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1954, 18 Jul 19

Wisconsin Democracy Campaign Beclowns Themselves

Follow the “logic”

The Wisconsin Democracy Campaign has long maintained that the veto power in the hands of the Wisconsin governor is excessive and is contrary to how the legislative process should work in a democracy.

Governors of both political parties have often used their veto power to change the intent of the legislation that lands on their desks and to increase spending.

This amounts to taking powers that properly should reside in the hands of the legislature.

Agreed. So far, so good.

The Wisconsin Democracy Campaign believes that any governor, when he or she is exercising a line-item veto, must veto each item or appropriation in its entirety rather than using “creative editing” to construct a bill, or a section of a bill, that was not the intent of the legislature.

Still good.

The Wisconsin Democracy Campaign recognizes the hypocrisy of Republican officials who only now are aghast at the governor’s veto power when they had no problem with that power when the governor was from their own party.

What’s more, the current proposal from Sen. Dave Craig and Rep. Mike Kuglitsch is only concerned with the governor using the veto power to increase expenditures rather than to alter the meaning of legislation.

For this reason, the Wisconsin Democracy Campaign is neither endorsing nor opposing the Craig/Kuglitsch bill.

Wha!?!? So they agree that the veto should be eliminated, but they don’t like Republicans’ hypocrisy and the amendment doesn’t go far enough. Um, why not support the move in the right direction even if it doesn’t go as far as they want? And who cares about the motive? Better government for the wrong reason is still better government.


1954, 18 July 2019


  1. dad29

    Better government for the wrong reason is still better government.

    Owen, Owen, Owen……you don’t get it.  WDC is pure as the driven snow, not like the racist, sexist, homophobe, xenophobe, nazi-tendencied Republicans.  So THEY will tell YOU what is “good.”  Get it?

  2. Kevin Scheunemann

    Liberals don’t ascribe to ideas, only the perceived motives of people behind ideas.

    If Democrats introduced exact same bill, it would be praised a a 5th Gospel.

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