Evers’ Delusion

What the

Gov. Tony Evers on Thursday said he thinks his budget will come “close” to his campaign pledge to raise no new taxes, despite the fact that it would raise taxes by more than $1 billion over two years.

“I think we’ll be pretty close,” Evers said during an interview on WTMJ radio, adding that there might be some “small” increases.

Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald, R-Juneau, tweeted after the interview: “Is this a joke?”

Evers’ message on taxes shifted throughout his campaign for governor as he faced attacks from Republicans who argued he would implement massive increases if elected.

He told reporters in September that his goal was “to keep taxes reasonable in the state of Wisconsin,” but days before the election, he told the Washington Post he was “planning to raise no new taxes.” He repeated the claim on Nov. 4.

“I’m planning on raising no taxes,” he told WISN-TV.

I hope the Republicans help Evers keep his pledge.