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2155, 17 Mar 19

Beto Touts Wisconsin’s Importance

Worth thinking about

Determined not to ignore Wisconsin in his quest for the White House, Democratic presidential candidate Beto O’Rourke made his second visit to the state in a month on Sunday, meeting with voters who spilled out of a downtown Madison coffee shop out to the sidewalk.

“This state is fundamental to any prospect we have of electing a Democrat to the presidency in 2020 and being ready to start on Day One in 2021,” the former Texas congressman told reporters after the event. “I’m really glad that the Democratic National Committee selected Wisconsin and Milwaukee to host the convention, I think that’s a good sign and a recognition of this, but that won’t be enough. We’ve got to show up.”

There continues to be a strong push by many Lefties to discard the Electoral College and go to a straight popular election for president. If that were the case, Beto would never have even come to Wisconsin. Nor would the Democrats have selected Milwaukee for their convention. Frankly, with just a couple of million votes at stake, states like Wisconsin would almost never see a presidential candidate in person unless their plan had to make an emergency landing. So if you like being able to meet and see presidential candidates without leaving the state, thank the Electoral College.


2155, 17 March 2019


  1. Kevin Scheunemann

    Can Beto find WI on a map from his drug induced stoner days?

    That’s what I would like to know.

    Getting rid of Electoral College would be stupid. The Left coast would control everything.

    Fortunately, that would take Constitutional Amendment 2/3 of state’s would never pass.

  2. steveegg

    > Can Beto find WI on a map from his drug induced stoner days?

    > That’s what I would like to know.

    O’Rourke found Madison, didn’t he?  I doubt he could find, say, Wausau or Green Bay though.

  3. Kevin Scheunemann

    You know what they say about Madison…23 square miles surrounded by reality.

  4. Merlin

    A coffeehouse in Madison is a very safe environment for a forty something, goofy white boy still trying to find himself. Smile a bit, shake a few hands, tell the locals how important they are, promise a little more hope and change, collect some cash, and leave everybody with warm fuzzies. Easy pickings.

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