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0954, 12 Aug 19

It’s Hardest on the Kids


Mark Morgan, the acting Customs and Border Protection commissioner, said on Sunday that children’s reactions to their parents being detained during the Mississippi raids, doesn’t change the fact that they committed a crime.

‘I understand that the girl is upset and I get that. But her father committed a crime,’ Morgan told CNN, dismissing a video of a crying 11-year-old girl who was begging for ICE to release her parents.

He said the young girl, Magdalena Gomez Gregorio, saw her mother, who was home, shortly after the viral video of her sobbing was recorded.

‘I know it’s emotional and I know it’s done on purpose to show a picture like that,’ Morgan said of the video when speaking to CNN’s Jake Tapper over the weekend.

If CNN had a mind to, they could go find the kids of any criminal and show how the kids are impacted. The fault lies with the parents for engaging in illegal activities and putting their families at risk.


0954, 12 August 2019


  1. Jason

    It’s ironic how the hyper-sensitive social justice warriors will feed their conditioned rage with these images… and yet the very same people would have been supportive and approving of this young 11 year old being vacuumed out of her mommy’s womb just a few days prior to her birth.     YEAH WOMAN’S CHOICE/RIGHTS/COIN FLIP!!!

  2. Mark Hoefert

    Or they could show video of kids saying good bye to their military parents leaving for deployment to a foreign land. Or worse yet, video of when they find out that they have become permanently separated from their military, law enforcement, or fire fighter parent due to dying in the line of duty.

  3. Kevin Scheunemann

    Liberal media manipulation at its worst.

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