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2112, 06 Feb 19

Evers To End Dark Store Valuation Methodology

Here’s something I can agree with.

LA CROSSE, Wis. (WKBT) – A change to the way empty box stores are assessed could reduce your property taxes. Wisconsin Gov. Tony Evers (D) said his state budget proposal will include a provision to close what’s known as the dark store tax loophole.

The governor made the announcement today after speaking at a Wisconsin Counties Association meeting in Madison. He hopes that it will help cities across the state increase their tax revenue to pay for projects.

Here’s my column on this from last year.


2112, 06 February 2019


  1. steveegg

    Even a flashing VCR is right once a year.

  2. jjf

    So why weren’t Walker and the WisGOP like a flashing VCR?

  3. steveegg

    Because they were too deferential to your favorite branch of government, the courts that invented the Dark Store Theory.

  4. Jason

    Well, Evers will close the loophole only because he hates business and wants to raise taxes.  It’s like … what was Pat mubling?  Some Conservative intersectionality?  Only there’s no victims.

  5. Merlin

    Why not just tax commercial property at current fair market value with a breakout surtax for an added value of the business occupying the property? Valuation of the real property should be relatively easy. Valuation on the surtax would necessarily be somewhat competitive between municipalities to retain current business and still attract future development. Overvaluation of the surtax would risk business flight, keeping the municipalities at least somewhat honest in their assessments.

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