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2206, 27 Sep 18

Bad Day for America

It’s a strange day when I find myself agreeing with Piers Morgan.

For these two previously unknown people to be dragged through such a revolting public court of gladiatorial barbarism for the delectation of a mass TV audience was painful, so painful I could barely watch at times.

Yet it was an absolutely inevitable consequence of the way Washington has spiralled in recent years into a vile cesspit of extreme partisan bullsh*t – fuelled by rampant, vicious social media.

Today was a dark, tragic day for America.

It was a day when the whole country, and indeed much of the rest of the world, tuned in to see two people tortured and humiliated.


But what we watched today was nothing short of a circus – a long, disturbing, wretched circus; a circus watched by a baying global mob, most of whom decided long before the hearings began whom they believed.

Kavanaugh looked unhinged today – perhaps too unhinged to ever sit on the Supreme Court – but if I’d been falsely accused of the stuff he’s been accused of in the past fortnight, I’d probably be pretty damn unhinged too.

He was fighting not just for a place on the Supreme Court, but for his reputation, his dignity, his family.

To see his loyal wife silently weeping throughout his testimony was agonising.


Every American who genuinely cares about their country should share my outrage about what they watched today.

At one stage, Kavanaugh was actually grilled about flatulence – in the United States Senate by a serving United States senator.

Think about that for a moment.

The whole thing was a complete and utter disgrace.

You know… confirmation hearings are not required by the Constitution. I’d be perfectly fine if the Senate just took a vote without any hearings. Each Senator can conduct interviews and do their own research to satisfy themselves. Then take the vote and let the chip fall where they may. This process is irrevocably broken.


2206, 27 September 2018


  1. MaxwellsEQs

    Owen, several women have come forward alleging sexual misconduct, one of whom has said that Kavanaugh was with men who, and may have participated with men, who drugged and gang raped women.

    The New York Times has circulated a letter with over 2000 signatures of Yale alumni who admit that there was a very negative culture and that this sort of stuff happened at Yale during that time and call for an investigation.

    How do you not investigate before voting?


  2. dad29

    Each Senator can conduct interviews and do their own research to satisfy themselves

    Except Tammy, who doesn’t NEED no steenkin’ “research.”

    She’s the very definition of prejudiced.

  3. Owen


    None of the allegations are credible or corroborated. They are the definition of “baseless accusations.” If we are to conduct a full FBI (not even their jurisdiction) investigation for every baseless accusation thrown at a nominee? If that is your standard, we will never confirm another judge again – no matter who nominates him or her.

  4. jonnyv

    Owen, you are ignoring evidence if you say that they are not credible. She spoke about this with her therapist years ago. Her testimony was very credible.

    I find it very credible that a rich jock who apparently REALLY LIKES BEER (as he told us numerous times) would have gotten drunk and handsy. What him and his buddy thought was fooling around came across to her as an attempted sexual assault. I mean his buddy wrote a book about how drunk he used to get with his friends. And I think it is safe to say that Kavanaugh underplayed his drinking. I mean, come on, there are enough stories out there about him in college and most of us have drank more than we care to admit one or two times when we were young.

    All that being said. I think he is getting confirmed. But this was a total crapshow for the Republicans. None of them were “man” enough to ask her questions themselves and instead hired a female to lob up the questions. It was a very bad look.

  5. Paul

    Oh yeah.  Only a fucking waterhead would find her credible.  Couldn’t make it to testify because she had a fear of flying.  Yet, she flies to Costa Rica and Tahiti.

    The Democrat Party died this month.  Michael Avenatti fucked the corpse.

  6. Paul

    There are enough votes to confirm Kavanaugh, including some Dems.

    Ginsburg is 85.  Breyer is 80.

    It’s over, bitches.

  7. Kevin Scheunemann

    I was over the edge when Kavanaugh was being grilled by evil liberals about farting 30 years ago.

    Liberal crap stinks the worst! He has no right to claim his own liberal crap doesn’t stink!

    Confirm him now! Time to put and end these baby killing abortionists.

  8. Pat

    Try to find any reference to Devil’s Triangle being a drinking game, or Boofing referencing farting.

  9. jonnyv

    Clearly you all think that getting Kavanaugh in is going to end RvW. I can’t wait until it doesn’t and you are ALL crying about how he was a RINO and blah blah blah. Or he wasn’t “conservative” enough.

  10. Owen

    I believe you’re the first to mention Roe. Actually, I think he’s a decent man with an impeccable legal record and a constructionist judicial philosophy. By any sane standard, he should be confirmed. Specifically to Roe, I suspect that he would respect precedence, although I would disagree with him. But Roe is not the end all, be all of what the court does. I’m more hopeful that they will overturn Kelo.

  11. Paul

    Nobody said a thing about Roe v. Wade.

    Trump made you waterheads have a shitfit over a moderate.  Imagine when he gets to replace Breyer and Ginsburg.

    We’ll have at least 56 Senate seats this time next year.  Up yours, JonnyV.

  12. Merlin

    Kavanaugh has said several times during the confirmation process that he considers Roe to be settled law.

  13. jonnyv

    Owen, I was referring to Kevin’s comment about “putting an end to baby killing abortionists”. I may have been the first to actually mention RvW, but not the first to bring up the subject. Again, I think it is settled law as well, and hope he sees it that way as well.

  14. Owen

    Fair enough, johnny. I missed that comment. I apologize.

  15. Jason

    >Owen, I was referring to Kevin’s comment


    So, do you always paint the entire room when referring to a single person’s comment?


    “Clearly you all think that getting Kavanaugh in is going to end RvW


    You back peddle as well as any liberal.

  16. Kevin Scheunemann


    There is a chance Roe vs Wade may be overturned in the context of letting the states decide on prosecuting baby killing.

    I realize liberal perversion states, like California and New York will keep the camp incinerators of the pre-born on full smoke stack extermination, but moral states, like WI, will outlaw or curb it to virtually nothing.

    I don’t see it as a total end to abortion, but I see a severe limiting of baby killing abortionists and their immoral ilk.

  17. Pat


    You talk of, “baby killing abortionists” but don’t say anything about the baby killing mothers. Shouldn’t the mothers be charged for soliciting a murder?

  18. Kevin Scheunemann

    Not if she is a victim of the Planned Parenthood abortionist guards at the killing camp.

    I’m for outlawing the killing fields.

  19. jonnyv

    Well, Flake just gave the push on the basis of a 1 week wait, and actually asked for an FBI investigation. More or less, his vote can’t be counted on for the Rs yet. Interesting (not surprising) turn.

  20. Kevin Scheunemann

    Flake is way more generous than he needs to be.

    Liberal motives are dishonest….until they demand this kind of FBI scrutiny for Keith ellison, Bill clinton, any Democrat named Kennedy, Anthony Weiner, Hillary’s emails, and all of their liberal Hollywood friends.

    When call by liberals make that happen, then I will consider liberals honest on these kinds of issue.

    Liberals are not honest.

  21. jonnyv

    Kev, you are not so much the “turn the other cheek” kinda guy… huh.

    The FBI probably wouldn’t be the jurisdiction for Ellison, but I hope that whatever claims are thoroughly examined and if found to be credible, bounce him immediately. Clinton & Kennedy are old news and no longer relevant, but if there are things left to check out with Bill, again that would be a police issue. Not an FBI thing anymore.

    Weiner was LITERALLY checked by the FBI and turned himself in there and is serving time. And like it or not, the FBI apparently did check Hillary’s emails. But you can’t deal with that.

    Speaking of making a sweeping generalization “Liberals are not honest…”.

  22. Kevin Scheunemann

    Hard to turn the other cheek when faced with unrepentant evil on liberal side of the aisle.

    “Turning the other cheek” involves dealing with repentant evil.   Are any liberals repentant in case of Bill clinton’s perversion?   Keith ellison’s woman beating?   Defending Anthony Weiner in the past?   Their worship of Ted Kennedy who left a woman for dead after is drinking and womanizing antics?

    I see little repentance on liberal side on those topics.   In fact this Kavanaugh hearing has highlighted the double standard of protecting the most heinous evil on liberal side.

  23. Paul

    Ignore the waterhead, Kevin. It’s a piece of shit.

  24. jonnyv

    Paul, the adults are talking, go back to your mom’s basement with your “used” copy of National Geographic.

    Kevin, you must be older. I am 40, We don’t care about Bill Clinton or Ted Kennedy. They are history and we are in a different time now.

    No one respectable was defending Weiner. Dude was a slimeball. Both sides have had their slimeballs. Strom Thurmand, Mark Foley, Robert Packwood, and Newt Gingrich are all conservative/Republicans who were busted for sex scandals and are all slimeballs. And guess what, no one cares about them anymore either.

    I care about 2018; what is happening today. If Keith Ellison is guilty, get him out. Investigate him, whatever. Just yesterday he asked for an investigation on HIMSELF. Way more than Kavanaugh would do when confronted.

    The more you keep bringing up irrelevant people from the party’s past, the more out of touch you appear.  Try to focus on what is happening right now.

  25. Kevin Scheunemann


    Bill Clinton does matter because he set the standard/mantra that liberals all embraced, “it’s a private matter”, even when faced with rape and assault accusers?

    What ever happened to that liberal standard?

    The liberal ladies on view showed pictures of Anthony Weiner in his underwear buldge selfie and were fawning over it! It was disgusting! Behar was that worst! Compare that to her BS reaction today!

    Feinstein is not even close to same scrutiny of Ellison for his obvious woman abuse. She is doing nothing. This is awful after she wrecked the lives of this fine family over unsubstantiad crap.

    Liberals are immoral by default here.

  26. Merlin

    “The more you keep bringing up irrelevant people from the party’s past, the more out of touch you appear. Try to focus on what is happening right now.“

    That is some of the most ignorant text I’ve ever read. Understanding the past is what gives you perspective for the present and realistic hope for the future. History didn’t begin where and when you decided to pay attention. What is happening right now is a culmination of past events, much of it ugly with a detrimental impact on society in general and politics in particular. Willful ignorance of the major players and their impact on the present is a poor foundation for comprehending the world around you. If you can’t properly identify a problem you sure as hell won’t find a solution to it.

  27. Le Roi du Nord


    With the exception of the first sentence, I agree with your last paragraph.  Unfortunately understanding the past is far from anyones minds these days, right or left, conservative of liberal.  And we all suffer for that willful ignorance.

  28. Pat

    Michael Jackson was accused of sexually abusing a child and was found innocent in a court of law. Would you still have wanted him to baby sit your kids?

  29. jonnyv

    I never said you shouldn’t know our history. But there is a not so fine line between understanding why things are the way they are today and dredging up names from 15-30 years ago and justifying that awful behavior today. How far back should we go? Should we continue to dredge up Thomas Jefferson’s faults and use them as justifications today? By that mentality it is ok for Trump to cheat on his wife because Kennedy did it. Or should we know what our faults are and learn from them and change.

    Bill Clinton and Donald Trump are perfect parallels of each other. Both willingly cheated on their wives (multiple times), and that IS a private matter. And both have had sexual assault allegations brought against them that have seem to have been swept under the rug. Neither is good and both men should be held accountable for those. And if the women accusing either man wants to pursue those crimes, I hope they are taken seriously and brought to justice.

    Kevin’s issue is that he can’t let go of the past and work with what we have today. It seems like he has some sort of “tally sheet” and just can’t seem to get past it. The past may have shaped us today, but it doesn’t control what we do now and our future.

  30. dad29

    JV…..she was decidedly not credible.

    There were far too many “I don’t know/I don’t remember” responses from her when questioned by Ms. Mitchell, who was brought in specifically because she is a FEMALE and knows her way around sex-crime prosecutions.  (If anything, Mitchell is a very strong and practiced advocate for victims.)

    It’s also useful to study Ford’s vocalization.  She used the ‘teenage girl’ voice quality (lots of vocal skitter) and almost always raised her voice at the end of a declarative sentence–usually the mark of someone not certain of their position or who is seeking the approval of their interlocutor.  And she was visibly upset, which follows logically when one is testifying under oath to an event which may not have happened exactly as she remembers it.

    For her part, Mitchell was very, very, gentle.  She did not press Ford on producing her therapist’s notes, which were no longer subject to privilege.  She did not press Ford on why Ford did NOT tell her BFF to get the Hell out of that house when she was attacked.  Best Friend?  Really???  She did not ask Ford if she had filed complaints or charges about any OTHER harassment or attacks of a sexual nature in the last 30 years.

    It’s entirely possible that Ford had been attacked, but not by Kavanaugh and his pal.  K and his pal disagree with her, but two others flat-out disagree with her memory, including her BFF.

    Side-note:  it’s reported that she has accumulated more than $700K in her ‘go-fund-me’ accounts.  I’d force her to ID the donors as part of the Feeb “investigation” here.  That is a helluvalot of money.

  31. Kevin Scheunemann


    My issue is:  It only seems sexual indiscretions will convict you if you are a conservative.   Sexual indiscretions do not convict you if you are a liberal.  Liberals thrive on advocating perversion.

    My giant bitch is: this witch hunt is really convicting judge Kavanaugh of being a conservative…that is the problem.

    If conservatives are going to stand convicted of being conservative is the disgusting liberal game of intersectionality….

    I will practice the nonsesne they practice, I am convicting all liberals as guilty of perversion, immorality, and indecency.

    It is as simple as that.


  32. dad29

    Try to find any reference to Devil’s Triangle being a drinking game, or Boofing referencing farting.

    Yup.  Because ALL of Georgetown Prep’s code-words go directly from their yearbook to Webster’s Third International.

    Or not.

  33. Pat

    “Side-note: it’s reported that she has accumulated more than $700K in her ‘go-fund-me’ accounts.”

    So what.

  34. Kevin Scheunemann


    So what?

    That means she is making out like a bandit serving as a liberal pawn in disgusting liberal game of intersectional politics.

    This will inspire others to make BS allegations in order to get a big pay day from liberals…the truth be damned.

    Personally, I consider it a form of racketeering.

  35. Pat

    And there has been $156,520 in donations made to the Kavanaugh Family Go Fund Me page. Again, so what.

  36. Pat

    Dud says, “Yup. Because ALL of Georgetown Prep’s code-words go directly from their yearbook to Webster’s Third International.”

    Dud, you can’t really be that dense. Oh wait, you really can be.

  37. Kevin Scheunemann


    That is self defense from ravanous liberal wolves bent on destroying the innocent.

    Your “so what” on that is fine.

    The “so what” is not fine for Ford because it will inspire liberals to make false allegations for a big payday.

  38. Jason

    >Clinton & Kennedy are old news and no longer relevant, but if there are things left to check out with Bill, again that would be a police issue. 

    So, having the FBI investigate a claim 36 years old and between two minors is not old news, and is relevant?  Goalposts are moving.


  39. Pat


    Can you backup your assumption with any facts.

  40. Kevin Scheunemann


    There is no evidence beyond a “he said/she said”.   Any witnesses she has named have denied it or claim they were not there or don’t remember.

    This is a 35 year old +claim and if we are going back that far, let’s look at Juanita Broderick, Paula Jones, etc.

    Those allegations are much, much, more serious.

    However, Bill Clinton does not stand convicted as a conservative.   He has an all encompassing pass as a liberal pervert.  Why don’t we just give everyone a pass who does less than what Clinton did?

    Wake me when there is something worse than what Clinton has done.   Until then, this is just awful smearing because one dares to be conservative.

  41. Paul

    Notice how the only ones endorsing this character assassination and fabricated evidence are a noted white nationalist, another anti-Semite, and a waterhead.

  42. Paul

    I never said you shouldn’t know our history.

    That’s two lies Testa d’Acqua was busted on in less than two days.

  43. Pat


    You didn’t back up your assumption with that answer.

  44. dad29

    By the way, Ford told the Senate that she is a psycholigost.

    That’s not true (perjury, anyone??)  Under California law, one may not use that title without a California license–and Ford does not have a California license.

    But hey!!  She’s “credible.”

  45. dad29



    Damn.  Dyslexic?  Alzheimer’s?  Only my hairdresser knows for sure…..

  46. MjM

    Well, she is kinda creepy spooky.

  47. Pat

    “Well, she is kinda creepy spooky.”

    How so?

  48. MjM

    1). Her attempted “I’m such an innocent victim”/my life was ruined” play, complete with obnoxious valley girl uptalk and disheveled hair, is rebuked by her own yearbooks (now scrubbed from the net), her known history of booze-fueled beach and bar antics, her completed education, and her successful career.

    2) She is absolutely stupid on any topic other than her chosen career and can only relate to general life through her career, as seen in her “indelible on the hippocampus” remark used to show herself as oh, so smart. But so stupid is she, that she, with her testimony and without a hint of comprehension, invalidated even the ‘pass’ from the friendly polygraph ( a nice snag Mitchell has not gotten credit for). That, or she played the idiot really, really well.

    3) She is a proven liar.

  49. Pat

    So in other words, creepy and spooky.

  50. Pat

    How did Kavanaugh come off?

  51. MjM

    I forgot to mention…

    4) she threw her so-called “best friend” into the gutter.

    Yeah. Creepy as they come.

    As far as Kavanaugh, he came off as indignant – as you would be, too – and obviously sad at his kids having to listen to all this BS. His only mistake was returning the same question he was asked 10 times prior by the Democrats, and which he answered 10 times prior, to Klochubar, the do-nothing senator (like Baldwin) from MN.

  52. Pat

    That’s what I thought you’d say. Very enlightening. Thanks.

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