Evers Floats Making 1st Time Drunk Driving Offense a Felony

In a wide-ranging article by the Associated Press comes this little gem.

Evers told WISC-TV that he’s open to criminalizing first-offense drunken driving, something he also said during the campaign. Wisconsin is the only state where a first offense is a traffic infraction and not a crime.

“We have to find ways to make that first offense more meaningful to the offenders so they don’t offend again or don’t offend the first time,” Evers said. “Whether that’s making it a felony or not, I’m not sure.”

There are a lot of folks who think that Wisconsin should criminalize a 1st time drunk driving offense, but I haven’t heard anyone suggest that it should be a felony. So Evers would put someone in prison, deprive them of their vote, and make them marginally employable for the rest of their lives for a first time drunk driving offense? That’s pretty harsh.

Of course, if you read the whole article, you will realize that Evers says a lot of wacky stuff with little thought behind it. His statements reveal that he has little grasp of how state government actually works and has not invested much thought in many issues. Does he know the difference between a felony and a misdemeanor? How does he reconcile criminalizing 1st time drunk driving offenses with reducing the prison population?

No. I suspect he just says stuff without the burdensome process of thinking.