Evers’ Fake Stat Disappears into the Memory Hole

Well, well

In a press release and on his official Twitter account Evers declared that “drug-related offenses make up as much as 75-85% of inmate populations.” 

The claim is patently false. 

And it appears Team Evers knows that now, too. 

The latest version of the press release on the governor’s web page scrubs the 75-85 percent “fact.” The release now notes, “This is an updated version that corrects an inaccurate statistic that was included in error.” It does not specify what the “inaccurate statistic” was, but the figure’s disappearance and actual facts fill in the blanks. 

As NewsTalk 1130 WISN talk show host Dan O’Donnell noted in his column this week for MacIver News Service, 11 percent of inmates were incarcerated for drug-related offenses, according to the Wisconsin Department of Corrections’ most recent analysis of inmates.