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1453, 11 Nov 18

Thank you, Veterans

100 years ago today, the guns fell silent all across Europe as the final cease fire went into effect. Today, we remember the veterans of that bloody war and all of the veterans who have served, in peace and war, before or since.

To all of you who were willing to make the ultimate sacrifice for our liberty… THANK YOU.


1453, 11 November 2018


  1. Kevin Scheunemann

    There is an ice cream establishment in Kewaskum and Jackson giving away a free regular blizzard, or regular sundae to veterans today.

    Thank you for your service! I will never let anti-American liberals tear down the sign advertising free ice cream to vets on Veterans Day, despite more calls this week for it to come down!

  2. Pat

    Applebee’s: Free meal. Choose one of seven entrees.

    Buffalo Wild Wings: Free small order of traditional or boneless wings with a side of fries Sunday.

    Texas Roadhouse: Free lunch for service members on Veteran’s Day

  3. Kevin Scheunemann

    Good for those 3 local restaurants.

    Hopefully they do not have liberal nutjobs demanding their free meal signs to veterans have to come down….I pray for Tolerance from liberals every day.

  4. Pat

    I checked around and couldn’t find any protests this year against giving veterans free food on Veteran’s Day. Hopefully Dairy Queen had a peaceful ice cream giveaway this year.

  5. Pat

    Sounds like a real danger zone over there. Be safe!

  6. Kevin Scheunemann


    You would figure liberals would praise me for having established a “safe space” if requested.   For some reason, liberals, all of a sudden, hate the concept of “safe space” as I provide it.

  7. Pat

    “You would figure liberals would praise me for having established a “safe space” if requested.”

    You’d think. But maybe there aren’t any liberals that go to your Dairy Queen fast food dispensary. This is the red WOW area of the state. Either way, be strong my patriotic friend.

  8. MHMaley

    Nice job Kev.
    The President couldn’t take advantage of your offer because
    He beat the draft 5x ( the last 2 for “bone spurs ).
    Plus , it was possible it might rain- the reason he didn’t honor
    The WWI vets . (Does hair dye run in the rain ?)
    Not sure what the excuse is for him not visiting the troops he loves so
    Much in 2 years in office Or him not going to Arlington today .

  9. Paul

    You were hiding out at Indiana State, chickenshit.

    So fuck off.

  10. jjf

    What’s your alma mater, Paul?

  11. Pat

    Let me guess……Romper Room!

  12. jjf

    They encouraged civil behavior on Romper Room.

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