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1849, 16 Mar 19

Bob O’Rourke Apologizes for… Something


Cedar Rapids, Iowa (CNN)Beto O’Rourke said Friday night that he had been wrong for joking at several events in his first two days campaigning in Iowa that his wife has been raising their three children “sometimes with my help.”

“So yes, I think the criticism is right on. My ham-handed attempt to try to highlight the fact that Amy has the lion’s share of the burden in our family — that she actually works but is the primary parent in our family, especially when I served in Congress, especially when I was on the campaign trail — should have also been a moment for me to acknowledge that that is far too often the case, not just in politics, but just in life in general. I hope as I have been in some instances part of the problem, I can also be part of the solution,” he said.
Did you see what he did there? He is a douche who neglects his family as he roams the country trying to find himself, but instead of changing or owning his own behavior, he projects his behavior on everyone else and says he can be “part of the solution.” Um… how about you just be a better husband and dad, Bob?

1849, 16 March 2019


  1. Kevin Scheunemann

    Everyone needs to relax, he was joking about his failings as a husband/father.

    The intersectional lefties went into a foam. We should not fall into the disgusting liberal mindset.

    Beto is dead in the water anyway. As a white male, he checks no victim boxes in the disgusting intersectional victim derby that is the Democratic nomination.

    He is only hoping to be Vice with someone.

    Only Gilibrand is more painful to watch than Beto. Beto will be the comic clown, only unfunny, like Nord is around here.

  2. Mar

    As someone who raised my kids essentially by myself, without any support from my ex-wife, it’s no laughing matter. He probably couldn’t even change a diaper if he had to.

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