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0824, 23 Feb 19

Socialist Venezuelan Government Kills Own People

For the horrendous crime of wanting to accept aid so that they can eat and heal.

A high stakes bid by the Venezuelan opposition to transport aid into the country turned deadly on Friday as government forces opened fire on a group of indigenous volunteers, killing at least one woman and injuring 12.

Members of the indigenous community in the southern town of Kumarakapay, bordering Brazil, on Friday night took the commander of the Venezuelan national guard prisoner in retaliation.

Jose Miguel Montoya Rodriguez was being detained by members of the Pemon tribe, following the death of Zoraida Rodriguez in the clashes.

The violence cast an ominous shadow over the massive aid delivery planned for Saturday, with hundreds of tonnes of medical supplies destined to be brought across the border from Brazil and Colombia.

Juan Guaido, the self-declared “interim president” who has marshalled the hugely symbolic aid delivery, condemned the killing of Rodriguez, and promised to bring the perpetrators to justice.


Cucuta has four bridges crossing into Venezuela, and the volunteers, told to dress in white, will set out at 9am (2pm GMT) – “not smugglers in the night,” said Jose Manuel Olivares, a 33-year-old doctor-turned-politician, who will on Saturday lead one of the columns.

“We will do it by the light of day, with full transparency, because we have nothing to hide.”

Freddy Superlano, a deputy for the Chavez family state of Barinas, added: “We’ve thought it all through, with the aid. It’s much more than politics. It’s the survival of the nation.”

Mr Guaido insisted that the aid must be allowed to pass, and issued another plea to the soldiers to allow its safe passage.

“You must decide on which side you stand, at this decisive hour,” he tweeted on Friday night.

“To the soldiers, between tonight and tomorrow you must decide how you want to be remembered. We know you stand with the people. Tomorrow you must show it.”


0824, 23 February 2019


  1. Kevin Scheunemann

    This is the natural result of socialism!

    What shockes me is the godless, evil liberals in this nation, like AOC, defending this!

    Liberals are total evil toward  basic human rights!

  2. dad29

    Communists and Socialists–and their running-dog allies in the US’s Left–do not recognize “rights” because that, my friend, implies that there is a God.

    The Constitution does not “grant us” the right to bear arms, nor the right to practice our religion(s).  Those rights come from God.  Curious, no, that BOTH those rights are the first to disappear in Socialist/Communist countries?

    And is it not also curious that BOTH those rights are now (and have been for decades) the targets of the running-dog Lefties in the US?

    There is no such thing as coincidence, my friend.



  3. Le Roi du Nord

    God granted the right to bear arms?  Not the 2nd Amendment?

  4. Jason

    >God granted the right to bear arms?  Not the 2nd Amendment?

    The very fact that you’re posting in here arguing semantics on a discussion about how real living people in the world are now dead for nothing more than trying to survive… shows the depravity of the left.  The talk day and night about how they are the champions of the weak, the under-represented, the poor, the unfortunate..  and here we see typical left behavior when the most unfortunate of all of us is front and center.   A specious argument on the verbiage of our constitution.


    LeRoy, you prove yet again what a turd you are… and continue to cement that thought about all liberals.

  5. Kevin Scheunemann

    I agree, Nord showed total depravity toward this socialist evil and its victims, with that comment.

  6. Le Roi du Nord

    So you guys are deflecting the question posed to the dudster?  You afraid he might actually answer?

    I post here to defend truth, and to call out willful dishonesty.

  7. Kevin Scheunemann


    You showed complete disregard for the victims of socialist evil.

    I am all for arming the people of Venezuela to overthrow the leftist evil. It may save lives from the leftist government death squads and starvation and torture liberals caused.

    AOC, she is just dandy with government of Venezuela and will not denounce it. So is Bernie Sanders.

    You lefties are sometimes so evil, it is difficult to comprehend the depth of that evil.

  8. Le Roi du Nord


    “You showed complete disregard for the victims of socialist evil”.

    Nope, never did, you are making stuff up again.  Why do you need to be so dishonest?  Nature or nurture?

    trump invites mockery for his habitual lying and willful ignorance of the world around him.  Are you trying to emulate your idol?

  9. dad29

    LeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeRoy was edumaketed in a publik screwel, where such things as English Common Law and the Magna Carta were not ‘splained to him, (or he didn’t really give a damn because it’s all explained on CNN or MSNBC every night anyway.  Who needs history when you have Rachel MadCow?)

    The right to self-defense was granted to man by God long, long, long, before any white man civilized the Americas.  It’s clearly implied in the 10 Commandments–and some scholars argue that it’s not merely ‘implication;’ that it is explicit in the 5th.  Regardless……

    Same with religious freedom, although the history there is a bit more murky, sad to say.


  10. Le Roi du Nord


    Since you didn’t specify which version of the Magna Carta you were referring to, I have attached the text of the 1215 version.  Please point out the part that grants the right to bear arms.  Thanks.

  11. jjf

    What kind of religion would it be if you had an absolute commandment that said you couldn’t kill?  You still need the freedom to start wars and kill your racial and political enemies, as the Bible intends, and Lord knows, God wouldn’t have written that if he didn’t mean it!

    Of course a man should be able to decide when to kill, subject to scholarly interpretation, as long as the scholars are hired by those in power!

    What a man can’t do is decide whom he finds attractive.

  12. Mar

    I have a couple of friends in Venezuela and the conditions are extremely bad unless you are the very rich. Most families struggle to get 1 meal a day, much less 3. Don’t think of going to the hospital. My friend’s mother is quite elderly and frail. My friend is her caretaker. She has to leave the mother alone while my friend works because my friend cannot afford a sitter/ caretaker.
    This is socialism/liberalism at it’s worse.

  13. Kevin Scheunemann


    You just exemplified what happens when the godless try to interpret the Bible.

    Hard for me to address that because it was so much crap on the cracker, I can’t even find the cracker to even have a basis to start shoveling.

    You are welcome to bible study to correct your erroneous, godless,human secular beliefs.

  14. jjf

    Give me a hint, Kevin…  where does the Bible explain when it’s OK to kill, and in general what does it allow?

    I assume we can’t look in the OT, right?

  15. Kevin Scheunemann


    What does this have to do with socialist evil and carnage in Venezuela?

    Stop try to divert subject from heinous leftist human rights evil.

  16. dad29

    Well, LEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEroy, you got me.  It was the English Bill of Rights, not the Magna (which you did NOT “attach.”)

    The relevant material on the Crusades is so easy to find that even YOU can do it, as is the factual material on the Irish problem (hint:  Orange has quite a bit of blood on its navel.)

  17. jjf

    LOL Kevin just chastised me for straying off-topic.

  18. Le Roi du Nord


    Apparently there are some sites that B&S won’t allow.  I did attach it, and the 5th commandment as well.  Perhaps you could point out where in the 5th is granted the right to self-defense.  Thanks.

  19. MjM

    Daddio sez: “…you got me.”

    No.  Actually, he didn’t.

    You specifically highlighted “The right to self-defense…” in your post that mentioned the Magna Carta (your bold).

    Nort then tries to deflect: “Please point out the part [in the Magna Carta] that grants the right to bear arms.

    Sec 61 of the 1215 Magna Carta is the birthplace of such civil things as due process, speedy trials, and lawful citizen rebellion against tyranny.

    It’s not in any way perfect – it was written by the elite of the time after all.  But it was the first “legal” notion of self-defense for all, at least from tyrannical royalty.


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