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1352, 16 Aug 18

Evers Threatens Education for Thousands of Choice Students


Yesterday, State Superintendent Tony Evers won the Democratic Primary for governor. While Evers may come off much like a friendly grandfather—affable and harmless—it is important to recognize that he represents a threat to school choice in Wisconsin, even more so than previous Democrat gubernatorial candidates. Evers has a long record of opposing education reform that needs to be highlighted.

His stance on school choice may kick thousands of low-income Milwaukee students out of their schools

Evers has threatened to end Wisconsin’s school choice programs unless a number of untenable reforms are implemented. Without such changes, enrollment in the programs would be frozen. Voucher schools, particularly in Milwaukee, are reliant on a continual stream of students to remain viable. Freezing enrollment would effectively mean these schools would shut down and more than 27,000 low-income families in Milwaukee would be left with no option but to return to the low-performing Milwaukee Public Schools.


1352, 16 August 2018


  1. Merlin

    Why would you expect anything less from a man who is wholly owned by WEAC?

    WEAC has been wounded, but is far from dead. Despite Act 10 they still own both sides of the negotiating table in most school districts. And they’ve been rather clever at snookering the public to get some of these extravagant school referendums passed. They’re still strong enough to have their very own candidate facing off against Walker, proving they’re still the strongest special interest group the left has in Wisconsin.

    Public education hasn’t been about the children for a very long time. Kids are props just like the desks, chairs, and chalkboards. It’s all about employment.

  2. Le Roi du Nord


    Just need some clarification here; any proof of this statement, “Despite Act 10 they still own both sides of the negotiating table in most school districts” ?  None of the 5 districts in our northern county have retired teachers, spouses of teachers, or family members on the boards.  There no more unions anywhere up here.  So how does WEAC “own” both sides of the table in these districts?  Enlighten us….., please.

  3. dad29

    Five districts of…what….420 in Wisconsin?  Now THAT’s a sample, Nordski.

    As to the WSJ article:

    Private schools receive less money per student under the Milwaukee voucher program—from $7,323 to $7,969 per student in the last school year—compared with an average of $10,122 for public-school students. The amount, which has increased over the years, was initially set low to help pass the voucher bill in a split legislature.

    Public-school officials say they have greater expenses, such as for transportation and for providing services to special-needs students, although they say they haven’t done any comprehensive cost comparisons between public and voucher schools.

    Imagine that!!  $3K/kid/year advantage to the publickscrewels.  And MPS can’t really prove that they have ‘extra expenses’, but it sure sounds good.

    When the Choice school is saturated, it performs AS WELL as the publics; if it’s not saturated with voucher students, performance exceeds MPS.  Net-net, choice schools are winners.


  4. Le Roi du Nord

    Well it is more of a sample  size than provided in the article by the pro-voucher author.

    And since the voucher folks don’t want any accountability those comparisons are sketchy.  Ditto for being able to cherry-pick the students they will accept.

  5. Paul

    Have a Geritol and go to sleep, dinosaur.

  6. Kevin Scheunemann

    Evers is a typical immoral Democrat, attacking education that works, and more cost effective.

  7. dad29

    it is more of a sample  size than provided in the article by the pro-voucher author.

    Which is what?

    The flat lie about ‘cherry picking’ has been disproven 100 times or more over the last 10 years.  Apparently you are so far off the civilized track that you don’t get newspapers up there, eh?

  8. MHMaley

    My advice :

    You want to send your kid to a charter school that reports to the local school board , have at it .
    If you want to send your kid to learn about your personal God with your own defined choice of education , pay for it yourself ..

  9. dad29

    your personal God

    It would be nice if parents did not have to pay for education in your god of secular humanism AND an actual, living God.

    Tell you what:  send a check for your part.  That will be the expensive part, friend:  union wages, union bennies, and a cast of thousands in administration.

    Then we’ll call it even.

  10. jjf

    Uh oh, now Dad29 has converted to Kevinism, insisting on the equivalence between “secular humanism” and “Christianity.”  Such powerful logic!


  11. Kevin Scheunemann


    They are equivalent. Unless your religion is better than mine.

    Then we have to talk around your secular humanist arrogance before we start a conversation.

  12. MHMaley

    No , I wrote those checks from 1966-1970 for my own parochial high school years

    Time to sack up and pay for your kids religious experience like real men and even young men
    did in the good old days Conservatives always want to take us back to

  13. Paul

    You should call that school up and ask for a refund. Clearly, they didn’t teach you how to write.

    And you’re the last person qualified to call out anyone on being a real man.

  14. Kevin Scheunemann


    Why can’t secular humanists “sack up” and pay their own way for public school as well?

    Or is your religion the only one deserving of public funding?

  15. dad29

    Which West Bend-area parochial high school was that, Maley?

  16. Mark Hoefert

    Awhile back I was having a discussion with a lady whose children and grandchildren are being or were educated with a combination of parochial, home school, and public schools.  I asked her how much of the curriculum in the parochial schools was religious education, compared to the public schools – how many hours a day?  She said it was more like minutes a day .  I checked the curriculum for Kettle Moraine Lutheran High School – 24 credits required for graduation, 4 of them (16%) religious education.  If this is a typical ratio, I would suggest that any funding of parochial schools be limited to the 80% of the cost of public schools.  Looking at this course list, it does not appear that students are in some kind of a pre-ministerial career program.
    Word of God: 4 credits
    English: 4 credits
    Math: 3 credits
    Social Studies: 3 credits
    Science: 3 credits
    Physical Education/Health: 1.5 credits
    Business/Computer: 1 credit
    Fine Arts: 1 credit
    Electives: 3.5 credits

  17. MHMaley

    Calling public education a secular religion a million times doesn’t make it so .

    I grew up in Indianapolis , Indiana – you dope .

    And being lectured by a candyass who hides behind a picture of a fake TV gangster is hilarious

  18. Kevin Scheunemann


    At least I am not in denial of my religion.

    Be proud of your religion, do not deny it.

    Why are secular humanists embarrassed of their cosmology?

  19. dad29

    That secular humanism–it’s a religion, and the courts happen to agree with me and Kevin on the question.  You can look it up.

    Good on you for escaping Indiana before that candyass Pence quit the fight on boys-in-girls’ locker rooms.  Sorry that Cathedral High didn’t finish your education for you.

  20. MHMaley

    Pence was going down hard in the election he bailed out on and he knew it .

    As long as all the 10,000 Gods man has invented are taught in Public schools , not just Kev’s – I’m
    in .
    That will probably require summer school .

    Thor is my favorite but Wonder Woman makes a strong case in her own movie for more time among the teaching of Gods , minus the dopey . Male non Gods .

    Cathedral was run by the brothers of the Holy Cross at the time , recruits from Indianapolis and surrounding communities and the sports programs and academics are among the elite .

    I paid for it myself and played 3 sports , leading to a full ride to college where I graduated in 4 years with a double major .

    You can find out that since I don’t hide behind another name like cowards online .

    If I can do it , you cowards and Kev ( who is not a coward ) can .

  21. Paul

    You’re such an embarrassment as a man and a father that your daughters prefer women.

    There’s a correlation between that and abuse in the formative years.


  22. jjf

    Homo vero quis est qui decernit?

  23. MHMaley

    Ah yes , the bigot who hides like a cowards brings up my lesbian daughter of whom I am so proud .

    We adopted her after both her parents died in her Junior year .

    You might want to stick to criticizing me because she is way out of your pathetic league .

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