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2059, 02 May 19

Raffle Prizes

From the questionable annuls of “any press is good press

An event benefiting Officer Robert Rialmo — who faces potential firing for fatally shooting two people — will feature a raffle for gift certificates for guns.

A notice for the May 10 evening event at the Chicago Fraternal Order of Police union hall calls for a $20 donation. Ticket holders gain entry into a raffle with advertised prizes of a rifle, a gun and an iPad.

The announcement says the fundraiser will benefit Rialmo, who shot and killed 19-year-old Quintonio LeGrier as he carried a baseball bat after a domestic disturbance on the West Side in 2015. Rialmo also accidentally killed bystander Bettie Jones, 55. Rialmo is not being paid as he faces firing for the shooting, a Police Department spokesman said.


2059, 02 May 2019


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