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0713, 31 Aug 18

Street Car Menace in Milwaukee

I realize that this is coming from a law firm looking to cash in, but the injuries are real. This street car looks like it’s a menace.

Three motorcycle riders have crashed on the same section of tracks for the Milwaukee Streetcar, according to a Milwaukee law firm representing the injured riders.

Attorneys with Hupy and Abraham say they are now concerned about the safety of the thousands of riders in town for Harley Davidson’s 115th Anniversary.

The area of concern is on St. Paul Avenue just west of Water Street. One victim said he tried to cross the tracks to get into the left turn lane when his tire got stuck.


0713, 31 August 2018

1 Comment

  1. Kevin Scheunemann

    Streetcar is a liberal menace.

    I just hope it does not kill anyone.

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