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2203, 17 Sep 18

Trump Orders Document Dump


President Donald Trump directed the Department of Justice to release a host of documents related to the Russia probe on Monday, including texts between two former FBI officials who talked about stopping his rise to power.

Trump also directed DOJ to declassify pages from a warrant from a secret court that allowed the feds to spy on former campaign adviser Carter Page and all of the interview reports the bureau prepared to go along with it.

The president told Justice to publish reports tied to its interview with DOJ official Bruce Ohr, whose wife Nellie worked at the firm that put together the unverified dossier of dirt on the president, in the sweeping declassification of documents associated with the special counsel investigation.

Ohr is known to have been in contact with the dossier’s author, ex-British spy Christopher Steele.

And in a further request, Trump called for the release of text messages relating to the probe that were sent or received by ex-FBI director James Comey, whom the president last year fired.


2203, 17 September 2018

1 Comment

  1. MHMaley

    This is just more fog from the legal team to perpetrate the myth that the Government investigation began with the Steele dossier .
    It’s was street because of the comments made by the first
    Person indicted in the probe .

    Republican appointee’s approved every one of the FISA warrants and
    This release is the first time a President declassified the process , another
    Boom for Russia and 100% in the Presidents self interest .

    The public may be distracted but Mueller won’t be .
    The red line for Trump was any investigation of his business .
    Now that Mueller has the Trump CFO and NY state has the case , there is zero he can do to stop it .

    Calls for transparency from a guy who won’t release his taxes
    Is stunningly hypocritical but consistent froma guy who lies 8x a day on average .

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