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2314, 23 Oct 18

Bernie Evers Wants $15 Minimum Wage


MacIver News Service | Oct. 22, 2018

By Bill Osmulski and Chris Rochester

MILWAUKEE – Tony Evers stole Bernie Sanders’ socialist spotlight in Milwaukee on Monday when he told supporters that when it comes to the minimum wage “we’re going to $15 an hour minimum. Minimum.”

Sanders was in Milwaukee to rally the Democrat base around the party’s top candidates in next month’s election. Tony Evers, Gwen Moore, Randy Bryce, Tammy Baldwin, and Mandela Barnes were all there at the UWM student union. Several hundred people attended.

Given the location at one of the UW System’s top universities, Evers thought it was also a good time to admit being on the board of regents is “the worst part of my job.”

Nothing says “economic growth” like bone-crushing government regulations.


2314, 23 October 2018


  1. Kevin Scheunemann

    That will destroy jobs in my organization, starting with kids I employ with disabilities to make dilly bars.

    At $15/hour, it is not even a close decision…. it is more cost effective to let machine make them at the Wells Dairy manufacturer rather than in store.

    Why does Evers hate the disabled?

    I am tired of mean spirited, anti-humanity socialism. Hasn’t socialism killed and hurt enough people the last 100 years?

    Liberals should all apologize for their mean and disgusting policy proposals.

  2. jjf

    The real question is, Kevin, how little do you think you should pay someone to make a Dilly Bar?  How low can you go?

  3. Kevin Scheunemann


    Depends on skill and production of person doing it.

    For me, if someone is very productive(the best silly maker) at $10/hour it starts to be more cost efficient to stop producing in store and bias toward manufacturing. (The machine).

    You want to take those opportunities away from those with disabilities with this proposed killer liberal regulation?

    Many DQ operators in high minimum wage states have already ceased production in store on this item.
    I find that disgusting. They have let these workers go because opportunity has been destroyed by insane liberals.

    Some of them did it years ago now and find it “quaint” I still offer this opportunity. Being in a liberal totalitarian state makes you hard because of the awful liberal environment.

  4. Kevin Scheunemann


    So question remains, why does Evers hate the disabled and wants to make it impossible to employ these workers?

    I find that just plain evil, to rob opportunity from the disabled.

  5. jjf

    I didn’t say anything about the price of your product – presumably keyed to what the market will bear.  Obviously your business will make more money if you could get people to make Dilly Bars for five cents an hour.  Why not?

  6. Kevin Scheunemann


    It is not just about the price of product market will bear.

    It is about the PRODUCTIVITY, work ethic, ability and skill set of the person making the product!

    Someone who can make 30 dilly bars an hour is not as valuable as someone who can do 100/hour.

    If the person with disabilities is capable of only making 30/hour, you cannot pay them like they make 100/hour.

    That is the part you liberals just do not get.


  7. Pat


    How much an hour do you pay a person with disabilities to make dilly bars, and how many an hour do they average?

  8. Kevin Scheunemann


    That varies.

    She gets $7.50 per how, PLUS 50 cents commission for every tray she dips (13 dilly bars).

    Some days she gets 3 trays done in 3 hours, some days she gets 21 trays done in 3 hours.   Depends on the issues in her home life, which are marginal from time to time.    (As an employer, I would have NO TOLERANCE for that at $15/hour, I would just discharge rather than “roll with the issue”.)

    This is the uber evil with minimum wage, it completely screws those with job skills on the margin…for whatever reason.

    Liberals have no soul or compassion when it comes to their greed on this issue.

  9. Kevin Scheunemann

    Why don’t you guys answer the question.

    Why does Evers hate the disabled?   Why has he declared total war on the most vulnerable in our society?

  10. Pat

    “Why does Evers hate the disabled?”

    You would have to pose that question to Evers. I doubt any of us could, or should, answer for him.

  11. Kevin Scheunemann

    …but there are plenty of liberals here that cheer his hateful policy.

    I’d like to understand the motivation of evil here.

  12. MjM

    Kevin, God bless you for continuing to offer this person a chance at dignity, normalcy,  and self respect and reliance.

    While the lefties that haunt this board stalk your every post, yammering on contemptuously and inane, you are out there walking the walk.

    You are a better man than me.

    Kevin wonders: I’d like to understand the motivation of evil here.

    Like all liberal policies, nothing more than predictable scripted pandering for power through low-info votes.


  13. jjf

    You miss my point, Kevin.  I asked how little you would pay for someone to make Dilly Bars.  I’d say it was implied in my statement that someone would indeed be capable of making Dilly Bars, in much the same way that you imply that the disabled are capable of making Dilly Bars.

    So if you could pay someone of sufficient ability only five cents an hour, would you do it?

    That’s some wild variability in productivity – one tray an hour versus seven trays an hour.  Why not just fire her?

  14. Kevin Scheunemann


    Why don’t I fire her?

    1.) Because she is suffering some challenges in her home life that is no fault of her own. (In fact, it is a social service problem with approving some unworthy adoptive parents.). To live in grace of Christ is to be mindful of issues like this with staff. To treat them with compassion when these issues arise.

    2.) Because I need her. Dilly Bars do not make themselves!

    If Evers shifts this equation to $15/hour, I move to the technology to make Dilly Bars. It will take 1/2 second to decide. At $15/hour you take the ability of the boss to grant any grace, on the job, for life issues out of equation and make the boss hardened to the economic reality—-that he has to squeeze every last drop of productivity out of only good employees, every minute, just to keep organization solvent. The boss no longer has room to teach marginal employees, whether by disability, lack of work experience, or marginal work ethic how to be an effective staff member on the team. They have to be effective right out of the gate.

    You strip opportunity for the most vulnerable! This is what is happening in Seattle right now!

    Being a hardened jerk is something liberals may strive for, I don’t want liberal economic insanity force me to be a hardened jerk of a boss. If $15/hour is a reality, the bottom 1/3 of my staff is fired…..they are not even close to being worth that in productivity today.

  15. Merlin

    Dealing with human foibles is a significant part of employing people. Every employee has a constantly running meter in terms of value to a business; some days your value is higher than others and occasionally your value doesn’t even rise to the level of your compensation. If you employ people this is just a fact of your work life.

    If you subscribe to the theory that people are to be lead while objects and processes are to be managed, you tend to see an employee as having more value than the desk they use, the chair they sit on, or the computer they use. You’re also capable of determining how much your business can absorb a loss of employee value due to such things as alcoholism, substance abuse, domestic issues, absenteeism, etc., while waiting for events to resolve allowing an employee’s value to return. With leadership comes a degree of personal investment and discretion often not given the recognition it deserves.

    Asking Kevin how little he would pay a disabled employee is beyond insulting. A better question would be asking Kevin how much he’s willing to have his business absorb to help a disabled person…  and then not being judgmental about the amount of giving.

  16. jjf

    Kevin injected the disabled employee, not me.

    I asked how little he’d pay someone, if he could.  He hasn’t answered yet.

    It’s a simple question.  If he could get a capable Dilly Bar maker for five cents an hour, would he hire them?

    Somehow Kevin’s Christ-like nature swings quickly from “NO TOLERANCE” for employees with home-life issues to cheerfully employing the challenged.

    Eight-ten cents of assembly labor cost on a $1.49 item, but he’s also willing to accept 57-60 cents assembly labor cost because he’s a nice guy.  At that point, though, it’s charity, not business.  I imagine he wants to keep costs around 30 cents total.

    I don’t know if the demand for Dilly Bars is so great that his operation could have one person doing it as their full job.  I doubt it.  He’d probably prefer to hire someone who could do many different tasks including that one.

    It’s crass hyperbole to suggest that Evers “hates the disabled” and wants to wage “total war” on charity.

    How many of Kevin’s employees are on some form of public assistance?  Who pays for that?

  17. Merlin

    You really do not want to eliminate the ability of any business to be charitable, no matter the reasoning behind, the form of, or the amount of the charitable giving. The grace of giving cannot be forced. Be happy it still exists.

  18. jjf

    Which verse in the NT talks about limiting charity to Dilly Bar profitability?

  19. MjM

    Jiffy sniffs:  If he could get a capable Dilly Bar maker for five cents an hour, would he hire them?

    What an asinine question.  Kevin would not be able to “get” someone at that wage because, federal min wage requirements aside,  nobody would take the job,  dumbass.  Not even a disabled person.

    Can you figure out why or do you need to be schooled again?

    Jiffy wiffs: Which verse in the NT…,

    Correction:  dumbass and jackass.


  20. Kevin Scheunemann


    When you say I swing from grace to “no tolerance”, that was difference between today’s minimum wage and the absurd level of $15/hour. Go back and re-read.

    The higher you push minimum wage the less grace, accommodation, flexibility, and patience one can show employees on margins of society.

    Expectation will rise, destroying marginal employee positions.

    Jobs for the disabled being many of them those positions.

    My top staff member makes $15/hour now, so how fair is it that lesser skilled employees should be at her level? (Or should I be forced to move her to $22.50 an hour?). That would be a 50+% increase in labor costs. At current dynamics, I would be out of business in 3 months increasing labor costs that much.

    So it needs to come from somewhere.

    1.) massive price increase
    2.) cutting open hours, which is cutting staff
    3.) cutting staff
    4.) investing in technology to have more automation (which is really cutting staff)

    I do not see consumers raising their hand for price increases, so cutting staff is 3 out of 4 options to keep organization solvent.

    Insane. I openly detest liberal idiocy.

  21. MaxwellsEQs


    It is hard to say how raising the minimum wage will affect your business. It is possible that the increased wages will stimulate the economy and you will make more money. Or that with the increased labor costs, corporate will have no choice but to reduce the franchise fee so that you make the same amount of money.

    Are you worried about going out of business? If you go out of business you can always take a menial position for low wages provided you are willing to work. If you would not like such an arrangement, is it fair to criticize others for attempting to change their position?




  22. Kevin Scheunemann


    That was the most condescending, insulting, thing I have ever read.

    1.) corporate is never going to reduce franchise fees, you are foaming insane if you think that is even an option.

    2.) you claim it will stimulate the economy, but it may not for the industry I am in. That is speculation that does not hold in the Seattle case. Many restaurants have been driven out. Non-chain restaurants have been hit more by Seattle disaster..

    3.) I am always in the position of going out of business. If traffic flow dips or goes backwards, for whatever reason, there is always that danger. It’s called risk of being a business owner. That realization always drives one to continue to improve the business especially in a hyper competitive industry like mine.

    If jerky liberals drive me out of business by destroying the wage budget, I would never have to take a “menial” pay job because my skill set is very valuable to a ton of companies. I know the hand to hand combat of driving sales, managing all kinds of staff, fixing equipment, and dealing with crisis. Even my top staff will admit my skill and Leadership ability far exceeds their skill set by a ton. At age of 24, I was not worth what I am today in terms of skill set. It comes with wisdom and experience. So your insulting implication it would be good to force me out of business and force me to take a “menial” job is very disgusting. I would never have to take a “menial” job because my skill set is more valuable. And then you will argue, “”what if only menial jobs are available?” My response would be, “I would start another business then even if it means risking everything I own”. That is difference between leaders and those just putting in their time at their job, with no dedication beyond the minimum expected effort.

    It interests me to see the minds of liberal evil at work here. Wishing I’ll and disaster on others. As well Those declaring total war on the most vulnerable in society.

    Try to be less reprehensible in the future. I don’t get too worked up usually, but I viewed your comment with the ultimate immoral disdain.

  23. MaxwellsEQs


    I apologize, I did not mean to offend you so. I only wished to provoke you a little to understand your point of view. You believe that you are better than other people. I do not doubt that you are very good at your job and could be succeed in other endeavors as well.

    It was only my wish that you might imagine the perspectives of other people. I will try and be less “reprehensible”, because my purpose is to change the way you think about things and not to offend you.

    Whatever you think about the minimum wage law or what it should be, I do not feel it is fair to call the people you disagree with as evil destroyers. They merely disagree with you.

    P.S. Please do not be offended by the statement “You believe that you are better than other people.” We all believe that we are better than some people, but your political beliefs clearly imply that you believe that you are much more important in a away that is unique.


  24. Le Roi du Nord

    I learned something new today; that “grace” is related to the minimum wage.

    “The higher you push minimum wage the less grace……”.

  25. Kevin Scheunemann


    I do not believe I am “better than other people”.

    When one makes an economic argument that you hope I have to take a job below my skill set and experience would command in the marketplace, that is just absurd.  In this land of opprotunity, if anyone is not being paid what he/she feels they are worth, they can always quit their job and become a business owner and risk everything, including having to endure below minimum wage pay to try and make their business work.

    In my experience, I encourage nearly all of my employees to think about becoming a DQ franchisee.  Do you want to know what the near universal knee jerk response is?  “Hell no, are you nuts?”   They see the “crap” (They perceive it as that, I see it as another mountain to climb) I have to put up with day in and day out, equipment breaking on a weekend, employees not showing up to work, liberal lunatics trying to run you out of business because of a pro-America door sign.    Most importantly, staff does not want to go out of their way to do that extra to take responsibility toward path of management or ownership.   They want their time to be theirs when it comes to time off and long hours and hard work does not interest them in the slightest.   They only want to work when they want to work.    So if they get a “mandated liberal raise” to $15 an hour, will they equally take on more responsibility in attitude?   If you believe they will, I got a bridge to sell you near Hogwarts first.

    Those that show me they take on managerial level responsibiility get $15 and hour or more ($22.50 overtime rate.)    They are the ones that come in on a moment’s notice when someone is sick, willing to do extra to take some of the stress off the boss.   I only have 3-4 people in my organization, among 2 locations, right now, that fall into that category.

    Why should employees be rewarded more for doing just enough to get by, when others excel by merit and effort?   I have 3-4 employees right now I am considering firing because I do not even think they are worth $8/hour I pay them.   I’m hoping they show signs of being trainable into the organization. What would happen if you force me to even $10/hour for them?  Gone.   At $8 I can show grace enough to try and teach them job skills.   At $10, I am less inclined to do so.   At $15/hour they better be instantly trained and on the ball at all times.

    That is the economic reality.   I need to make a profit to take care of my family.   To blindly raise pay to $15/hour without massively raising prices or massively cutting staff would imperil the organization.   That would mean I would be unable to take care of my family, in Christian terms I would deny the faith and it would make me worse than an unbeliever (1 Timothy 5:8).


    So, yes, I want to show grace to my employees, but I am duty bound to provide a living and grace to my family first in terms of taking care of them.  If the organization is imperiled by destructive liberal mandated expenses, that not only endagers my family, but the very livlihood of the employees working for me.   The more mandates liberals inflict contrary to common sense, the less room I have to distribute grace to either my family or my employees.    So I am left with 2 options under insane liberal mandates you fail to openly oppose, massively raise prices, or cut staff.   Neither one shows grace.    Government mandate is force, not grace.

  26. MaxwellsEQs


    It sounds like you may be scraping the bottom of the barrel for employees or it is possible because they are young they have not been taught to work hard. In your experience how do the work habits of 16-25 year olds compare to the work habits of 25+?

    What type of people over the age of 25 apply for a job at DQ? Do they work harder?

    Our society is an affluent society  in which our children do not have to work. They get lots of play time and education (if they wish). Do you think that affects how the approach their work life?


  27. Kevin Scheunemann


    Relative to other restaurants you could consider my staff downright “good”.

    I have a ton of 14-15 year olds as entry level workforce. All of them, this is their first job.

    Most that apply over age of 25 have unstable home life. I picked up a forty something, (happened to be minority) with experience. Started him at $12/hour. He was an excellent employee, excellent hire. 6 weeks later he has a fight with his woman (who he was living with) and has to leave for Carolina’s where his family is. I implored him to stay, but I can’t counsel crazy relationship choices. His last words were “I can’t go back to the crazy ex”.

    I told him I would refer him to DQ where he was going and he got job right away.

    Does he deserve $15/hour when unstable life/relationship choices affects employer? My answer is:no. Unstable life choices, making you unemployable for any decent length of time have economic penalty.

    Had he stayed with me, he would have been at $15/hour in a couple years.

    This is kind of crap liberals never take into account in their wicked and destructive economic schemes.

  28. Le Roi du Nord

    Could you quote us the bible verse that speaks to minimum wages?  Or where where low wages are necessary for grace?

  29. Kevin Scheunemann


    Who is paying low wages?

    I pay higher than most of my competitors for similar skill set.

    You can’t pay low wages for valuable skill sets in this economy.

    The correct question is: what gives you the right to force others to overpay for inferior skill sets? You make the vulnerable in our society unemployable.

    Why do you hate the disabled?

  30. Le Roi du Nord


    Never said that, you are making stuff up again.

    Don’t hate the disabled either.  That is all in your noggin.

    “Beware of practicing your righteousness before men to be noticed by them; otherwise you have no reward with your Father who is in heaven. “So when you give to the poor, do not sound a trumpet before you, as the hypocrites do in the synagogues and in the streets, so that they may be honored by men Truly I say to you, they have their reward in full. “But when you give to the poor, do not let your left hand know what your right hand is doing”.

    There, I did your homework for you….

  31. Kevin Scheunemann


    I love that bible passage!

    I was explaining what I do day in and day out as a Christian.

    If I was doing what is described in this passage, I would wait to do my good deeds until you can observe them. I do my good deeds as an employee regardless of who may or may not be observing them.

    The heart of this passage is: If you fail to do good when no one is observing, but then decide to do good simply because someone is paying attention, your good deeds are being done for you, which discounts them.

    I am no different whether you do or do not observe my Christian faith in action.

    I will apologize if my relating my Christian employment practices sounded like boasting or bragging, that was not my intent. My intent was to derail any evil forces attempting to stop my exercise of Christian grace.

    In my defense, 1 Corinthians 1:31,

    Therefore, as it is written: “Let the one who boasts boast in the Lord.”

    If I was, indeed, boasting, I apologize if I was not clear that my faith in action was boasting in the Lord.

    My mistake.

  32. Le Roi du Nord


    If you lived the message in that passage you wouldn’t repeatedly bring up all your acts of charity and grace.  Sooo many hypocites, sooo little time.

  33. Kevin Scheunemann

    When a political issue, (or evil), like this, interferes with charitable work, it is good and right to openly and honestly discuss how that work with less fortunate might be destroyed or hurt.

    I did not bring it up to brag or celebrate my Christianity, but to derail those forces looking to hurt this work in the future with their awful proposals.

    If Evers gets his way he will obliterate the work I am doing with the most vulnerable in society.

    As Chrisrians we are to stand up against those who oppose good. I feel my conscience is clear on this topic.

    Again if you felt like I was boasting, my intent was to boast in the Lord, only through him are his pre-designed good works possible. My clarification on that issue was above.

    When I have unbelievers try to interpret the Bible for me, it always seems to be in the context to try and shut Christian speech down or guilt Christians for living out their faith in Jesus. If that is the intention, that is a very sinful intention. I will speak against that kind of sinful act every time.

  34. Le Roi du Nord


    Nope, I have no intention of shutting down christian, pastafarian, hindu, or any other expression of free speech.  I was merely pointing out your unrepentant  hypocrisy..

    Why is it that anyone with a opinions (or a set of facts) that are in opposition to your belief is a sinner?

  35. Kevin Scheunemann


    In this case, when you stick with your false witness interpretation of the Bible, after I carefully explained your error and corrected you….and then asserted hypocrisy on my part, even after a correction of your false witness interpretation….I should call that something other than sin? Especially when you openly profess to be an unbeliever?

    I am fair to label sin to acts of overt evil. Like siding with human traffickers in migrant caravan, purposely misconstruing the Bible to something it does not say, openly defending ongoing evil, etc.

  36. Kevin Scheunemann


    Just to be fair, what “unrepentant hypocrisy”?

  37. Le Roi du Nord


    If your memory is so poor that you can’t recall what you typed yesterday, there is nothing I can do to help you.  Seek competent professional help.  It may not be too late.

  38. Paul

    I’d suggest the same for you, gramps. However we’re going to slam you in the memory care facility for the rest of your useless, racist life.

  39. Le Roi du Nord

    Are you threatening me again?

  40. Paul

    Go fuck yourself, you lying gasbag.

  41. Paul

    Fucking convicted child molesters like you should be deplatformed.

  42. Paul

    White trash criminals like you deserve no voice.

  43. Paul

    Crying to the ginger cuck won’t stop the truth.

  44. Kevin Scheunemann


    I read the whole thing again, and I am still convinced you got the Bible passage you quoted woefully incorrect in application.

    I tried to be gentle in my correction of your error.

    You are welcome to come to a bible study on the topic. When would you like to come?

  45. Le Roi du Nord


    As I have always said, you have a right to your own opinion, however inaccurate it may be.  Carry on.

    little paulie:

    Nope, you are still 0 for 2018.

  46. Kevin Scheunemann


    If I am entitled to my opinion, why do you launch false witness attacks, without evidence?

    “Unrepentant hypocrisy” for starters.

  47. Le Roi du Nord

    “absolute truth” for one.

    Denying any and everything that you disagree with, like science, evolution, other religious beliefs, etc.

    Show some evidence that the earth is 6000 years old.  Can you?

  48. Kevin Scheunemann


    Because I boldly proclaim absolute truth of Jesus that makes me an “unrepentant hypocrite”, or worthy of false witness attacks you can never back up with a quote?

    That certainly speaks volumes of your (in)tolerance.

  49. Le Roi du Nord

    It seems you aren’t even sure about “absolute” truth-

    “So neither of us decided absolute truth”.

    So what makes your “absolute” truth any more true than just plain old truth?

    And where is that evidence proving that the earth is 6000 years old?

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