College Enrollment is Declining

This is a trend larger than Wisconsin.

Wisconsin is one of 34 states where enrollment declined for nearly all types of higher education institutions last spring, in part due to the state’s declining birth rate and a better post-recession economy.

It’s interesting to see the different response from private vs. government universities. Knowing that they have to make themselves more attractive to continue to get a share of a shrinking pool, private universities are downsizing and/or transforming:

For instance, to help address Wisconsin’s shortage of pharmacists, Concordia University in Mequon started a program to train them. The Medical College of Wisconsin also started a program.

Another private institute, the Milwaukee School of Engineering, is expanding its computer science program with an emphasis on artificial intelligence.

Our government schools, knowing that they have a permanent source of revenue via taxpayers, continue to prop up old structures for the sake of keeping them alive:

Last month, the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point dropped plans to scrap six majors to solve a budget deficit after backlash from students and staff.