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2109, 09 Apr 19

Cabinet Appointments At Risk Because of Evers Power Play

Good. If Evers wants to play bare-knuckle politics, the Republicans shouldn’t be afraid to punch back.

Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald, R-Juneau, said Tuesday several of Tony Evers’ cabinet picks were in danger of being rejected by Senate Republicans following the guv’s decision to rescind appointments to the PSC, UW Regents and other bodies.

Fitzgerald said some members of his caucus wanted to vote down the picks to show their anger at the guv’s moves. Fitzgerald said he planned to see how the legal fight over those appointments plays out before deciding how to proceed, but he made clear Senate Republicans wanted to see the picks to the PSC and Board of Regents, among others, restored.

“I think some of those cabinet members are going to be in trouble,” Fitzgerald said.


2109, 09 April 2019


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