well ask someone to stick their arm in a wood chipper because you are a total assault on common sense with your arrogant demand.

  296. Le Roi du Nord


    You made the claim that you know everything there is to know, I say you don’t, and can prove it.  I’m giving you a chance to gain valuable knowledge with out further embarrassment. Are you so arrogant as to not check your work?  Or are you going to rely on your religious silly-putty to weasel out of this?

  297. Kevin Scheunemann

    It is incumbent upon you why you believe human genome biology goes beyond Male and female.

    100% of first graders know this…why are you so clueless?

  298. Le Roi du Nord

    Why is it incumbent on me?  You are the one that needs enlightenment.

  299. Kevin Scheunemann


    I don’t consider your false religious beliefs “enlightenment”.

  300. jjf

    Kevin, “Annomolies” is spelled “anomalies.”  They are people, too.

    If you think their numbers are too small to worry about, then perhaps you should google the incidence of abortion.  Then you can wonder why you feel content worrying about one but not the other.

    Yes, I think Wikipedia is good enough for you to learn from.  No, I don’t think Wikipedia is perfect.  Yawn.   Feel free to point to your favorite science sources.

  301. Le Roi du Nord


    There you go again, dragging religion into a concept that you are too lazy to research.  And why is no one surprised?


    Wikipedia is a fine source, as they provide references/bibliography that can be checked out for further enlightenment.

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