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0832, 20 Oct 18

First Debate Between Evers and Walker

Since nobody actually watched the debate live because it was on a Friday night during a Brewers playoff game and a Bucks game, here’s a recording of the debate.


0832, 20 October 2018


  1. MjM

    So Evers wants to give drivers liccenses to illegals. Just f’n wonderful.

    Suggested slogan: Vote Twiggy Tony! Aiding and abetting criminals state wide!

  2. dad29

    I’m possibly amenable to illegals getting driver’s licenses so long as they don’t take Publik Screwels driver’s ed courses to get one.

    Based on Twiggy (Twitty??) Tony’s problems with math (like taxes/spending) and essays (plagiarism, anyone?), I don’t like my odds of living long if he’s overseeing driver’s ed, too.

  3. jjf

    Although MPS has funded a (purely after-school?) driver’s ed program (not a class?), haven’t most other schools throughout the state given up such courses?

    As for plagiarism, what’s it called when ALEC gives a legislator a bill and they copy-and-paste it without attribution?  Are they too misrepresenting their sources?

  4. MjM

    Daddio sez: “I’m possibly amenable to illegals getting driver’s licenses…”

    No. No. Triple NO. Absolutely NOT.

    Nothing but a Democrap scheme to build a back door to the voting booth. Not to mention the continued proliferation of identity theft (yeah, it happened to me: someone used my SSN for fraudulent tax filing two years in a row. It took a third year to gain back control of my SSN). .

    San Fran allows illegals to vote in local elections. That would be Twiggy’s next step here (cue: Madison). Then a push for state-wide elections. And so on.

    We have, right now, state governors and legislators who are committing outright treason. The entire governance of California, from Moonbean to the Orange Country dog catcher, should be rotting in some federal pen convicted under RICO as a criminal organization for it’s intentional continual election fraud, harboring, and aiding criminal activity against American citizens.

    Understand that only by the grace of God and the wisdom of our founding fathers do we have the electoral college, which saved the rest of us from the hell that would have been Hillary. And don’t doubt for a minute that the left’s targeting of the EC is entwined with this giving of formerly citizen-only rights and privileges to illegal criminals. (One week after the election former Sen. Boxer (D-CA) introduced a bill to abolish the EC)

    Clinton won the pop vote by 2.9 million. With 25million illegal criminals on our soil, one would be a fool not to think 10% – at least – are included in that margin, if not the whole.


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