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1743, 17 Apr 19

Evers Threatens to Renege on Foxconn Deal

Don’t screw up our state, governor.

Gov. Tony Evers said Wednesday that electronics maker Foxconn Technology Group is unlikely to employ 13,000 workers in Wisconsin as it has said it could and that the state’s deal with the company may need to be “downsized” as a result.

The structure of the deal already accounts for Foxconn missing their jobs obligation and protects the taxpayers. If Evers reopens the contract, he is dealing from a position of weakness. Foxconn doesn’t have to agree to anything else and could just walk away. While I’m sure that Evers and his lefty cohorts would be pleased with their self-fulfilling prophecy, it would be terrible for Wisconsin for a generation or more. It would mark Wisconsin as a state that won’t stick to their contracts for businesses around the world.


1743, 17 April 2019


  1. Kevin Scheunemann

    Liberals can’t stand prosperity!

    Makes people not beholden to liberal slavemasters.

  2. dad29

    Evers and his lefty cohorts would be pleased with their self-fulfilling prophecy,

    IIRC that’s what happened in Pennsylvania, too.

  3. Merlin

    Yet another unforced error. Wisconsin’s Democrat business leaders need to get Evers alone and coach him up a bit. Lefty politics is fun sport for them, but they can’t allow a political neophyte to strangle their wallets.

  4. Le Roi du Nord

    The 13000 jobs Foxconn project was never going to happen, but you folks, walker, fitz and vos will never ever admit that you all got snookered.  Look where it got scott..

    The state and locals have already spent a LOT of $$ on Foxconn, $90 million alone that was taken from the local roads account that was to be used statewide.

    True fiscal conservatives should applaud Evers for minding the finances, and making sure we aren’t pouring more money down a dry hole…

  5. dad29

    Hey, LeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeRoy:  how about that $400 million Doyle stole from the transportation budget?  If you’re crying about a piddly $90 million, why not about $400?

    Further, the number of jobs, whether 5,000, 13,000, or 22,000, governs the State’s rewards to Foxconn.

    Yah, I know; you got your reading comprehension skills from Publick Screwels.

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