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0611, 28 Aug 18

Marquette poll indicates Wisconsin’s political fundamentals remain unchanged

You know that when the Marquette poll come out, every political junkie worth his salt must comment on it. I do just that in my column for the Washington County Daily News today. Pick up a paper and check it out. Here’s a little peek:

This means the campaigns will focus largely on emotional appeals, both positive and negative. While gratitude and hope are strong emotions, hate and fear are more powerful when it comes to motivating people to vote. Until the election, the voters are going to be under a rolling barrage of negative ads that will escalate as Election Day nears.



0611, 28 August 2018

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  1. Kevin Scheunemann

    Good to see Wisconsin’s funadmaentals of embrace of decency and prosperity has not changed for last 8 years.

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