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2047, 07 Oct 18

Suddenly the Left Likes Justice Roberts

Ever notice how the Left lauds conservatives when they side with liberals? That’s the suck of the Washington Swamp.

Roberts has labored for the past 13 years to keep the judiciary branch as a sacrosanct institution, able to rule on the most contentious issues of the day — guns, abortion, health care — without succumbing to the vitriol of presidential and congressional politics. That has sometimes led Roberts to put aside his own conservative conviction, most notably in his 2012 defense of the Affordable Care Act in National Federation of Independent Business v. Sebelius.

Though he has also sided plenty of times with the court’s conservative bloc, his relative moderation suggests that the umpire imagery of his confirmation hearing was not merely vote-seeking rhetoric. An analysis of his decisions by the polling and politics site FiveThirtyEight even wondered if Roberts was “a secret liberal.”


2047, 07 October 2018


  1. Merlin

    You can’t listen to what the little jihadis say since they lie as easily as they breathe. Watch what they do rather than listening to what they say. We’ve seen absolutely no evidence that they’ve softened on anything.

    They’re already presenting their walking dead with the notion of Supreme Court-packing if they take over in 2020, which dovetails rather nicely with their desire to eliminate the Electoral College and register illegal aliens to vote. I’m not sure there’s a limit to how far they’ll project their hatred, especially if the 2018 elections are a disappointment for them.



  2. Kevin Scheunemann

    The left was not quite as insane with Roberts nomination, but was pretty close.

    Amazing how that works…


  3. MHMaley

    Another Balls and Strikes Judge who is owned by corporate
    Interests .

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