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0729, 16 May 19

O’Rourke Flails

What do you do if your candidate is a vapid mimbo and the entire campaign is based on people connecting with him “as a person?” You do stupid stuff like this.

Democratic Presidential hopeful Beto O’Rourke was ridiculed on social media for live-streaming a ‘weird’ 20-minute video showing him getting a haircut during a campaign stop in Texas.

The former Texas congressman, 46, made a stop at Chema’s Barber Shop in El Paso as an assistant live-streamed footage of him in a barber’s chair as indulged in some personal grooming.

And what came next made for awkward viewing as he made chitchat with the barber in Spanish and had to introO’roduce himself to another customer who failed to recognize him.

His latest attempt at branding himself as a man of the people came just one day after claiming he regretted launching his 2020 election campaign on the cover of Vanity Fair, and said the move reinforced his ‘privilege.’


0729, 16 May 2019


  1. MHMaley

    Beto is toast but a Biden / Harris ticket is the President’s worst nightmare

  2. guinness

    Nobody is Trump’s nightmare. There is no competition. And Biden apparently is the Democrat party’s best choice, which is really pathetic.

  3. Kevin Scheunemann

    Never under estimate a Trump.

    Democrats could put a resurrected FDR on the ticket and still manage to lose because liberal ideas, today, are morally, economically, socially, and rationally bankrupt. Liberals revel in the swill of their intellectual bankruptcy.

  4. guinness

    While Trump is busy fulfilling campaign promises and moving this country forward in so many areas, the democrats are completely caught up with obstructing Trump. In other words, while liberals are doing absolutely nothing positive for the country they were elected to serve, Trump is out there every day getting it done. And, this is what the democrats are campaigning on? That plus being pro-death versus pro-life?

    All rational, intelligent thinking is impossible due to the overpowering hatred. How sad for all the liberals that are totally blind to their situation.

    Given the direction they’re going, it would not be surprising to see many democrats and the majority of independents voting republican in 2020.

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