Compromise vs. Gridlock

Eh, from my perspective, Hintz has this almost completely backwards.

“It’s fresh, it’s pretty significant and it’s pretty toxic,” Hintz said. “The best-case scenario (going forward) is compromise and the worst case scenario is gridlock.”

Compromise for the sake of compromise only benefits the politicians. We actually elect those politicians to advance the policy objectives that we support. It is through the contest of competing interests that we try to advance those policies.

At this stage in Wisconsin’s history, we are at the tail end of a tremendous period of conservative policy advancement because the voters kept electing conservatives to office. Now the voters are taking a different path and have elected a liberal to be governor, but still elected conservatives to run the legislature.

As one of those conservatives who reelected conservatives to represent me, I expect them to continue to advance conservative policies where they can, and protect those that have already passed. Given that Governor Evers is unlikely to sign conservative legislation, gridlock sounds like the order of the day. The legislature is not obligated to pass a single liberal initiative, nor is Evers obligated to sign any conservative initiatives.

And, thankfully, the State of Wisconsin’s budget process does not allow for a shutdown. If the legislature fails to pass a budget, the current budget just continues on at current spending and taxing levels. Frozen spending and taxes sound pretty awesome to me – especially if the alternative is to compromise with the liberals by increasing spending and taxes, even if not as much as they would like.