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0658, 28 Jun 19

Dem Debate

Did you watch it? I did. WOW, did I. Here are a few random thoughts that I took from watching the top 10 Dem candidates on stage:

  • The lady on the left might have been the most sane person on stage.
  • Almost to a person, these folks support open borders, socialized healthcare, and giving that healthcare to illegals.
  • Almost all of them named global warming as one of the first couple things they’d tackle if they were president.
  • Harris still thinks she’s a prosecutor, but she may be the most likable person on stage.
  • PASS THE TORCH! dude… sheesh… we all know this guy, right? He’s the drunk guy at the party who won’t shut up about how hot his girlfriend is, but she dumped him two months ago.
  • Biden’s best moments were when he was just smiling and not saying anything.
  • It truly worries me that one of these people might be our next president. Any reluctant Trump voters who may have watched are no longer reluctant.
  • Mayor Pete… you really want to like him… he sounds so reasonable… until he says something utterly bizarre like Christian Republicans are cheering family separations… wha!?!? But the look on Pete’s face when PASS THE TORCH! dude told him to fire the police chief was hilarious.
  • Winner? Trump.
  • Oh, and I’m looking forward to the Love Offensive. Saddle up.
  • Bernie thinks he can rotate out Supreme Court Justices at his discretion. Let that sink in.

0658, 28 June 2019


  1. Kevin Scheunemann

    It was a carnival of disgusting liberalism.   I look forward to Nord saying “this is not what liberalism looks like”.   Should I hold my breath?

    Mayor Pete saying “Republican Christians” support family separation is awful.  We don’t support separation.   We support people coming in legally through port of entry.  He supports innocent baby killing and is openly unrepentant as a gay man while claiming to be Christian…if he wants to talk about real (vs. imagined) hypocrisy.

  2. guinness

    The two debates reinforce the fact that Trump will have zero problem being re-elected. Liberals watching this have to be extremely frustrated with the rock solid evidence that they have no winning candidates. The only thing that matters to them is getting rid of Trump and, clearly, that’s not gonna happen. Four more years of great accomplishments from a conservative. All those poor kool-aid drinking haters. I almost feel sorry for them. Nah!

    The best part will be a full republican majority in Congress after this election. That’s what happens when your party accomplishes absolutely nothing for four years and the next four will be the same. Nothing but hatred and obstruction.

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