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0557, 02 Aug 19

The Great Divide

Here’s an insight into the growing divide in this country. This story is about a self-describes middle-of-the-road Democrat who is now radicalized. Here’s an exchange with her daughter while watching the most recent debate:

Her 13-year-old daughter Reese briefly showed interest in the debate and asked her mother to explain the difference between Democrats and Republicans.

“I believe more in socialist values and protecting the environment,” Mahoney said. “They want to …”

“Destroy everything?” interrupted Reese, prompting laughs.

Get it? It is no longer that Democrats and Republicans have some shared American values and just have some differences in philosophies. No. Now Republicans want to “destroy everything.” She is teaching her daughter that Republicans aren’t people with whom they should debate and come to common ground. She is teaching her daughter that Republicans are pure evil. She is teaching her daughter that Republicans are the “other” and want to destroy all that is good. When painted in such a light, is it any wonder that this lady and her daughter would consider it their moral duty to oppose Republicans at any cost? Is it any wonder that they could make the easy step to violating laws, social norms, and the political precepts of our nation in order to make sure that Republicans don’t “destroy everything?” Is it any wonder that they don’t have any compunction about using the violent police force of government to enforce their views?

If you think today’s Democrats are radicalized, just wait until young Reese grows up.


0557, 02 August 2019


  1. Pat

    “She is teaching her daughter that Republicans are pure evil. She is teaching her daughter that Republicans are the “other” and want to destroy all that is good.”

    Now let’s reword this.

    “He is teaching his daughter that Democrats are pure evil. He is teaching his daughter that Democrats are the “other” and want to destroy all that is good.”

    Does this sound familiar in the least?

  2. jjf

    Pat, do you mean that it sounds like Kevin or Milwaukee talk radio of the past decade?

  3. Kevin Scheunemann


    When a party embraces baby killing, pre-born, and now post born.

    When a party defends mutilating children because the 3 year old think they are opposite gender.

    When a party defends every sexual perversion under the sun.

    When a party denies God, and refuses to even acknowledge him in their party platform.

    When a party values people not on ideas, but level of victimhood, and your value is assigned by how much you can maximize your victimization.

    When a party hates America, despises it’s very existence, and spits on all the blessings this country bestows…

    Are we suppose to call that “good”?

    If we do, we betray truth to our children.

    The problem is: evil doers radicalizing children against those who stand for good, absolute truth, and Christ.

    That is the part we need to fix immediately.

  4. Kevin Scheunemann


    FYI, I never teach people Democrat hearts are evil, I teach their ideas can be evil.

    Baby killing, gender mutilation advocacy, normalization of sexual perversion, despising America, etc.

    I always extol to my kids when a Democrat comes up with an idea I agree with…like Obama on marriage when he was first elected. Or Obama’s immigration policy execution during his presidency. Or Joe Biden when he agreed to destroy radical Islamists.

    The problem is: liberal radicals delight in very evil ideas these days and the Democrat Party is struggling to find the good again.

    I pray everyday, those working good in the Democrat party can take back the spectre of evil ideas infiltrating it.

    I am hardly someone wishing ill on Democrats. I pray they reign in the insanity.

    It would be false witnes on your part to imply that I do, if your statement was aimed at me as jiffy implies.

    Try to be more nuanced and stand to reject awful, evil ideas vs making it about personality.

  5. jjf

    Kevin would like us all to be more nuanced.  Got it.

  6. Kevin Scheunemann


    Part of reason liberals hate debate is because their position is emotion, rather than truth and reason.

  7. Pat


    And how does that make you feel?

  8. Le Roi du Nord

    “Truth and reason “

    That is the height of hypocrisy.

  9. Kevin Scheunemann


    Motivates to educate and encourage them from evil.

  10. MjM

    From the article: “[Bernie Sanders’] looking out for the American people. He’s not looking to line his pockets,” she said.

    Which merely proves the woman is loopy from the get-go.

    Further proof: a year and a half ago she told the Racine Journal-Times, “We’re OK with moving as long as we can find something similar. We’re not trying to get in the way of this (Foxconn) project. “

  11. Kevin Scheunemann

    I love how liberals hang their hat on the loopy…and defend it.

  12. Mar

    Pat that one case pales in comparison to all the violence the left has done. Antifa, Black Lives dont Matter, other leftist protests and riots at Trump events, etc.

  13. jjf

    (snorts milkshake out my nose)

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