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1015, 06 Jan 19

Elizabeth Warren Is Not A Person Of Color

In case you had any doubt.

Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren on Saturday defended her decision to take a DNA test to prove Native American ancestry, though she insisted that ‘I am not a person of color.’


During an exchange with voters in Iowa, she was asked about the DNA test.

Warren said that she initially claimed Native American ancestry because she grew up in Oklahoma, where many people trace their roots to indigenous cultures.

‘My decision was to put it all out there,’ Warren said.

She never has apologized for throwing her supposedly racist grandparents under the bus.


1015, 06 January 2019

1 Comment

  1. Kevin Scheunemann

    Not a person of color?

    Wow that puts her at the bottom of the liberal lexicon in terms of victim heirarchy, next to white males.

    Not her ideas, not her charachter, but simply because she is a white woman.

    Liberalism is sick and perverse.

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