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0752, 25 Sep 18

Madison Police Reiterate Sanctuary City Status

I love this

Madison Police Chief Mike Koval and Dane County Sheriff Dave Mahoney have reiterated their commitment to the Madison and Dane County community and not to enforcing immigration law.

Koval said Friday that he was not informed that ICE would be in the area even though the MPD has a standing agreement with the agency to be notified when agents will be in the community. Koval has reiterated that enforcement of immigration laws remains primarily with the federal government.

In the same breath, Police Chief Koval says he will not cooperate with ICE and then whines about ICE not informing him that they will be doing their jobs. Cooperation goes both way.

To the story itself, the Capital Times, liberal rag that it is, doesn’t even bother to get another side of the story. It merely parrots the complaints of an activist group and their supporters. A better headline would have been, “ICE Does its Job.”


0752, 25 September 2018


  1. jjf

    Where did Koval say he would not cooperate with ICE?

  2. Kevin Scheunemann

    Bunch of treasonous liberals!

    Thye should be arrested for public corruption of their basic public servant duties!

  3. MjM

    Without question, Soglin is a complete moron:

    “They are not police. They are federal agents who are using their authority to come into a local situation.”

    Nice job, ICE.  Keep up the good work.


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