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2058, 22 May 19

Assembly Republicans Agree to Waste Slightly Less Money than Evers

Ugh. Remember that throwing more tax dollars into the government school system isn’t about improving education. It’s about appeasing politicians’ egos.

Assembly Republicans say they support an education budget that would spend an additional $500 million on schools, an amount about $900 million less than Gov. Tony Evers proposed.

Evers called for a $1.4 billion increase in state spending on K-12 education, driven in large part by a $606 million increase in special education funding.

The budget unveiled Wednesday by Assembly Republicans would spend considerably less, setting aside an additional $50 million for special education over the next two years.

Republicans said that was still substantial, noting the state had not increased special education funding for more than a decade.

They also said under the Assembly GOP plan, the state would fund two-thirds of the cost of K-12 education statewide, a benchmark that was written into law in the 1990s but repealed in the 2000s.


2058, 22 May 2019


  1. Mar

    The increase in special education maybe necessary.
    Costs have skyrocked in the past 10 years. This due to an increase in students, increase in technology, increase in the number of 1:1 aides and the cost of children of illgal alien lawbreakers.
    Start with the illegals. The vast majority need ESL classes because the kids don’t know English. These are not highly educated kids to begin with, so it makes it toughter to educate them.
    Then you have technology. When I started in special education, I could set an entire classroom for about $2000 or less. Now, 5 times as much or more. Technology is the most to blame.
    Then back to illegals. If a child is here illegally, they have to be educated as anybody else. That include occupational, physical and nursing services, psychological services, if needed, a wheelchair and other mobility equipment. The Feds won’t pay, so it is left up to the states and local districts.
    Then there is the increase in the number of students in special education. If a parent wants their kid to be in special ed., they will get their in special education.
    So, I’m not sure how Wisconsin rates as far as illegals go, and the increase in the number of sped students, but I probably could justify the extra money.

  2. dad29

    You could justify it assuming that Wisconsin taxpayers (income and prop-tax) are willing to pay for illegals getting special ed, or agreeing that $10K in techno-flashies are absolutely, positively necessary (which means that OLD-style spec-ed did not work as well in comparison.)  You’d also have to assume that taxpayers agree that anyone who wants spec-ed deserves (or needs) it.

    Those assumptions are shaky.

    That said, Owen’s right:  the “leaders” of the Republican Party are mostly a bunch of wussies and panty-waists who can’t say “no.”   There’s a term for that…..

  3. Mar

    Dad, unfortunately I, it is law that illegals get free education including special ed.
    And if a parent wants their kid to get special ed, all they have to do is doctor shop.

  4. guinness

    Isn’t the number of students dropping?

  5. jjf

    Dad29, don’t worry, you and Owen will keep voting for them, right?  Maybe even sending them a check?

  6. Jason

    What’s with the stupid questions lately Jif?  Did you recently eat some deer meat?  Has CWD crossed over?

  7. Pat

    Yah, jjf. That’s a stupid question. Of course they will. Duh!

  8. Mary

    Yes, these are our conservative “leaders”. The more the years go by the less they understand how to successfully and effectively educate our next generation. The results are getting worse and worse.

    BTW, I heard that at last week’s WI Republican convention a Lutheran pastor got up and chastised the state republicans for doing NOTHING to help save the lives of unborn children when they had Walker in office. He was so effective that when Robin Voss got up he had to address it. Voss then LIED and told the group there was NOTHING TO BE DONE at the time!

    They don’t get it, folks, but until some good, solid men and women with conviction and understanding step up to run for office and articulate the message of truth, we are on this downward spiral…and the republicans are caught in it, too.

  9. dad29

    Mary, all you need to know about the Wisconsin Pubbies you can read in RoJo’s and Wiggy’s paeans to the BabwaBush-Blue-Haired-‘Burban Babes.  Hint:  the Wiggy/RoJo Pubbies are decidedly not pro-life in any meaningful way.

  10. guinness

    The first step in winning back pro-life would be to cut off government funding of Planned Parenthood. If politicians simply ignored the vocal minorities, the moral compass would swing back.

  11. dad29

    Cut off Planned Butchery?

    That’s something Paul Ryan never did–not when Chair/Budget,  not when Speaker.  Vos won’t, nor will Fitzgerald, nor will RoJo make an attempt.

    PP is worshiped by the Rockefeller/Bush/Country Club bunch; eradicating PP funding will take a lot of root-and-branch eliminations.

  12. guinness

    Trump’s already gone above and beyond on his campaign promises. With a 2020 win and full majority in congress, we just might see PP lose federal funding. That would be a major start to winning pro-life. with what he’s accomplished, optimism runs high.

  13. dad29

    Yah, but don’t let optimism overcome your experience.  It’s waaaaaaaaaaay too early to predict elections.

  14. guinness

    Sad. Most of them spend over two years campaigning. What a waste.

  15. jjf

    Dad29, you mean to say it’s not really about the abortions, that it’s just a useful tool for the GOP?

    Sure enough, Steil’s postcards in his district ask for opinions on immigration and abortion. Very Important Constituent Survey!

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