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0803, 15 Feb 19

States Consider Colluding Against Corporate Handouts


This, as the End Corporate Welfare Act is circulating in several states, including New York. The bill would essentially call a cease-fire on awarding tax incentives to certain companies by creating an interstate compact of states that agree to end the practice.

New York’s bill is being sponsored by Assemblyman Ron Kim and state Sen. Julia Salazar, who have criticized the state’s deal with Amazon for months. “We are definitely glad our organizing has paid off,” says Michael Carter, a spokesman for Salazar. “This is not the first [corporate welfare] deal and it certainly won’t be last. But maybe now companies will think twice about pursuing one of these deals in the state of New York.”

A similar version to New York’s bill is also making its way through the Arizona and Illinois legislatures, while lawmakers in other states, including Connecticut, Florida, Massachusetts and New Jersey, are considering introducing such legislation.

From a philosophical standpoint, I get it. It is frustrating that some businesses shop their stuff around looking for the best corporate handout. The problem is that it will never work. With 50 states and hundreds of cities, it only takes one to cave to break the cartel. Plus, with business increasingly global, there is no way that we can prevent other nations from incenting businesses to locate there.


0803, 15 February 2019


  1. 9606

    Where do stadiums fit into the equation?

  2. Le Roi du Nord

    Or foxconn?

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