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1002, 15 Nov 18

Evers Promises Massive Spending Increase

As expected.

MADISON (WKOW) — Governor-elect Tony Evers is remaining confident he will increase funding for Wisconsin public schools by 10 percent despite GOP leaders having doubts.

Evers proposed a $1.4 billion education budget as the State Superintendent back in September when state agencies submitted their spending plans.

It’s a proposal he hopes to keep as the next governor even though GOP leaders, Assembly Speaker Robin Vos, and Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald didn’t seem confident last week. Speaker Vos shot down the proposal assuming it would only work if there was a massive tax increase to pay for it.

“It literally cannot be accomplished without either taking from some to give to another or a massive tax increase,” said Vos last week when speaking to reporters.

Evers said while visiting hundreds of students at a vocational training center in Coloma that it’s “reasonable.”

“My goal is to go forward with the budget I have… it’s property tax neutral,” said Evers.

Once again I will point out the intellectual bankruptcy of increasing spending on education for the sake of increasing spending on education. Spending on education has become a proxy for actually doing something and is a crutch used by politicians of both sides who have nothing real to offer.

People: “What are you going to do to improve education?”

Politician: “Spend more of your money on it!”

People: “How will that improve educational outcomes?”

Politician: “YOU HATE KIDS!”

And around we go…

In other news, notice the language by Evers… “property tax neutral…” The state doesn’t even have a property tax anymore. Education is funded with sales and income taxes. Let’s hope that Vos and Fitz remain strong and loyal to the voters in their districts who elected them.


1002, 15 November 2018


  1. jjf

    And your plan to fix the problems in the public schools is to defund them, right?

  2. Le Roi du Nord

    “Education is funded with sales and income taxes”.  And local property taxes, but the ability to increase the levy has been eroded by the current administration, especially smaller rural districts.  School boards have been put between a rock and a hard place; they can’t raise the levy, and decreasing state funds (until walker realized folks really didn’t think he was the “education governor”).

    And at one time criminal forfeitures went in the school fund.  But with the recent lack of enforcement at the state level no doubt that dried up as well.

  3. dad29

    Publik screwels have a purpose.  They are there to make private and voucher schools look very good, and the publik screwels do that very well, indeed.


  4. jjf

    Why don’t you just step forward and change the state Constitution to eliminate the public schools and obligation for public education?

  5. jk

    Pls change your blog post as Wisconsin does have a property tax. Your words “Wisconsin does not even have a property tax anymore” is incorrect. You might mean Wisconsin is at its limit on property tax (which is good) and can’t raise those types of taxes. Also, note I have lots of property in Wisconsin and tax bills on such are sent to me every year. In detail, those bills break down where the money goes on those slips. Much of my property tax bill does go to education, both local public schools and vocational schools.

  6. jk

    Here is the education mistake in Wisconsin: I sent in a Public Records request for staffing at a local elementary school (picked at random). This was 3 weeks ago. The school has 384 kids attending with 52 staff. “Staff” means any/all full time, part time and any contractors. Teachers, janitors, admin., cooks, etc.. – everyone. They had no contractors, just noting. Thus, it comes out to 7.4 full-time employees PER STUDENT. (I took part-timers, divided by 2, to get 1 full-time position).  The school is loaded with admin. and other additional staff members simply not needed to provide a good education for our children. Even if you have 20 kids per class you would only need about 19 teachers.  Add in Principal, secretary, counselor, 3 janitors, 5 cooks and you’re still only up to 30. Add 4 more just for flexible schedules and extra staff – still only up to 34.  Showing our schools are WAY overstaffed, we are spending way too much on education, not enough.

  7. Le Roi du Nord

    New math?   Using your numbers this is .135 FTE staff per student.  Or 7.4 STUDENTS per staff.

  8. jjf

    JK, can you tell us what you believe would be an appropriate number of staff people for an elementary school in Wisconsin, and how you derived that number?

  9. Jason

    jjf, you and your cuckold from the North are such boors.   He’s busy correcting typos… you’re busy not comprehending what jk wrote.  I’m not an english major, but I’m pretty damned sure he already did what you asked.  My goodness, you are DENSE.


    BTW, can you tell us your acceptable number  of staff people for an elementary school in Wisconsin, and how you derived that number?

  10. jjf

    It’s JK making the claim that he knows how many should be there.  I’m asking him to show his work.

    Why the personal insults, Jason?  Lack of ammo?


  11. Jason

    > I’m asking him to show his work.

    He did.  Scroll up and read dumbass.

    >Why the personal insults, Jason?  Lack of ammo?

    Insulting trolls is not personal.


    Hmmm, looks like you missed this as well, maybe you can be a big boy and do some work?

    BTW, can you tell us your acceptable number  of staff people for an elementary school in Wisconsin, and how you derived that number?


  12. jjf

    Again, JK is making the assertion, not me.  On what basis can he decide how many people should be working at a school?  JK is trained in this?  Can quote a reference that these armchair numbers make any sense in the real world?

    To wit, looking a list of all part-time people and assuming they’re all 20 hours is a stretch.  If they were only ten hours a week, he’s already off by a factor of two, right?  He could be even more wrong.  Are some seasonal?

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