School Tells Kids to Pretend They Own Slaves

When will they learn?

NASHVILLE – A Tennessee school district is apologizing for a homework assignment that asked students to pretend their families own slaves.

The hand-written assignment, which touched on issues of slavery, immigration and child labor, was given out Wednesday in an eighth grade social studies class at Sunset Middle School, about 20 miles from Nashville.

One box on the homework sheet reads, “Your family owns slaves. Create a list of expectations for your family’s slaves.”


The homework, which Fountain shared on Twitter, also asked students to write a poem or song lyrics that “compare and contrast the lives of plantation owners and their slave population” and “create a political cartoon depicting immigrant labor in the United States.”

Do you know what avoids these kinds of controversies? Just teach facts and stop trying to create social justice warriors. For example, instead of asking kids to write out the job duties of their fictional slaves, just teach the kids what actual slaves were forced to do. Or even go one step further and teach them what modern slaves are currently forced to do.