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2013, 31 Jan 19

Evers Badgers Foxconn about Environmental Regulations

Gee, is there any wonder why Foxconn might be getting cold feet when this is the first thing they hear from the new governor?

Gov. Tony Evers says he’s confident Foxconn’s leaders understand his concerns around the manufacturer’s environmental impact in Wisconsin.

Addressing RENEW Wisconsin’s Renewable Energy Summit yesterday in Madison, the guv said he spoke with Foxconn’s Louis Woo Wednesday night. The special assistant to Foxconn CEO Terry Gou told Evers about the company’s plans to keep the waters of Lake Michigan clean.

“I know we’re always concerned about the environmental issues as it related to Foxconn,” Evers said. “I feel confident going forward that they get it, and that we’ll have a good partnership there.”

Still, he said, “we have some things to check up on though.”


2013, 31 January 2019


  1. Kevin Scheunemann

    Liberals destroying economic development in record time.

  2. Le Roi du Nord


    What about all the poor adversely affected by pollution?  Have you no conscience?

  3. Kevin Scheunemann


    “Some things to check up on”, is liberal environmental code for: come here and we will hammer you and make it costly and difficult for you!

    How stupid are you?

  4. 9606

    Poor Racine. They just don’t get it.
    They go and vote for a governor that will pour cold water on the best thing to happen to them since the fractional electric motor and Kinase.
    Some gene pools never learn.

  5. steveegg

    Entirely predictable.  I wouldn’t be too surprised if, like in Pennsylvania after the Democrats took over in 2014, Foxconn completely abandons Wisconsin.

  6. dad29

    9606 is right.

  7. Merlin

    Elections have consequences and Evers is one of those consequences. Having a lower paleolithic in charge, even for just a single term, does not bode well for Wisconsin.

  8. Kevin Scheunemann


    No one wants to invest where there is no “trust”.

    By Evers making that last statement, he is saying he does not “trust” Foxconn to do the right thing.

    It sounds great to radical enivironmental Marxists, but it is the kiss of death to investors when you tell them you “don’t trust”.

    Get with the program.

    Are you so blind to your radical liberalsim?

  9. jjf

    Except Foxconn didn’t say it was due to Evers.  They said it was due to, golly, surprise, the cost of labor in the USA was so much higher than China.  As if they didn’t know this when they started to play Walker.

  10. Kevin Scheunemann


    They are not going to “burn bridges” by saying it is due to Evers.

    Are you guys for real?


  11. jjf

    They’d already backed away from promises before Evers was elected.  That’s Evers’ fault, too?

    Why would Foxconn say something so patently obvious as “labor costs are higher in China, we never noticed that before.”

  12. Le Roi du Nord

    “No one wants to invest where there is no “trust”.

    Then the US is in trouble as well.  45 is as flippity-floppity as they get.

  13. Kevin Scheunemann


    That’s why it is not about labor cost, it’s about being scared of a regulatory happy, totalitarian liberal governor.

    It’s obvious, except to blind liberals.

  14. Kevin Scheunemann


    They trust Trump to work out a deal.

    Evers does not deal. Liberals just hammer and coerce.

    Probably hard to see in your ideological blindness.

  15. Le Roi du Nord


    So you are saying the quote from Foxconn is wrong, and only you know what they really said?

    How do you know Evers doesn’t deal?  He has been in office less than a month.  Or do you have personal experience with him that you can share?

  16. Kevin Scheunemann


    In my experience liberals don’t deal…they hammer, they coerce, they dictate, they yell, they scream, sometimes they foam and drool, but they rarely negotiate in good faith.

    If Evers were to deal the foaming fever swamp left would be up in arm about it as much as Shultz running for President.

    Thank God Trump pulled this out of the fire just in past few hours! Everyone that voted for Evers should be ashamed of themselves.

  17. Le Roi du Nord

    But your life experiences are limited, both by your ideology, and lack of curiosity. You haven’t proven anything but your inability to deal with anyone with an idea or opinion differing from your own.  You need to do several things; join reality, deal with your anger issues, expand your horizons.  And quit the lying and name calling.

  18. Kevin Scheunemann


    Again, What lie?

    What name calling?

    Accurate, in context quote please.

  19. Pat

    You have to hate any person or group that acts like Trump.

    In my experience Trump doesn’t deal…he hammers, he coerces, he dictates, he yells, he screams sometimes he foams and drools, but he rarely negotiates in good faith.

  20. Merlin

    According to a Journal Sentinel headline, “After discussions with Trump, Foxxconn says it will build factory in Racine County.” Well, well, well. That went up the chain rather quickly.

  21. dad29

    Well, Trump just “hammered” Foxconn, eh?  Apparently the Reuters/Democrat story was grossly inaccurate; in fact, there are three phases to Foxconn/Racine.  NO CHANGE was envisioned for Phase 1, which will be the manufacturing component.  However, Foxconn is still not certain about what they will do with Phases 2 and 3; they are kicking around the idea of leaning those into R&D instead of more manufacturing.

    Crisis over.  Trump wins one for truth and Evers(!)

  22. jjf

    Don’t worry, Dad29, plenty of WisGOP came charging forth to blame Evers, so all is well, right?

  23. kjanz1899

    The govenor should deal with the pollution in Lake Michigan created by the MMSD.

  24. Kevin Scheunemann



    They get away because unelected bureaucrats declared Lake Michigan an “estuary”, which is fancy environmental regulatory talk for “pollute away!”

    DNR demands burbs clean to impossible, costly standards, but MMSD can dump raw sewage with impunity with little to no consequence!

    Nord never bitches about that. Going easy on MMSD will be Evers hallmark because Milwaukee is an essential constituentcy for him. So he pollutes on the very people that vote for him.

  25. Le Roi du Nord


    Can you provide that declaration for us all? And where in any environmental document, regulation, CFR, WAC, statute, guidance memo, or in your stack of used comic books is that declaration found?

    Why must you lie?  Perhaps being an abomination is your true calling.

  26. Kevin Scheunemann


    Here is an article showing the Lake Michigan estuary.

    You will not it is right where the Jones MMSD plant dumps.

    Standards for discharge into “estuaries” are far more relaxed than rivers.

    MMSD should be held to same standard since they are at mouth of river.

    You clean water types are all hypocrites until you clean up MMSD!

  27. Le Roi du Nord

    No k, here is what it describes, “the Milwaukee Estuary at Lake Michigan”.

    And your claim, “They get away because unelected bureaucrats declared Lake Michigan an “estuary”.

    Big difference, but to someone like you that avoids facts like the plague it is no surprise that you made yet another error.  You just make stuff up out of thin air hoping that folks won’t take the time to fact check you BS.  In other words, you lie a lot.

  28. Kevin Scheunemann


    The Jones plant at MMSD discharge is in “estuary” not Lake Michigan or Milwaukee river.

    Again, I’ll accept your apology.

  29. dad29

    plenty of WisGOP came charging forth to blame Evers

    It has never appeared in print, directly, but the inferences are clear:  Evers, who is dumber than a chipmunk, said something really, really, stupid in a meeting with Foxconn and Foxconn took him seriously enough to raise a red flag.

    Trump prolly told Foxconn that Evers is just a dumbass bureaucrat who didn’t know what in Hell he was talking about….

    Look at Evers’ contradictions of his own words, usually one following the other by 24 hours or less.  Somebody is telling him “Tony, that was stupid.  Walk it back” every night.

    This would be comical if it weren’t a whole State in the balance.

  30. Le Roi du Nord


    Your words, “They get away because unelected bureaucrats declared Lake Michigan an “estuary”.

    Being wrong twice doesn’t make you right.  Why not try getting smarter rather than being proven wrong time and time again?

  31. Kevin Scheunemann

    Oh nord,

    What am I wrong about?

    In context, accurate quote, please.

    We do this dance and you come up with nothing but false accusations and bitterness.

  32. Le Roi du Nord

    “They get away because unelected bureaucrats declared Lake Michigan an estuary”.

    There, I answered your question yet again.  Lake Michigan isn’t an estuary, nobody declared it as such.  You just have a poor comprehension of the written word, and try to hide your shortcomings by blaming others.

  33. Kevin Scheunemann


    For purposes of the MMSD discharge permit…where the MMSD plant discharges, it has been declared an “estuary”, to relax the discharge requirments for MMSD.

    If you deny that, you are accusing my DPW director, several DNR people, and several engineers of lying.

  34. Le Roi du Nord

    I’m not accusing you of anything other than lying, to wit; “They get away because unelected bureaucrats declared Lake Michigan an estuary”.

    Show us all any thing  that declares Lake Michigan to be an estuary..  I dare you.  You can’t even comprehend the information you provided, let alone get your point across.

  35. Kevin Scheunemann


    Now you are insulting my staff with no evidence.


  36. jjf says about the estuary area:

    The original boundaries of the AOC included the lower 5 km of the Milwaukee River downstream of North Avenue Dam; the lower 4.8 km of the Menomonee River downstream of 35th Street; the lower 4 km of the Kinnickinnic River downstream of Chase Avenue; the inner and outer harbors; and the nearshore waters of Lake Michigan, bounded by a line extending north from Sheridan Park to the city of Milwaukee’s Linnwood water intake.

  37. Kevin Scheunemann

    You guys are just too much.

    The AOC is the narrow area of the specific project inside the estuary.

    The limited scope of project clean-up area does not limit the “estuary designation”.

    I only linked to this to show you the estuary designation of that area of Lake Michigan by MMSD facility.

    Clearly I have made you both dumber for having done that. I thought you were both ready for big boy feeding, my mistake.

  38. dad29

    jjf, prove me wrong.  Murphy’s article is all the usual garblefabber.  I hope you aren’t stupid enough to think that Murphy was told every single thing Evers  said, contemporaneously.

    Or are you?

  39. Le Roi du Nord


    Two things are painfully clear in this discussion; 1) k has no clue what an estuary is, 2) he made a bogus claim, “They get away because unelected bureaucrats declared Lake Michigan an “estuary”, and now his ego won’t allow him to walk back his error.

    For the record, no where did anyone declare that Lake Michigan is and estuary.  That is a fabrication on the part of k, and in a court of law would be adjudged a lie.

  40. Kevin Scheunemann


    Then why does MMSD have relaxed discharge standards for their polluting sewer plant, relative to the insane discharge standards held upstream?

    If you answer that question, while sticking to your pontification above I will be impressed.

  41. Kevin Scheunemann


    BTW because I point out how bureaucrats contort what an estuary is to relax standards for their pals at MMSD, does not mean I agree with the contortion.

    I bitch about it while you run interference for it. Guys like you and Evers is precisely why Foxconn is getting cold feet. I would not fault them for running from unfair environmental regulators who think they have a brain.

  42. Le Roi du Nord


    Why the difference in standards, you ask?  Look into the history of the CWA, NPDES/WPDES, MMSD, CSO, deep tunnel, and the political and economic decisions made years ago as to how to handle the the municipal sewage issues  in the Milwaukee area. The “relaxed” standards you whine about are only for the CSO, not routine operation. The “insane” standards for upstream communities are a figment of your fertile and uninformed imagination rather than the facts.  You can look up all of the history, it’s all public record . And there were countless news articles, both state and national, about the MMSD, deep tunnel, and CSO.  All this material is available to you should desire to become more informed.  Your choice.

    I’m not running interference for anything.  I merely pointed out how you repeatedly misrepresent, either intentionally or because you truly don’t understand the written word (I suspect both are in play), documents, laws, and policy to further your agenda.  If you choose to be dishonest and disingenuous in your dealing with others, fine.  I don’t.

    Could you identify some of these, “unfair environmental regulators” ?  And include how you feel they have been unfair, what actions they took, how and by what standards those alleged actions were deemed “unfair”, the timeline involved with the alleged unfair actions, and who supervised those regulators.  Also include the political party in power during the time of those alleged unfair actions.  This should all be public record and easily accessible to you.

  43. Kevin Scheunemann


    I know what the reality is.

    Why is it liberals like you demand I “research” your criticism?

    That is the height of debate absurdity.

  44. Le Roi du Nord


    I didn’t ask you to research my criticism, I suggested you acquire knowledge and use facts. Why don’t you like research?  Because it will disprove all of your false claims, or because you are just lazy?

    How did you acquire all your self-proclaimed knowledge, were you born with it?  It certainly hasn’t been through experience.

    Your reality exists only in your mind.  The rest of us have to live with reality.

    A question:  Have you ever testified under oath, say at a trial, hearing, board of review, etc. ??  If so, were you as reluctant then to avoid being truthful as you are on this site?  Thanks.

  45. Kevin Scheunemann


    It is not my job to research monkey poo you throw.

    I have 100% confidence in my position that liberal environmental crazies, like yourself, don’t want the truth about the burden and cost you inflict on taxpayers for little to no benefit.

  46. Le Roi du Nord

    As the old proverb goes:
    There’s none so blind as those who will not see.
    And anytime you want to discuss the economic benefits of clean water just let me know.  There is all sorts of proven research out there that shows how clean water benefits the local and regional economy.  As an example; the walleye fishery provides $$ millions in sales of products, services, hospitality, etc to the communities surrounding the waters of Green Bay.  30 years ago this didn’t exist. Look it up if you want, facts are out there for you to see….

  47. Kevin Scheunemann

    And in your blindness you represent me as being against clean water…which is as maliciously false as what you said about my Roman Catholic position.

    (Which you have never apologized for.)

  48. Le Roi du Nord

    “liberal environmental crazies, like yourself, don’t want the truth about the burden and cost you inflict on taxpayers for little to no benefit”.

    Your words, so interpret that so that you are in favor of clean water for all.

    You are deflecting again….  Poor try.

  49. Kevin Scheunemann


    That is a term for people like yourself that demand insane environmental regulation be enforced at great cost, despite no perceptible benefit to the environment.

    The cranking down on phosphorus standard as a prime example!

    This kind of crap is why Foxconn is considering running. We have foaming crazies like yourself demanding they be punished, even before they do anything, while you excuse the ongoing pollution disgust of your liberal friends at MMSD. We call that total liberal BS.

    It is society’s biggest problem and greatest barrier to prosperity.

  50. jjf

    Dad29, you’re the one who said:

    “It has never appeared in print, directly, but the inferences are clear:  Evers, who is dumber than a chipmunk, said something really, really, stupid in a meeting with Foxconn and Foxconn took him seriously enough to raise a red flag.”

    So I’m just asking you to show me when you think this happened, and what exactly Evers could’ve said (while keeping within his powers as recently limited by the WisGOP) that could’ve affected this deal to this extent.

    As i said, it’s clear Foxconn has run away from this deal in all sorts of ways.  They know they’re taking Wisconsin for a ride.

  51. jjf

    Kevin, did I miss where you explained exactly how that Milwaukee gets a pass because of an “estuary”?

    Or for that matter, why your permits for your business are onerous?

  52. Le Roi du Nord


    Again, you are entitled to your opinion, but if you really want to discuss the facts involved with water quality in WI you will get schooled once again.  Everything you said in your last comment is opinion, not based on any fact, document, or evidence.  Your pathological narcissism and unconfined ego don’t allow you to deal with reality the way normal folks do.

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