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0810, 19 Jun 19

Principal Wants to Reward Staff with New Building

I can’t tell you how wrong-headed I think this comment is.

WEST BEND — West Bend East High School’s principal Darci VanAdestine is on a similar path as West Bend West’s assistant principal Jennifer Potter, both of whom will begin roles with elementary schools this fall.

VanAdestine, who is moving to Jackson Elementary School, said she is proud to be part of such a thriving, positive culture where she can succeed among students, staff and parents that genuinely care and want what is best for all.

“My main priority is to keep this positive energy and success rolling,” VanAdestine said. “I would love to be able to reward the dedicated staff, community and students that through their perseverance and dedication we will get a new building sooner than later.”

The reward of good elementary schooling is not a fancy new building. The reward is kids who are smarter and better prepared for going into middle school. The building is just a necessary part of delivering an education and should not be positioned as a reward for doing your job.

Not to mention that this is as close to express advocacy as you can get by a government official. If the school board decides to put another referendum on the ballot, such advocacy would be inappropriate.


0810, 19 June 2019


  1. Mary

    I work at a hospital. In return for taking good care of my patients and helping them discharge home I should be rewarded with more than a paycheck. In fact, I am insulted that I don’t get more. I deserve a shiny new hospital.

  2. Jason

    Not to misconstrue your point Mary, but there sure are a lot of shiny new hospitals popping up all over the state.

  3. Mary

    But mine isn’t new. I want a new one.

  4. Letsgetreal

    Extreme right nut jobs…..

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