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0734, 31 May 19

Meryl Streep Decries Toxic Masculinity

Well, the phrase. Welcome to Friday. I’m just going to sit over here and agree with Meryl Streep.

“Sometimes I think we’re hurt. We hurt our boys by calling something toxic masculinity. I do,” Streep said. “And I don’t find [that] putting those two words together … because women can be pretty f***ing toxic.”

“It’s toxic people,” the Suffragette star said. “We have our good angles and we have our bad ones.”

Streep added that she thinks labels can be “less helpful” than direct communication when calling out detrimental behaviour.

“We’re all on the boat together. We’ve got to make it work,” she said.


0734, 31 May 2019


  1. Kevin Scheunemann

    Almost a coherent consistency.

    This is as close as a hollywood liberals will probably get to rational thought.

    I am actually a little shocked.

    She is going to catch hell from her radical PC friends that are heavily invested in tearing down men.

  2. Le Roi du Nord

    “Streep added that she thinks labels can be “less helpful” “.

    Yet you continue to use labels, “hollywood liberals”, “radical PC friends”.

    You just can’t help yourself, can you ?

  3. Kevin Scheunemann


    My labels are more helpful because they expose the ruinous liberal ideology.

    Just a helpful public service I provide.

  4. Le Roi du Nord

    “ruinous liberal ideology”

    How are any of your labels “helpful” ?  Methinks that name calling makes you feel like a bigger person.  Pretty sad state to be in.

  5. Kevin Scheunemann


    Hollywood liberals are notorious for protecting to worst sexual predators. Harvy Weinstein, Kevin Spacey, heck, Streep gave a standing O to sick pervert, child rapist fugitive Roman P.

    Ruinous liberalism is an assault on good and decent society. It is a culture of protecting criminals and predators in name of “tolerance”….but then virtue signal to rest of us on stupid,insignificant, things, like “culture appropriation”. Its a mental disorder.

  6. MjM

    Streep should know a thing or three about toxicity, given her “god” Weinstein and her standing-O for child rapist Polanski.

  7. Le Roi du Nord

    Hypocrisy, thy name is kevin….

  8. Kevin Scheunemann


    I don’t protect evil, like Hollywood, that is the difference.

    I am willing to discern good and evil.

    Since when is proper, open, discernment of good and evil, hypocrisy?

    In your liberal parlance, consider me “out of the closet” on exposing the evil of Hollywood.

    That should make it easier for you to tolerate.

  9. Pat

    “I am willing to discern good and evil.“

    Like voting for a guy that brags about grabbing women by their “pussy”.

  10. jjf

    Or a guy who will say he didn’t say something, a day or two after he’s on video saying something.  I guess that particular commandment is fake news.

  11. Le Roi du Nord

    Pat and jjf:

    Exactly.  k is willing to brag about discerning  evil, yet does just the opposite.  Some significant cog dis going on there.

  12. Kevin Scheunemann

    I have told you time and again, I denounce Trump’s locker room talk.

    When will you 3 denounce creepy Joe Biden for actually grabbing 10 year old girls, like he did last week?

  13. Pat

    Discerning evil isn’t really the point. It’s all about moving the ball forward. At least that’s how they rationalize it to themselves and their children.

  14. Pat


    How do you know it was “locker room” talk?

  15. Pat

    Joe Biden sexually assaulted 10 year old girls last week? Did he grab them by their genitals like Trump? Did their parents press charges against him? Can you provide a link for that deplorable behavior? A sexual assault against 10 year old girls would definitely exclude him from getting my vote.

  16. Kevin Scheunemann

    You guys are such hypocrites!

    I denounce Trumps locker room talk time and time again, but I asked you to denounce Biden’s creepy touching….crickets! Don’t act like you don’t know about is history of creeping on young girls….liberals have been denouncing him breaking his pledge to stop creeping on girls all week! I expect denouncement from all 3 of you hypocrites at least as strong as I did for Trump!

  17. Pat

    I love how you like making Biden’s behavior worse than Trumps by labeling him creepy.
    What is it, 19 women accusing Trump of sexual misconduct?

    And how do you know what Trump said was locker room talk only?

  18. Pat

    “Mr. Biden proceeded to bring her to the back of the room, where journalists and TV cameras were congregated, and put his hands on her shoulders“

    Holy shit! He put his hands on her shoulders. I thought you were accusing Biden of sexual assault.

  19. Kevin Scheunemann


    You asked me to denounce Trump’s locker room talk, I did that.

    I asked you to denounce creepy Joe Biden’s touching of children after he PLEDGED not to do it.

    Crickets…from all 3 of you. Even AOC mustered a denouncement of Joe Biden!

    Are you less moral than AOC????

    That is a major credibility problem for you.

  20. Pat


    How do you know it’s just locker room talk.

  21. Kevin Scheunemann


    Do you have evidence of something more?

    Again, you are a moral coward on Joe biden.

    Even AOC was able to spit out a denouncement of his behavior.

  22. Pat

    “Do you have evidence of something more?”

    Beyond what Trump said on tape, no. What do you have that disclaims what he said?

  23. Kevin Scheunemann


    That is absurd.

    Still no denouncement of creepy Joe!

    All 3 of you are total hypocrites.   Creepy Joe is on film making women uncomfortable and you say nothing.   Trump just makes banter and you want to burn him at the stake.

    When will you burn Joe biden at the stake?


  24. Pat


    I denounce creepy Joe at the same level you denounce, and refuse to support Trump for president. Or am I missing something?

  25. Kevin Scheunemann


    So you would still vote for a guy that openly creeps on children at campaign events, even after he pledged not to do it?

    I agree with AOC on this.

  26. Pat


    So you would continue to still vote for a guy that creeps on women and children?

  27. Kevin Scheunemann


    I would not vote for a guy that creeps on women and children in public service for decades, gets called out on it, then PLEDEGES not to do it, but keeps on creeping on children, and then, again, gets called out by many in his own party!


  28. Le Roi du Nord


    But you will vote for one that was first elected in 2016 for re-election in 2020, right?  Your attempts at rationalization are hilarious.

  29. Pat


    How do you rationalize supporting a person like Trump to your children? Is he someone you’d like your children to emulate?

    Did you check out the links showing Trump creeping on women and children? And, he’s been creeping, and doing more, on women for decades.

  30. Pat

    And, at this time I am undecided who I would vote for. You do know there are more than two parties. I do know for certain who won’t get my vote.

  31. Kevin Scheunemann

    Your web sites were ideological hogwash.   Show me the corresponding video.

    Anyone can string pictures together to make someone look bad.

    Seems like you are weak in the denouncement department when it comes to ongoing creeping.

  32. Pat


    Are you saying Trump doesn’t have a history of creeping, and sexual misconduct allegations, against women that has gone on for decades?

    Again, how do you rationalize supporting a person like Trump to your children? Is he someone you’d like your children to emulate?

  33. Pat

    “Seems like you are weak in the denouncement department when it comes to ongoing creeping.”

    I believe I’ve said I denounce at the same level you denounce, and refuse to support Trump for president. Sounds pretty strong, just like your denouncement.

  34. Kevin Scheunemann


    He may have in the past, but he is not ongoing about it like Biden.

    I am willing to forgive indiscretion if it is not continual…like Biden.

    You, on other hand overlook all indescretion, even if it is ongoing.


  35. Pat


    If the best you have is Biden put his hand on a child’s shoulder, that’s not much at all. And if you’re offended by it, maybe you shouldn’t be such a snow flake.

  36. Kevin Scheunemann


    So AOC, Kamala Harris, Corey Booker, and the rest of the liberal “woke” left are over-reacting to Biden’s open creeping on children?

    That is pretty bold.

    I never knew you to be against the “wokeness” of creeper victims.


  37. Pat


    I don’t know what all those folks think about it, nor do I really waste much time worrying about it. There are far more relevant issues to focus on. But if you care to join them, by all means get on board.

  38. Kevin Scheunemann

    Of course you don’t think about it.

    You excuse those creeping on children when you want to…even after they acknowledge their creeperhood and promise not to do it again….and then they do it again.

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