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1929, 20 Nov 18

Evers Recommits to Replace Jobs Agency

Yes. Only government knows how to do economic development. More jobs for bureaucrats.

Gov.-elect Tony Evers said Tuesday that after taking office he will propose to dissolve Gov. Scott Walker’s public-private jobs agency, the Wisconsin Economic Development Corp.


“I think it’s important that economic development be part of state government rather than a public-private partnership,” Evers said.


1929, 20 November 2018


  1. MHMaley

    2 states pledged $2.8 Billion in assistance and get 50,000
    Jobs that pay $150k from Amazon .
    Wisconsin pledges $4 Billion for 13,000 jobs that pay $50K.
    From Foxcomm .

    At least the other states understood the market for Government subsidies .
    Wisconsin is the classic case of getting in trouble for a job pledge by a Governor and the legislature going along as they get their pants pulled
    Down in public by a classic overpay .

  2. jjf

    I think it’s in response to Fitz and Vos threatening to limit his ability to appoint to that body.

    Given WEDC’s track record, I’m not impressed with the abilities of Walker’s appointees.  These Bidness folks sure didn’t seem to care about Bidness.  It was about pork and rewarding campaign contributors and making photo ops, but I repeat myself.

    “Yeah, we cut a deal with Kimberly Clark, but we can’t show it to legislators before they vote on it.”  Seriously?  That’s the way you want government to work?

  3. dad29

    50,000 Jobs that pay $150k from Amazon .

    Warehouse labor is $150K/year these days?


  4. Paul

    It’s more Mark Maley drunk math.

    Hope your liver survives the holiday, fatty.

  5. MjM

    “‘But the fact of the matter is, it’s things like this is where we’re going to grow jobs,’ Evers added, referring to the Sherman Phoenix project.”

    Oh yes! Full time, high wage, family supporting jobs. Just like Foxconn!

    For example, be sure to visit The Lash Factory, “full service lash extension salon”. After that, complete yerself at oh-so unique Theresa Do My Nails, only the 1,564,831st nail studio in the Milwaukee Metro area!

    If you need a personal boost, get yerself to Maximizing Potential, which “provides personalized services for individuals and organizations to aggrandize within their realm of possibilities”, and if that seems too intimidating, calm yerself just down the hall at Honeybee and Sage Apothecary, “a healing center that offers massage, reiki, and yoni steaming, as well as a metaphysical healing gift shop”.

    Finally, after a hard day of self arting and metaphysical healing, you’re sure to be starved, so help pay for all those $53,000/yr jobs at Sherman Phoenix – just like Foxconn! – and head on over to Lush Popcorn for handfuls of “locally-sourced, simple, organic, natural” puffs of corny goodness (local winos will be sure to enjoy the “liquor infused” variety”), and wash them down while getting your fifth caffeine fix of the day at the even-more unique SHINDIG Coffee, only the 2,632,758th coffee shop in the Milwaukee Metro area, where they guarantee “all the love you can fit inside a cozy space”


    All that for a mere investment of $5,250,000. Or, $107,000 per low-wage, mostly part-time job.

    Not at all like Foxconn,

    Evers is a moron.

    And thank God for the GOP legislature.

  6. MHMaley

    I’m 38 years sober with perfect liver functions and only a few concussions from college football and Golden Gloves .
    I’d love to meet for coffee some time

  7. dad29

    Putting aside the likelihood that Amazon loses money on every sale–but makes up for it with Gummint grants and tax-rebates…..

    I’m sure you read ALL of that story, including the part where Sheehy pointed out that manufacturers (Foxconn) generate FAR more total jobs than do distributors, or even ‘second HQ’ (whatever the Hell that is) locations.

    Since most people reading this blogsite understand supply-chain and value-added economics, it’s not necessary to run through that material for most.

    But there are some…..

  8. Jason

    >But there are some…

    And you and I both know they will continue posting nonsense and proving their lack of common sense.

  9. MjM

    Some other things to consider…

    NY/NYC offered $3billion for an Amazon investment of $3billion. VA offered $2.2billion for an Amazon investment of $2.5billion. WI/Racine offered $3.8 billion for a Foxconn investment of $10 billion.

    VA’s deal includes spending $1billion on additions to Virginia Tech, and is not tied to any job creation/investment requirement.

    NY/NYC’s deal deal includes taking land that was planned for 1,300 low income housing units, bypassing state and local regulatory controls and impact reviews.

    Amazon has promised to create 25,000 jobs at $150,000/yr by 2030 in both NYC and Chrystal City, VA. The average salary at Amazon’s Seattle HQ is currently $95,000, and there are 43,000 total workers, including warehouse.

    Neither of the two deals are contractual. They are merely proposals at this point. Local NYC officials have vowed court challenges.

    Foxconn is opening four inovation centers in WI; Green Bay, Eau Claire, Milwaukee, and Racine. The cost of acquisitions, renovations, and startup of the properties in each city are extraneous to the WI/Foxconn deal. That is, these Foxconn investments do not count as part the original $10 billion investment promise and garner no state credits. Nor is the $100million Foxconn pledged to UW.

    The question I have is, how will Amazon fulfill it 50k job promise? Will they be pure new hires? Or will they be moved/consolidated from the existing small Amazon tech centers that dot the states? It would seem silly for Amazon to keep it’s 2500 employees in D.C. when they can just drive the five miles down to Chrystal City. It may be just as silly to keep the 1200 in Boston, too. And the 1800 already in NY… will they count as ‘new’ at the new NYC HQ? In all, Amazon has roughly 18,000 employees in 17 tech centers across North America. I suspect the majority of those would be transferred.

  10. dad29

    Well, it’s clear to the usual Bolsheviks that the Foxconn deal is the worst deal ever, in the entire universe.  Don’t bother them with facts, please.

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