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0722, 31 May 19

Obama Still Doesn’t Know How Gun Laws Work (or Don’t Work)

Wha!?!? You can buy a machine gun online without any regulations? Where? Perhaps if Obama knew our nation’s actual gun laws he wouldn’t be so hellbent on passing more.

Former president Barack Obama has claimed US gun laws ‘don’t make sense’.


He added: ‘We know that in some states we have gun laws that do not make sense. It’s even possible to buy even machine guns online without any regulation.’

Obama’s comments come just months after Brazil passed laws making it easier for people to buy and carry guns.


0722, 31 May 2019


  1. MjM

    You could pick up a few ARs from Eric Holder for free, tho.

  2. dad29

    This is AKA as “throwing …….. against the wall to see what sticks.”  Actually, that’s a primary Democrat campaigning tactic.

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