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1720, 04 Mar 19

AOC’s Mom Moved to Florida to Escape New York Taxes

Heh. A lot of Wisconsinites do that too.

‘I lived in the New York area for most of my life but I started being unable to afford it,’ Blanca said in the living-room of her modest but tidy Florida house.


‘I was cleaning houses in the morning and working as a secretary at a hospital in the afternoon. I was working from 6am until 11pm. And I prayed and prayed, and things worked out. After the children graduated from college, I figured it was time for me to move to Florida.’

Blanca said it was a no-brainer, adding: ‘I was paying $10,000 a year in real estate taxes up north. I’m paying $600 a year in Florida. It’s stress-free down here.’


1720, 04 March 2019


  1. Merlin

    I know where mama can get a $52,000 a year minimum wage job.

  2. Kevin Scheunemann

    Stop oppressing mom.

    “AOC Family Values”

  3. MjM

    These two quotes really stick out…

    “…except that [AOC] talked incessantly and itched to show off her brains, her mother said.”

    So she’s been a pompous little twit, to coin a phrase, since pre-K. Who could have guessed?

    “Socialists are in Cuba or Venezuela. Besides, anyone who tries to help little people like me is branded a socialist…. She’s a democratic socialist, and it’s very different. “

    Well, now we know where daughter gets her “brains” from. Any one want to tell mommy that Cuba is commie and Venezuela is democratic socialist? Or should we just let the Insane Train ride on?

    It is quite amusing, after all.

  4. dad29

    What’s the Vegas Line on Nancy letting AOC twist in the wind over her criminal violations of campaign-finance law?

  5. Merlin

    Depends entirely upon the quality of her double vodka martinis.

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