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1137, 20 Jan 19

How Media Manipulates to Create False Outrage Narrative

Yup. It’s not as cool of a story to say, “Gillette’s vapid virtue signaling causes minor annoyance.

Outrage? Uproar? Backlash? I’d say it’s more like a hacklash. It’s journalists dealing out pretend outrage.

Lazy media reporters who are too lazy to even actually speak to people anymore are instead constructing Potemkin Villages of fake hate, fake disgust and fake outrage. They’re Contemptkin Villages. No one really lives there. The laziest hacks can build them using tweets, even tweets from anonymous Twitter accounts. Somehow these hacks are employed at places like the BBC and the Times.

The instantly infamous Gillette ad calling out “toxic masculinity” that painted males as bullies and sexual harassers certainly spurred a lot of conversation. But were dudes outraged or did they just think the ad was misguided and wrong? Men aren’t going James-McAvoy-in-“Glass” Beastmode on Gillette. They’re just saying, “I’d rather not be lectured about what a bully and a creep I am, especially by my toiletries.” The New York Times quoted an obscure Irish deejay calling the ad “condescending” on Twitter as an example of “outrage,” alongside the British chat-show host Piers Morgan saying the ad was “pathetic.” “You’re pathetic” is an expression of outrage?

The BBC claimed breathlessly, “There have been calls for Gillette to post an apology video.” There have? Click through on the source for this tidbit, and it turns out to be a Twitter user with 18 followers who also demanded that everyone at Gillette be forced to read a men’s-rights book. Sure. Later in the piece the BBC cites another supposedly angry party to the controversy. That turned out to be an anonymous Twitter user with six followers.

(Most observers readily grasped that Gillette is desperately using cynical marketing ploys to make us remember they exist. “Gillette, Bleeding Market Share, Cuts Price of Razors” ran a Wall Street Journal headline in 2017.)

“Whip up a little outrage” is an old tabloid directive — the city editor of The Post used to scream it at me across the newsroom circa 1994 — but it did depend on finding someone who matters, or at least someone who represents a lot of people who really are angry. Shameless online editors today figure that readers will click through to anything that is supposedly making anyone mad. And if the underlying story doesn’t actually contain any evidence that anyone has blown his lid, too late! Made ya click.


1137, 20 January 2019


  1. Kevin Scheunemann

    Men bad.

    I just summed up the Gillette position.

    Why would any man want to be a responsible husband and father, when liberals will just accuse them of “toxic masculinity”?

    It’s easy to take advantage of clickbait on stuff like this because liberals are so evil and beneath reproach on this, it’s hard not to be taken in by any criticism of the liberal intersectional abomination.

  2. Le Roi du Nord

    And you are just intolerant .

    You are forever calling me a liberal, but I had never even heard the term “toxic masculinity” until you brought it up.  It certainly isn’t a term used up here, must be a Washington County thing.  In this case, keep your intolerant lexicon down there.

  3. Kevin Scheunemann


    Never heard term “toxic masculinity”?

    That would make you a “cave dwelling toxic make”.

    I’m always here to give you the latest on the disgusting liberal lexicon…without clickbait.

  4. Le Roi du Nord

    There you go, calling folks names.  You just can’t help it, can you? Looks like you are certainly a creature of habit, and easy to predict.

    You want some words you never heard of, will never use, and don’t apply to you??  I can provide dozens…

  5. Kevin Scheunemann


    Just explaining, in liberal lexicon, you are not “woke” if you never heard of “toxic masculinity”.

    Not my name calling, just relaying the hyper-judgemental liberal lexicon’s name for you.

  6. Le Roi du Nord

    We don’t use “woke” up here either.  You are just a font of short-lived slang.  The English teacher in the public schools up here wouldn’t tolerate all your jingoism.

    I don’t give a hoot what made-up name you come up with today, tomorrow, or whenever.  You can’t use common English to make a point so you resort to slurs and name calling .  Just like your idol 45.  That’s why folks don’t take you or him seriously.

  7. Kevin Scheunemann


    Better get with the program.

    I’m now convinced you virtue signal without knowing it.

  8. dad29

    Somebody who actually paid close attention to that ad observed that 43 of the 44 GOOD guys were not white (or numbers to that effect.)

    Is Shick still a thing?

  9. Le Roi du Nord

    Nope, you are wrong again.

  10. Jason

    Owen, just hot off the social media presses…. “A group of high school students crowded around a planned ‘Native American March’ and started shouting racist remarks and chanting ‘Build the wall’.”

    Except the actual footage shows that the students were busy with their own thing until they got trolled by a seasoned protester with a camera crew heavily editing footage.  All on the tails of the blown Buzzfeed story.  If one media slander attempt doesn’t work, don’t worry, more will be manufactured very quickly!

  11. Le Roi du Nord

    There must be some truth to the story, as the diocese came out with this:

    “We condemn the actions of the Covington Catholic High School students towards Nathan Phillips specifically, and Native Americans in general, Jan. 18, after the March for Life, in Washington, D.C.,” the statement read.

    “We extend our deepest apologies to Mr. Phillips. This behavior is opposed to the Church’s teachings on the dignity and respect of the human person,” the statement continued.

  12. Jason

    >There must be some truth to the story, as the diocese came out with this:


    Sorry, No.  They got trolled by the same doctored video as the social media liberal doorknobs.  The kids were there, doing their thing when this professional protester / troller walked into their group with his drum.  No one shouted “BUILD THE WALL” as the troll reported.


  13. Owen

    That story has all of the trademarks of a manufactured media outrage story. Sadly, it is ruining the lives of teenagers along the way. I also think it was a convenient “look over here!” story to draw attention away from the fact that Trump is offering a deal and Pelosi is refusing to even sit at the table. The Left knows the optics on that are bad for the Democrats.

  14. Jason

    >and who doubles down on their stupidity/gullibility when such things proven not to be.


    And who takes an apology given before the story has fully broken as a “Fact”, right Leroy?  Hahaha, you were trolled on a story showing how trolls troll.

  15. Merlin

    It would appear upon further review that the racist, verbally abusive, foul-mouthed Native American tribal elder owes those Caucasian minors an apology or two.

  16. Kevin Scheunemann

    I’m waiting for Pat’s denouncement of all news outlets on Native American vs.teenager MAGA hat. That was awful fake news reporting destroying reputations of wrong people.

    Liberal intersectional victim heirarchy is to blame for excusing and enabling the awful behavior here. A Native American is allowed to be a thug in liberal lexicon. A white teenager who speaks his mind is to be crucified, no matter what. It’s awful racism by the left. Very disgusting.

  17. Pat

    “I’m waiting for Pat’s denouncement of all news outlets on Native American vs.teenager MAGA hat. ”


    Still whining and crapping your pants.
    Can’t get over the fact that you begged and pleaded for just one example of fake news on your beloved Daily Wire. I provided just one factual example, as you begged for. And now you just whine nonstop about getting what you asked for. Next time don’t beg for something your unable to accept.

  18. Kevin Scheunemann


    Your “example” was a dubious non-issue at worst, but you were generally incorrect at best.

    Even if we cede your interpretation as correct as a dubious non-issue, all the mainstream media outlets that guppied up for this crucifixtion of this teenager—-you should be swearing bloody murder by comparison and denouncing/swearing off all fake news “mainstream” outlets by comparison.

    You give these outlets a pass on far worse stuff because you want to…they agree with your anti-cobservative narrative.

    So don’t get all incredulous because I like news outlets that give a much more truthful narrative.

    I just want you to admit your hypocrisy, which is far more obvious here than the standing or sitting timeline you provided by an unverified AOL source.

    Show some outrage at liberal mainstream media that got it so wrong….

  19. Le Roi du Nord

    p to date reporting reveals that lots of folks, j, k, Owen, me, the HS admin, pretty much all the media (right or left),  got snookered on the maga kids vs Native American drummer.

    It is a teachable moment for all; use multiple sources, don’t believe the first thing you hear, don’t accuse others of the same thing you are doing.

    Carry on.

  20. Pat


    The only person who is being incredulous is you, as you’re unable to accept the “just one” factual example you pleaded for.

  21. Kevin Scheunemann


    What I can’t accept is all your heavy breathing on something very insignificant, decry the news source as tainted for all time….then looking at this story where all mainstream outlets reported fake news…and yawning.

    I want you to just say all these other outlets are tainted for you for all time, because this sin was much worse than the questionable, and debatable, insignificant issue you pointed to.

    I’m just begging for some consistency out of you…that’s all.

  22. Pat


    I’m not yawning. I’m just not following this teen / Native American incident probably as close as the frothing liberal/conservative tribes. Before I jump on the outrage wagon I’ll wait for the facts to pan out.

  23. Merlin

    Watch some of the longer, unedited videos. Those kids recognized that they were being deliberately provoked and showed some rather remarkable restraint. In the end their reaction was entirely appropriate…  they laughed and walked away.

    I find it interesting that Elder Phillips and the other bullying little vermin chose to prey on adolescents rather than grown men whose reaction to having a drum beaten in their face might have resulted in an entirely different response. Some of the more misguided lefties are now calling for a doxxing of the kids, their parents, and their parent’s employers.

    Activist lefties picking on children is a new low.

  24. jjf

    Merlin, did you look for any lefties who explicitly said “don’t dox”?

  25. Kevin Scheunemann


    Of course you are not following.

    You are insensitive to religious people being abused.

    That is why Daily Wire is great news Source. They report accurately, issues like this. Unlike godless mainstream liberel sewer media.

  26. Pat

    “You are insensitive to religious people being abused.”

    And Kevin makes another shift.

  27. Kevin Scheunemann


    As someone who went back a year to smear a news organization with in unverified, dubious hit piece over a minor standing/sitting issue….

    And then their is a huge slanderous story about these Covington Catholic kids in all mainstream outlets and you say nothing about the slander…

    What would you call yourself other than “insensitive” to these Christian kids who showed remarkable restraint in face of goading liberal godlessness?

  28. Pat

    Kevin asked, “What would you call yourself other than “insensitive” to these Christian kids”

    Pat answers, “Before I jump on the outrage wagon I’ll wait for the facts to pan out.”

    You see, Kevin, I’m not going to allow you, or anyone, to “goad” me into having to address your narrative of an event, when by all appearances it’s an evolving story.

  29. jjf

    Then there’s the problem that people will assume that anyone wearing a MAGA hat is more likely to hold racist ideas.

    Or as the Simpsons put it on a Fox News helicopter, “Not Racist, But #1 With Racists.”

    Where’s the “I blame the parents” that usually shows up when a black or poor kid does something wrong?

  30. Kevin Scheunemann

    Oh Pat,

    That is moral cowardice.   The entire incident is available everywhere to arrive at a valid conclusion about the facts.


  31. Pat

    Kevin says, “That is moral cowardice.”

    Why? Because you say it is?

  32. Kevin Scheunemann


    Because you claim to be for the “truth”, but do not speak agaisnt a pervasive lie because it serves your political needs.


  33. Pat


    And what are those political needs.

  34. Kevin Scheunemann


    To be slow and skeptical when it comes to defending Christians, because Christians are not a preferred victim group.

  35. Kevin Scheunemann



    You have just destroyed every mainstream news source for all time as a relibable source for news by embracing that article.

    Please make a list of all the liberal mainstream news sources you are prepared to rip for their awful reporting…and forever denounce.

    I look forward to it!

  36. Pat


    Grow up and be an adult, and quit acting like a perpetual victim.

    If anything I’ve destroyed every form of media that assumes itself to be a factual outlet for news. Be it CNN, Fox News, Breitbart, MSNBC, CBS, NBC, Drudge, The Blaze, Limbaugh, Dan O’Donald, Boots and Saddles, 1130, 1520, Washington Post, The Daily Wire, The American Conservative, The NYTimes, NY Post, Washington Examiner, Wallstreet Journal, Mad Magazine, and on and on.

  37. Le Roi du Nord


    Ignore him.  He just wants to stomp his foot, stick his lower lip out and pout, then gleefully  call everyone that disagrees with him names.  Immature and juvenile behavior suits him.

  38. Kevin Scheunemann


    Great, I will be an incredulous guy, making fun of you, if you, ever quote from any of those sources….

    Just so we are clear on the elitist standard you have established.

  39. Pat


    I never made fun of you. I had no idea you were such a tender, and sensitive individual. What do they call that? Oh yah, snow flake.

  40. Kevin Scheunemann


    I just wanted to be clear that any mistake, anywhere, by a news source, no matter how absurdly small and twisted, taints the news source for all time.

    Not tender, just hate elitism.

  41. Pat

    Oh Kevin,

    Filled with so much hate. My questioning your beloved Daily Wire really stuck in your craw. It wasn’t my intent to rankle your soul and get you to produce so much inner venom.

  42. Kevin Scheunemann


    I hate the elitist attitude that a good news source that favors conservative views is totally tainted, or not to be taken seriously, over one absurdly small item (which really wasn’t an issue)…while we are told we have to accept mainstream media as automatic gospel while they publish lies, fake news, and outright slander.

    I hate the double standard.

    It’s total intellectual dishonesty.

  43. Pat


    All I can say is you begged for “just one” fake news story, I gave it to you, against my better judgement knowing you wouldn’t be able to handle it, and this would be the outcome. I could give more.

    And now, it’s probably time to end this pissing match. Wouldn’t you agree.

  44. Kevin Scheunemann


    I still have a full bladder.

  45. Pat


    I’m sure you do. ;)

  46. Kevin Scheunemann


    Why don’t we judge news stories on the truth of the reporting of story at issue?

    And if we need to go back a year to smear the news source messenger, let’s consider that a good news source!

    If we can point out the news organization in last 30 days is filled with lies, fake news and propaganda, it is an awful source. (Like every mainstream outlet on Covington)?

  47. Pat

    “If we can point out the news organization in last 30 days is filled with lies, fake news and propaganda, it is an awful source.“

    That’s why I’m skeptical of any hyper biased opinion based site that purports itself a “fair and balanced” news site.

  48. Kevin Scheunemann


    Then why did you have to go back a whole year, to find something very debatable?

  49. jjf

    “Boots and Saddles?”  Now they’re into horses, too?

  50. Pat

    Kevin asked, “Then why did you have to go back a whole year, to find something very debatable?”

    Because I said The Daily Wire has had fake news. You disagreed and begged your heart out for “just one” example. I told you to research it for yourself, but you were too lazy and kept begging and pleading. There is more than one example of The Daily Wire producing fake news, but you asked for “just one”. I gave you what you begged for.

    Let me ask you. If someone linked to The Huffington Post, would you take that as a seriously reliable source?

  51. Pat

    ““Boots and Saddles?” Now they’re into horses, too?”

    Guess it should have been bootsandkittens

  52. Kevin Scheunemann


    no, because Huffington has had a lengthy history of untrue stories.

    It is drivel worse than PMSNBC.

  53. Pat

    How about TPM?

  54. Jason

    We are long past manufacturing outrage. The Washington Post and CNN both have issued numerous corrections to this story… the most recent yesterday when they correctly retracted statements that Nathan Phillips is a Vietnam Vet. The guy has spent his adult life Stealing Valor.

  55. Jason

    This just in, Nathan Phillips says “Those students shouldn’t have been there, it wasn’t the place or time for them to do those actions”.   So in his mind, he has a right to protest and take a stand… but those students did not have the same right.


    Sounds like Liberal logic to me.

  56. Kevin Scheunemann

    When you add to fact they were just waiting for the bus!

    Typical rude liberalism is personified by Phillips.

    We barely got a peep from Pat by all the horrendous leftist media slander, fraud, and disgust. No thanks for Fox News and Daily Wire correcting all the mainstream media bigotry against Christians.

  57. Pat


    I’ve already made known the opinion piece on the subject that I agree with.

  58. Kevin Scheunemann


    Yea, I did not feel the passion.   Seemed like we had to prompt and drag you to the right thing, and even then, you cannot even do it in your own words.

    I was quite underwhelmed by your response to the hate.

  59. Pat

    “I did not feel the passion. “

    So what? Sounds like that’s more your problem than mine.

  60. Kevin Scheunemann


    I get sense from you…Christians being treated horrible…”eh, so what?”


  61. Pat


    I know the kids were from a Catholic private school. But I don’t know if they were Christians. You’ve questioned in the past about the true Christianity of Catholics and Catholic doctrine.

    There was harassment, from what I’ve heard, of young women by male students, with one student yelling, “It ain’t rape if they like it”. That doesn’t sound very Christian to me.

  62. Pat

    I do think there was a total failure of the media in the lack of coverage of the Hebrew Israelites behavior.

  63. jjf

    Y’all do realize there are hundreds if not thousands of Christian preachers who use a provocative style like those Black Hebrew Israelites ?  They hang out in downtown party areas and college campuses, calling people names.  You know, like Jesus would do.

  64. Kevin Scheunemann


    So much false witness in that first response.

    1.) That line you quote of kids has been debunked, you cling to it because you are part of liberal smear machine.

    2.) I never said Roman Catholics are not Christian. I did say, “if the Pope teaches something other than Christ’s unmerited grace for salvation, he teaches something contrary to the Gospel”. Even if Pope teaches a Gospel other than Christ’s unmerited grace, many in church still cling to the true Gospel in the church.

    3.) How dare you question the heart of these kids as “Christian”. Their actions, in spades, show they are Christian. We are to assume the best unless their actions say otherwise. Do you have something more than the demonic, godless liberal false witness machine as “evidence”

    For a guy that got totally anal about minor facts on Daily Wire the other day, you made these assertions these kids are not Christian with little evidence.

    Your anti-Christian bigotry is showing…badly.

  65. Kevin Scheunemann


    Name one.

  66. Pat

    “That line you quote of kids has been debunked”
    Source of the debunk please.

    “How dare you question the heart of these kids as “Christian”.”
    I know these kids to be true Christians as much as I know Trump to be an agent of Russia.
    What I do know is they were students that attend a private school.

  67. Kevin Scheunemann


    Why don’t we start with you posting the source of your leftist news fever swamp and we can move from there.

    Onus is one you to prove this “fact” is true.

  68. Pat


    Wait, you said it’s been debunked. If it’s been debunked, it must have been reported as happening. Just provide the source that you say debunks the story. Unless your afraid.

  69. Kevin Scheunemann


    Show your source.

    There has been so much Christian hate debunked on this story…I want to see your Christian hate source first, so I am matching up with the specific hate I need to debunk.

    Should be easy for a guy like you the hyper scrutinizes his news sources for truth.

    No need to blink, just post your source.

  70. Pat


    I accept you can’t source your claim.

  71. Kevin Scheunemann


    I accept you are an anti-Christian bigot, and I will treat you as the hateful person you are from this time forward.

  72. Pat


    You’ve lied about the statement the Catholic school student made about rape being debunked. Unable to backup your lie. Bearing false witness. You’re a fake Christian. Shameful!

  73. jjf

    OK, Kevin.  Rev. Jed.  You’ve never seen this kind of preacher?  Or the “God Hates Fags” preachers?

    Why shouldn’t people be allowed to hate on Christians?  You think they should have an exemption?

  74. Kevin Scheunemann


    You are truly an awful human being.

  75. Kevin Scheunemann


    Looked at link. What is your specific issue with “Rev Jed”?

    Anyone that says “God hates Fags” is not Christian. A Christians desire is to evangelize and lead them to Christ so all sinners can be saved. So anyone that says that in ongoing unrepentance is NOT Christian.

    Are you advocating hate against Christians?

  76. Pat


    Still waiting for your source debunking what the Catholic student said about it’s not rape.

  77. Kevin Scheunemann


    If you took the time to listen, the “rape” accusation was leveled against the kids!

    Now quote your source!

    I can’t believe how awful you are. I am not even going to qualify you as a human being soon if you continue to not post your source!

    I have posted the “debunk” of your fantasy.

  78. jjf

    I’m shocked that you’d declare that these bad, hating people aren’t Christians!  No True Christian Would Do That!

    Only True Christians can use insults like “snowflake” and “libtard” and “buttercup” and “ram it up the butts of the bad guys” (oh, wait, that was Dad29 in a recent comment)!

    But Jed and Cindy and Westboro Baptist are just trying to save people in the name of Christ, aren’t they?  Are you hating on them?

  79. Pat


    I’ve searched for Catholic student stating it’s not rape if they enjoy it video, and found the video. It’s debatable if he was a student from Covington or Owensboro. But I can’t find anything about the video being debunked. Source please.

  80. Kevin Scheunemann


    I can only discern actions. If someone says “God hates fags” on an ongoing basis I would consider their faith dead. true faith desires repentance in grace of Christ so all that can be saved. That phrase desires a certain group not be saved, even if they repent.

    “Snowflake” and “buttercup” are insults? Seriously?
    Do you have a suggestion for those offended by the absolute truth of Christ? Is “godless”, or “those doing the devil’s work” better?

    I’ve never used the word “libtard” so I cannot speak for that.

    If you have a specific issue we can discuss. I do not entertain the broad brush of anti-Christian bigotry and hate from the liberal lexicon. Godless Liberalism is totally lost in the darkness of the demonic these days.

  81. Kevin Scheunemann


    I was only talking about Covington students.

    You have testimony of Covington students I posted saying they did not say that.

    Post your source, so I can tear it apart.

    Sounds like you didn’t even have a source until last post.

    I can’t believe what kind of liar you are.

  82. jjf

    What makes you think Jed and Westboro do not desire repentance so all can be saved?  The stereotype of such street preachers is them holding a sign that says “Repent!”

    Yeah, I think you used those particular insults to provoke.  Why else would you pick them?  What’s in your heart when you do that?

    I apologize for suggesting you’d use “libtard.”  What don’t you like about that insult?

    Again, what’s wrong in principle with anyone criticizing Christians?  You can use a broad brush against liberals at every turn, no matter what the topic, you connect a string on your corkboard.

  83. Pat


    I’ve never referenced Covington students. I’ve referenced Catholic students from a private school. Go ahead and do your own search, you’ll find the video.

    I’ll grant you a student from Covington said it wasn’t them, but that doesn’t debunk video evidence that it did happen.

  84. Kevin Scheunemann


    1.). God does not hate homosexuals, he desires repentance of sin and forgiveness in his grace. So a “Christian” carrying a sign that God hates the sinner vs. the sin is getting it completely wrong!

    2.) when I used “buttercup” and “snowflake” we were talking about socialists fighting over who had the bigger moose! It was hilarious how serious Nord got over my use of word “socialist” in that instance. I said “ lighten up buttercup”, and said the “snowflakes” are falling all over the place. It was an attempt to try and further the hilarity of the thread. Nord, who is completely joyless, sucked the rest of humor out of thread. So if you were insulted by “buttercup” and “snowflake”, I apologize. I will to do better, like using “delicate daisy” in the future.

    3.) I don’t have a problem with TRUTHFUL criticism of Christians. That is not what you said! You demanded “hate” against Christians. That is truly awful!

  85. Kevin Scheunemann


    Post your source!

    I cannot find it on any legitimate news source.

    I think you made this up.

  86. Pat


    Hah, good one. You have yet to post a legitimate news source. A Ben Shapiro interview with a student isn’t what I would call a factual, legitimate news source. I’ll believe what I’ve seen on the video over a Ben Shapiro interview with a high school kid.

  87. dad29

    K, Androgynous Pat is rather clumsy with the standard Lying Left technique of ‘make up a story, then challenge others to debunk.’

    Maybe when he graduates from high school he’ll have learned how to do it better.  Or maybe not.

    JJF:  While I might have enjoyed physically whacking the offender at the time, I merely reported the facts–and that resulted in dismissal from his job.

  88. jjf

    Can you give me an example of a “TRUTHFUL” criticism of Christians, and an example of “hate” against Christians?

  89. Pat


    How Trumpian if you. Don’t believe your eyes, believe what I tell you.

    Plus, Kevin is the one who said it’s been debunked without any credible sourcing.

  90. Kevin Scheunemann


    Testimony of Covington students direct is not a valid source?

    You don’t even post your “source”.

    You are beyond despicable.

  91. Kevin Scheunemann


    Example of hate against Christians: Pat.

    He intentionally spreads a lie, refuses to post his source. Worse, he a chknowledges his source is “debateable” to his version of the “facts”.

    He makes no effort at an apology for smearing students acting well surrounded by incredible, godless, liberal hate.

    His anti-Christian bigotry is hateful, despicable, and demonic.

    Is that a good enough example of “hate “ against Christians?

  92. Pat


    There is video that shows a student making the statement about “it’s not rape…” There is a student that said it wasn’t a Covington student to Ben Shapiro. Is there a legitimate news outlet that disputes the video??

  93. Kevin Scheunemann

    Post the source!

    Even if this was a non-Christian student saying this (which I question with hyper scrutiny as you are willing part of the godless, demonic, liberal lynch mob.)…how does that translate to all the Christian students acting very well in face of all the liberal evil????

    We cannot establish the facts because you are too despicable, as an anti-Christian bigot, to post your source!

  94. Pat


    Are you saying there is no video of a student making the “it’s not rape…” statement.

  95. Kevin Scheunemann


    I’m waiting for you to post the source, to make sure we are talking about same thing.

    You just keep being a jerk about disclosing your source.

    What is your problem with disclosure of your source?

    Afraid of the godless, hate-filled, liberal fever swamp web sit you have to link to?

  96. jjf

    So we can’t tar all Christians with the same brush, but you can do it to liberals?

  97. Pat


    You said the video was debunked. So you have already acknowledged that it does exist. Why back peddle now?

  98. Kevin Scheunemann


    Been debunked by testimony of 4 Covington students, which I posted.

    They said the “rape” insult was being hurled at them by the obnoxious liberal protestors getting in their face.

    Post your source!

    Just when I think you cannot get any more despicable…then there it is.

  99. Kevin Scheunemann


    I’m saying if you claim someone is “Christian” and they are doing unChristian things, no, you cannot tar all Christians with that.

    The “Christian” would need to be corrected. (However, that is difficult in liberal lexicon because calling anything evil is “hateful” according to Nord). If the unChristian behavior continues unrepentant, and correction fails, you can then question whether they are Christian.

  100. Pat


    Is disputable anything like deplorable?
    No, you acknowledged the video of the student saying, It’s not rape if you enjoy it. Look the video clip up yourself. But if your too lazy, that’s your problem.

  101. Kevin Scheunemann

    I acknowledged a “rape” statement was debunked.

    I have demonstrated that the statement was made by “black Hebrew Israelites” from direct testimony of Covington students.

    If you have something else…POST YOUR SOURCE.

    Your position is ridiculous, despicable, and demonic.

    All you have done is smear good people who happen to be Christian with no posted evidence.

    You are so reprehensible, I think I need a shower just conversing with you.


  102. Kevin Scheunemann

    Minute 7-9 of hour 3

  103. Pat


    All I did was give you a google search as you were too lazy to do it yourself.

    Are you denying that there is video of a student making the statement, It’s not rape if you enjoy it??

    Again, I tend to agree with the op-Ed that was in The American Conservative about the incident.

    I pointed out the un-Christian behavior of a student at the protest. There is video, the student said it, and it was a very un-Christian thing to say. But kids have a tendency to say and do stupid things. As a person who employs kids, you should know this better than most.

    If you want to make something bigger out of it, be my guest.

  104. Kevin Scheunemann


    There is debate whether that was a student of another school, or a black Hebrew Israelite.   You still have not posted a SPECIFIC source.

    Even if it was a student of anther school, why do you smear all Christians and the Covington kids with the comment?

    Even if this was a student, which we are NOT sure about, making the comment, and even if this was  a Christian from another school, Christians will say that comment is unacceptable and awful.

    Why do you smear all Christians?

    Have liberals, celebrities, and media said the black Israelite Hebrews were racist, awful, and despicable?  No?    The liberal smaear machine manage to shut Covington high School down with threats over their students acting VERY Christian.   Will Black Hebrew whatevers apologize and sat their behavior is worng…of course not.

    That is the part you fail to cover, instead, you want to smear kids BECAUSE you are Christian.

    Christians have a standard for civil society, godless liberals clearly demonstrate thet don’t!!!!!



  105. Pat

    Kevin said, “Even if it was a student of anther school, why do you smear all Christians and the Covington kids with the comment?”

    The student was from Owensboro Catholic school, and was attending with the Covington students.

    Your allegation of me attacking Christians is a fallacy made up by you, once again bearing false witness against me. Very un-Christian of you.

    I indicated that the Students were from a Catholic private school. I indicated the un-Christian comment made by a individual. I made no assumption as to what degree they were Christians. As far as I’m concerned they are just a bunch of privileged private school elitist kids that should have been better chaperoned by the adults.

  106. Kevin Scheunemann


    Given the wide range of behaviors here, the fact you choose to focus denouncing and smearing the Christians says a lot about you….and it is awful given the much more awful behavior you ignore and the great behavior of the Christians in dealing with the awful liberals you dismiss.



  107. Pat


    I have neither denounced, nor smeared, Christians. I focused on behavior versus ideology. Again you lie and bear false witness, which is very un-Christian like behavior.

  108. Kevin Scheunemann

    I’m just glad we have President Trump inviting these poor, smeared, Covington kids to White House, because the quality of mercy, defending good, and denouncing evil, is lost on you.

  109. Pat

    I hope they enjoy going to the White House. Maybe Trump will treat them to some hamberders.

  110. Le Roi du Nord

    “I never said Roman Catholics are not Christian”.

    Another falsehood from the pro.  That claim was debunked over a year ago.  k just makes stuff up as he goes, and uses a highly selective memory to do so.  No surprise there.

  111. Kevin Scheunemann



  112. Le Roi du Nord

    k. scheunemann; Boots and Sabres, multiple citations; 2016-2018.

  113. Kevin Scheunemann


    Can’t find any?

    Direct link?

    What I did say is: If someone preaches a Gospel other than Christ’s unmerited grace for salvation, they teach a Gospel that is not Christian.

    I firmly believe many Roman Catholics embrace Christ’s unmerited grace for salvation.

    So an accurate, in context, direct quote opposing my long held position, proving your slanderous accusation would be appreciated.

    Or an apology.

    Your choice.

  114. Le Roi du Nord

    So you deny your past statements .  So biblical.

  115. Kevin Scheunemann


    I deny your slanderous liberal media fantasy.

    I suggest you put up or apologize.

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