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0724, 10 Oct 18

So. Much. Winning.

Here is my full column that ran in the Washington County Daily News yesterday.

If there is an October surprise in the making, it may be that despite prophecies of a blue wave, President Donald Trump and the rest of the Republican Party are having a winning October.

The month began with news that the United States had come to a trade agreement with Canada and Mexico to replace the North American Free Trade Act. Overall, NAFTA had been a tremendous success. Since taking effect in 1994, trade between the three nations quadrupled and had a positive impact on America’s economic growth. Meanwhile, Americans benefited from lower consumer prices and access to less expensive labor.

But every agreement has a downside. That less expensive labor depressed wages in America and the nation lost a lot of manufacturing and textile jobs to Mexico. When Trump ran for office, he promised to renegotiate NAFTA to get a better deal for Americans and he has done just that.

The new trade deal that is to replace NAFTA is called the USMCA. It is not a wholesale restructuring of the NAFTA. In fact, it keeps in place many of the best parts of NAFTA, but it also makes some significant changes to the benefit of the United States. One of those changes is of particular importance to Wisconsinites as it opens up Canada’s dairy market to American milk.

A few days after the USMCA was announced, the Bureau of Labor Statistics released its report that the nation’s unemployment rate dropped to 3.7 percent in August. That marks the third month in a row that the national unemployment rate has been below 4 percent. The reason is simple: The American economy is booming. There is no reason to not be working in America if one is able. We are in a state of full employment.

Then, just six days into October, President Trump’s second nominee for the Supreme Court was sworn into office. Brett Kavanaugh is one of the most qualified justices to ever be appointed to the Supreme Court. With a Yale law degree, a distinguished career in the private and public sectors, and more than a decade as a judge on the second most important appeals court in the country, Kavanaugh’s legal pedigree is pristine.

During his many years on the bench, he gained a reputation as a fair, smart, thoughtful and reasonable judge who was respected by people of all political persuasions. Perhaps most importantly, Kavanaugh is a proven judicial conservative who upholds the Constitution and respects the limited role of the court. His rulings over the years demonstrate a keen understanding of the Constitution, civil rights, separation of powers and bedrock legal principles like people being innocent until proven guilty.

Once again, President Trump kept his promise to appoint judicial conservatives to the courts and Senate Republicans followed through by confirming his appointment. Justice Kavanaugh solidifies a majority of judicial conservatives on the Supreme Court.

Perhaps all of this good news is why President Trump’s approval rating surged to 51 percent in the Rasmussen poll and is his highest rating in that poll since March of 2017.

Nothing lasts forever. The economy is great and Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell predicts that unemployment and inflation will remain low through 2020, but things can change quickly. And while the Supreme Court now has a majority of judicial conservatives, not even Supreme Court justices are immortal.

If there is one thing that could disrupt the positive direction that America is moving, it would be for the Democrats to gain control of the U.S. Senate. We have all come to understand over the past few weeks that the Democratic Party is untethered from any traditional norms of civility, honesty and even decency. They will stop at nothing to oppose President Trump even if it means burning down the country in the process.

We saw this behavior from Wisconsin’s own Sen. Tammy Baldwin. Less than 48 hours after Trump announced the nomination of Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court, Baldwin announced that she would not vote for his confirmation. This was a radical break from traditional senatorial behavior to reject a nominee without researching him, learning about him, or even speaking to him. And although Baldwin admitted her opposition, almost all of the Democrats in the Senate had made the same decision. The brouhaha that Democrats manufactured over the last few weeks was not designed to change any minds. It was designed to attempt to rationalize the Democrats’ predetermined opposition to the American people.

Baldwin’s behavior reveals the larger psychosis currently infecting the Democratic Party. Their single- minded effort to #resist President Trump has become the only real plank in their platform.

If Senator Baldwin is reelected and Democrats take control of the Senate, will they vote down the USMCA to punish Trump even if it means Wisconsin’s dairy farmers will pay the price? Of course they will. Will they oppose every judicial appointment Trump makes — even when those appointments are eminently qualified? There is no doubt. Will Baldwin and her peers prevent Trump’s deregulation that has been a boon to American businesses? Absolutely. Will Baldwin and her peers seek to impose higher taxes and socialized health care? They have already said that they will.

There is something that Wisconsin voters can do this November to support and promote this economic and judicial renaissance we are enjoying. They can vote Tammy Baldwin out of office and replace her with a woman who will fight for Wisconsin’s interests — Leah Vukmir.


0724, 10 October 2018


  1. MaxwellsEQs


    In my life I have been called a “liberal”. I voted for Barrack Obama, because I thought it would be good for this country to have a black man as president. Both candidates were not very good in my estimation, but I was hopeful that Obama might change the country for the better. After being elected, Obama was, to use Cornel West’s words, a “Black Bill Clinton”.

    I thought that Donald Trump was awful, but I could not bring myself to vote for Hillary Clinton, so I voted third party. To come to the point, I do not understand why you think that the Republican’s policies are good for you. You use the phrase “Winning”, who do you think is winning?

    NAFTA and whatever policy Trump passed are long legal documents. Understanding what they mean is task only understood by experts. Clinton passed NAFTA over the objections of most of the people on the left. I have no idea what Trumps new “NAFTA” means but it has been my observation that most politicians pass laws for their own interests and the interests of the backers they are indebted too.

    While there are some politician that are honest, they are rare. In the real world the good guys seldom win. I often wonder why things are as good as they are. On the face of it the world should be much worse than it is.






  2. MjM

    I just finished watching the Vukmir/Baldwin debate. For those who haven’t seen it, I suggest you do.

    Both danced around some questions (moderators,for the most part, did a good job trying to get them to answer directly). Both spewed the normal talking points. But on a few issues, and overall, safe to say Vukmir kicked Stammerin’ Tammy’s kiester.

    Baldwin’s response to Tomah fell like a led balloon. “I did this” and “I did that”, while everyone in the room was thinking, “yeah, only AFTER you got caught fast asleep at the wheel”. Vukmir’s heart-felt response to Balwin’s abortion-anywhere-anytime stance left even the moderators stunned for a few seconds. You could hear a pin drop in that room.

    Funniest part was closing statements, with Baldwin having multiple Pelosi-like brownouts while trying to tie Vukmir to evil corporations (“and…….[stares off into space]………………pharmaceuticals”), and with Leah’s 10-megaton nuke second sentence (“I have to chuckle..”) pointing out Tammy’s hulking $22 million in special interest campaign cash.

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